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Corruption fills your small town governments across America!

During my congressional run I nearly get arrested in the courthouse for asking a question. I day two the police chief physically removes me from his officer. What interesting corrupt times we live in. And yet after 20 years of non compliance, we made them comply. We stand, because we must.

It’s not about one local issue or incident here folks. It’s about lawless goverment. It’s about liberty and restoring that for our children.

The stands I make make some folks angry. There’s two reason for this. One is that they openly support tyranny. More often I think it’s because it disrupts their tranquility. Behind Mayberry there is corruption in the shadows. A festering disrespect for the liberty of the people and the many who died to preserve it. Many want to believe that it’s not true because the day they admit it they must do something about it. These are the slaves.

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