Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Soap Lake Officers Abandon Posts to Patrol Elsewhere!

Soap Lake WA is a town known for police who are bored and love to harass people for petty infractions. Now they are cranking it up as officers regularly abandon their posts so they can go play in other towns. I frequently see their vehicles heading out of town and during business hours the department is often abandoned, the full time chief Glenn Quantz nowhere to be found.

Soap Lake is notorious even among government agencies. They don’t follow the laws, they ignore rules of evidence and they love to harass and collect. Of course the Grant County Sheriff is not going to do anything about that. He prefers not to cross the blue line, as we found out in this video. This tiny town near my work is the same place officer Cox left me alone with his thug friends after I challenged him on his unmarked car, which was later marked.

It’s IMPORTANT to understand that this is NOT about this one stop. At very least this officer was outside the intent of the law. But more than that, this department continually violates this law.  NOT just at this stop. This was just an opportunity to address the situation. Note when he says they have an agreement with County. The document shown in the video is from County stating there is NO such agreement. You see the conversion is not about one stop, it’s about the principles of law and the disrespect our servants have for it.

Ask yourself. Do you want police that respect law and people. Or police who are constantly looking for loopholes so they can do, NOT what the law intends, but what it was intended to prevent.

Frequently these officers leave jurisdiction to write tickets. With a few exceptions, their actions are a violation of 10.93.070 in the State of Washington. But generally police and government colleagues consider each other above the law. The Sheriff does nothing and Grant County judges uphold the citations they write even when those citations are illegal. Most don’t realize how bad it has become, until their family get’s abused.


The response from Grant County denying any agreement with Soap Lake. Click to view larger.

There’s been many reports about Soap Lake officers operating outside jurisdiction and worse. I myself see them leaving their small town and driving by on the highway. I’ve heard reports of officer Cox pulling folks over an hour away. If you go to the station during business hours, often no one is on staff. Often no officers ate even on the streets of the tiny town and the chief is nowhere to be found, despite the fact that he’s on the payroll.

We’re dealing with people that think they are above the law. So when I saw this stop about a mile from Soap Lake I pulled over to investigate. A new Soap Lake officer was engaged in a stop and after determining that no serious risk was taking place for the officer, I stepped in and had a conversation. We debated a bit about the merits of the stop and I attempted to explain why the officer was in in violation. But more important, the bigger issued of constant violations.

But it takes a twist. This officer is new and not fully brainwashed into the bully culture that American police training is designed to create. So a cordial conversation ensues as I try to get the officer to understand his Constitutional role and his duty to justice. Will he learn? The cards are against him; but we had a good conversion on the nature of law and the role of government right there on the side of the highway.

We keep standing on principle for law and liberty. We keep speaking truth and keep reminding America that until we open our eyes and repent, liberty cannot be restored.

— Gav


Update 12/11/15 — Soap Lake Police just arrested a man by the Burger King on Stratford in Moses Lake. — 25 MILES from their jurisdiction! Thanks to Neil for real time updates.

I called in and Sgt. Sainsbury of the Grant County Sheriff called back. He stated the officer was “allowed” to do this under authority of the Traffic Safety Commission, he admitted SLPD has no agreement with County and refused to cite any law to back that authority. I cited the “actual law” on the matter which is RCW 10.93.070 which gives no such authority.

Sainsbury in a dismissive tone replied. — “Go talk to the legislature.”

I replied — “The legislature already made the law. It’s amazing that you are out there harassing and collecting, but don’t feel the need to follow law yourself. I guess cops are above that!”

The Sargent HUNG UP!

We should note the case of State V King, Oct 2009; Washington State Supreme Court.

Writing for the majority, Justice Richard B. Sanders held that Starks lacked the authority to arrest King on Interstate 5 near La Center on April 5, 2006, because there was no interlocal agreement giving him arrest powers outside his jurisdiction nor an immediate threat to life or property.

What About MORAL LAW?

What About MORAL LAW?

Defending morality AND Liberty!

Some say that to stop immorality we need moral laws. In truth there is no such thing as immoral law; for only moral laws can be considered law at all. — Immoral behavior is lawless by nature; neither God, nor morals move one bit at the whim of government.

For example legislation can no more make the killing an innocent legal, than it can make it a crime to protect ones family or property and to posses the arms to do so. Such acts are not law, but lawless. Rights are not granted Constitutions or compacts. They are the birthright of all mankind. All posses the right to defend them as well as a duty to do so with honor.

Civil government exists to protect life, liberty and property; while church government defends moral law, not with force of arms but with the greater force of being a bold vocal example in society. When either body abdicates their role to the other, we earn for our apathy a tyrannical government, or a tyrannical church. Two evils that liberty can avoid.

The real question is which moral laws civil government should enforce and which should be left to churches and people to affirm by good example. The answer lies in history. — A government granted authority beyond SIMPLY protecting life, liberty and property; will without fail become a tyrant over liberty, property and morality.

Do not think my words excuse immoral behavior. Quite the contrary. Yet WE do not need to legislate social morality. WE need to follow the laws of nature and natures God as pillars of social morality. WE act moral, we defend the weak, WE seek to be principled. We leave the role of civil government to punish civil crimes alone, so that WE need not watch our door every hour for robbers.

All principled men are lesser magistrates. — No law that violates the law of God, nor that fails to preserve liberty can ever be true law. Such perverse ordinances can and should be disobeyed, for to support tyranny, is to commit treason against the King of Kings.

Approach with great caution the role of civil government, courts, punishments and power; for few crimes are greater than corruption of justice! By restraining government in this way, we protect liberty, leaving t0 the people the great task of preserving morality by action, rather than by the shirking our duty to legislators who will destroy liberty and morality.

— Gav

04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

On the anniversary of the day the second American Revolution almost started. Remember what happens when patriots stand firm!!! What do you remember from that historic Spring day?

I want to personally salute all those who stood in support of liberty. I wish I could name you all. — Whether from near or far, early, late spreading the word and supporting. America rose that day with a voice that rang around the world. They prayed for liberty, they stood tall.

The battle is not over, but that resounding rumble of liberty can still be heard. Oh some will say this is dramatics, or it did not matter that much. To those I say, you clearly were not there. Liberty must rise and wherever we are in history, we must stand principled and firm.

Blood was nearly spilled that day. But Bunerkville ended with peace and gave us the opportunity to learn from history.

So set aside your fears. Appeal to heaven and rise for justice and the defense of your neighbor. Liberty will not be restored until we soften our hearts and find our spine. Until we affirm that the unlawful suffering of our neighbor is as evil as if it were ourselves.

We Stand! — Gav

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Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

When the government fears the people there is liberty.

Though perhaps police should stop being so afraid that they run me down in their hurry to flee!!

WSP officer Slemp was is such a hurry to avoid answering to the law that he nearly ran me over. Check out this video I near my Studio on Saturday and prepare to watch smug disrespect in action. I’ve dealt with this officer before and he’s always the same. One time I explained the risks of unmarked cars to him and he was actually smiling smugly as I talked about people getting raped and murdered.

The irresponsible actions of Washington police and especially Washington State Patrol are putting people at risk every day. But they don’t care, because your safety is secondary to their tax collection. As my brother Blake says. “They harass and collect, not serve and protect.” What’s next, bowling for patriots?

The whole County has talked about unmarked cars a great deal since I stopped a deputy last Fall. We’ve seen how in Washington police are trying to twist the law to pretend it does not apply to them. We’ve seen them using for sale State legislators to get them law changed they they can act with impunity and we’ve seen other legislators standing up to them.

The message here is liberty and tyranny. These kids out there harassing and collecting regardless whether justice is being done. They are not serving us, they are serving the Sheriff of Nottingham. The issue goes far beyond unmarked cars. It’s a mindset in government THEY are law, rather than the people. It’s a mindset that citizens serve THEM.

I wrote awhile back about good cops vs bad cops. I explained this this has nothing to do with hating cops or authority and everything to do with public servants that actually serve the people. Whether it’s violating free speech in a courtroom or trampling gun rights, or police abuse; it’s all the same tyranny.

Liberty and justice are the standard but we have allowed our government to represent opposite of that justice. I call on all officials to start truly upholding your oath. Start working for us instead of for corrupt department heads.

It’s time to stop being asleep sheep. It’s time to wake up, stand up and start rising for liberty. Take America Back or lose her forever. — Gav

Citizen Takes on Trooper for Breaking the Law!

Citizen Takes on Trooper for Breaking the Law!

Illegal police equal danger for our families!

Last Fall I pulled over a sheriff deputy for driving an unmarked illegal car. Since then lots of cars have been getting marked across Washington, showing real results from big conversations and making our roads safer. That video was seen over 4 million times. Why? because people are tired of lawless government. We know we need to start watching out for out neighbors and standing up against tyranny because THERE IS NO SMALL ABUSE OF POWER!

I posed the question in a recent article. Are Most Cops Really Good? It bears considering as we see increased government abuse across America.

There’s lots of lawbreaking officers causing danger to our families on the road. While more and more stories hit the news about people being stopped by police impersonators, many agencies continue to openly defy the law and public safety on the road. Why? For revenue! Remember this is the same agency who’s officers were caught speeding so much last year, that they canceled a bunch of tickets, for us regular folks.


Washington State Patrol. The agency who’s motto is “Service With Humility”, would perhaps be better described by the words “Taxation With Impunity” if we’re looking at the way they patrol our highways. I’ve dealt with many stops since that one as people around the globe have become more aware of the safety issues and the bigger conversation of accountability and justice in government. If I see an official break the law, I try and do something.

Let me be clear. This is not about picking on police or the WSP. There are lots of folks in those roles that want justice. Yet to those let me say. You have to start making the tough choices. Are you going to honor your oath and stand up to the corruption and tyranny. Or are you going to become the tyrants?

I’m tired tyranny and disrespect  from every level of government!

You can CALL the WSP and demand they mark their cars: (360) 596-4000. Don”t let them give you excuses! You can also fill out a complaint form here.

This is not simply a conversation about marked cars. Whether it’s gun rights, speech, due process, police behavior or mega tyranny; it’s all about liberty. Liberty is being lost, what are you going to do to stop it? I for one am going to stand up. Even when it gets me arrested. Even when it costs me. Because that’s everyone’s duty to their neighbor and their children.

— Gav


Legal Stuff: I see every excuse in the book. Suffice to say we have studied this law in depth and talked to lawyers about it. It’s as clear as day. Anyone saying patrol vehicles are exempt is ignorant or willfully ignoring law!

Some suggest that WSP can exempt their cars because there is a line in section (3) of 46.08.065 that states “Traffic control vehicles of the Washington state patrol may be exempted by the Chief”. In fact this does not exempt them at all. If you read 46.08.065, you’ll see that section (3) used the same restrictions basic as other sections, stating that the exception is only for special undercover purposes. Clearly this applies to WSP cars for if all cars could be exempted, there would be no point in writing the law towards them.

Traffic Control Vehicles are not and have NEVER been patrol/enforcement cars. They are the vehicles that do things like guide you through a Construction Zone or pick up cones (yes the State has lots of those). The WSP simply picked up on this lines as a way to break the law confuse people into thinking they were not. Unmarked cars being used for patrol are ILLEGAL; no matter what agency is driving them.

Other States: This is a WA State law but many States have similar laws. Check the state level legislation about marked government vehicles. if it does not exist call your legislator and explain the safety issue of unmarked vehicles.

See a more complete legal brief here: