Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Soap Lake Officers Abandon Posts to Patrol Elsewhere!

Soap Lake WA is a town known for police who are bored and love to harass people for petty infractions. Now they are cranking it up as officers regularly abandon their posts so they can go play in other towns. I frequently see their vehicles heading out of town and during business hours the department is often abandoned, the full time chief Glenn Quantz nowhere to be found.

Soap Lake is notorious even among government agencies. They don’t follow the laws, they ignore rules of evidence and they love to harass and collect. Of course the Grant County Sheriff is not going to do anything about that. He prefers not to cross the blue line, as we found out in this video. This tiny town near my work is the same place officer Cox left me alone with his thug friends after I challenged him on his unmarked car, which was later marked.

It’s IMPORTANT to understand that this is NOT about this one stop. At very least this officer was outside the intent of the law. But more than that, this department continually violates this law.  NOT just at this stop. This was just an opportunity to address the situation. Note when he says they have an agreement with County. The document shown in the video is from County stating there is NO such agreement. You see the conversion is not about one stop, it’s about the principles of law and the disrespect our servants have for it.

Ask yourself. Do you want police that respect law and people. Or police who are constantly looking for loopholes so they can do, NOT what the law intends, but what it was intended to prevent.

Frequently these officers leave jurisdiction to write tickets. With a few exceptions, their actions are a violation of 10.93.070 in the State of Washington. But generally police and government colleagues consider each other above the law. The Sheriff does nothing and Grant County judges uphold the citations they write even when those citations are illegal. Most don’t realize how bad it has become, until their family get’s abused.


The response from Grant County denying any agreement with Soap Lake. Click to view larger.

There’s been many reports about Soap Lake officers operating outside jurisdiction and worse. I myself see them leaving their small town and driving by on the highway. I’ve heard reports of officer Cox pulling folks over an hour away. If you go to the station during business hours, often no one is on staff. Often no officers ate even on the streets of the tiny town and the chief is nowhere to be found, despite the fact that he’s on the payroll.

We’re dealing with people that think they are above the law. So when I saw this stop about a mile from Soap Lake I pulled over to investigate. A new Soap Lake officer was engaged in a stop and after determining that no serious risk was taking place for the officer, I stepped in and had a conversation. We debated a bit about the merits of the stop and I attempted to explain why the officer was in in violation. But more important, the bigger issued of constant violations.

But it takes a twist. This officer is new and not fully brainwashed into the bully culture that American police training is designed to create. So a cordial conversation ensues as I try to get the officer to understand his Constitutional role and his duty to justice. Will he learn? The cards are against him; but we had a good conversion on the nature of law and the role of government right there on the side of the highway.

We keep standing on principle for law and liberty. We keep speaking truth and keep reminding America that until we open our eyes and repent, liberty cannot be restored.

— Gav


Update 12/11/15 — Soap Lake Police just arrested a man by the Burger King on Stratford in Moses Lake. — 25 MILES from their jurisdiction! Thanks to Neil for real time updates.

I called in and Sgt. Sainsbury of the Grant County Sheriff called back. He stated the officer was “allowed” to do this under authority of the Traffic Safety Commission, he admitted SLPD has no agreement with County and refused to cite any law to back that authority. I cited the “actual law” on the matter which is RCW 10.93.070 which gives no such authority.

Sainsbury in a dismissive tone replied. — “Go talk to the legislature.”

I replied — “The legislature already made the law. It’s amazing that you are out there harassing and collecting, but don’t feel the need to follow law yourself. I guess cops are above that!”

The Sargent HUNG UP!

We should note the case of State V King, Oct 2009; Washington State Supreme Court.

Writing for the majority, Justice Richard B. Sanders held that Starks lacked the authority to arrest King on Interstate 5 near La Center on April 5, 2006, because there was no interlocal agreement giving him arrest powers outside his jurisdiction nor an immediate threat to life or property.

Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Comply or Die!

Douglas County Superior court under Judge John Hotchkiss blocked my appeal from happening. I am now under house arrest for the next 14 days and on probation for 12 months; I comply at the point of a gun! We could keep fighting in the court, but in truth we cannot afford it and that money better spent elsewhere. The courts are lost, the justice system gone! We win only when we stand on principle. When we appeal to heaven and when you humble our hearts in defiance of tyranny. —  If you cannot win on the enemy’s battlefield, then choose your own!

gavin-house-arrestWatch my original arrest and the whole story HERE!


If Jesus was alive today… He would be fined for hosting events without a permit, arrested for eluding police, found in contempt of court for not answering questions, charged with terrorism for throwing out the money changers and crucified by an angry mob for speaking the truth about sin.

Meanwhile the church would be shaking their head in disgust saying “he just should have obeyed the law”. — That’s a man I want to emulate. What a beautiful thing we be able to suffer abuse for the sake of Christ and liberty.

Had I been one of them they would love me. Had I scratched the back of Sheriff Gjesdal and persecutor Edgar. Had I been like the Wenatchee World, meeting secretly with the judge, then filming while others were arrested for doing the same. Had I done those things my family and I would not have been abused. But I would not have been a man of principle.

Today they are accountable, they have been exposed and are now on notice. The officials of Douglas County and those who support them are complicit in criminal activity. I bear no shame. I am proud of every abuse I endure for liberty. But I am not broken today, I am humble before God and defiant before tyrants.

I’m under house arrest for 14 days. I can go to work and while the anklet is not so bad, what it symbolizes is very bad. But I am blessed, many friends like Shaffer CoxJeff Weinhaus and James Faire are sitting in a cages for nothing. How it makes me burn. Seek God, liberty will win and justice will come.

So what did it cost? This has taken up a year of our lives. My whole family and some of you pitched in. Defense for me and my dad, legal costs and fines to our side amounted to around $16,000. That does not count the hundreds of man hours lost, the stress endured or the many hours donated by our attorney. How much did Douglas County waste persecuting this? A lot!

Still we stand. I want to thank my Dad who was also arrested, my family and all the patriots that stood with us. I especially want to thank my wife and my attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who fought hard and gave much of his time.  Most of all I want to thank Jesus for always standing by his people. The fight for liberty is only begun; I stand on principle and I appeal to heaven. — Gav

Video of the original incident from Jan 2015 and our arrest. Read the full story here..

School Punishes Kids Flying FLAG! – Citizen Takes Them On!

School Punishes Kids Flying FLAG! – Citizen Takes Them On!

I’m Representing LIBERTY!


A Gadsden patriot flag. Kids were forced to remove this along with the confederate Battle flag and the American flag!

The early American Gadsden patriot flag. Kids were forced to remove this, along with the confederate Battle flag and the American flag!

That’s what we all should be saying. And so should our children.

School started this week in Royal City WA. While my kids are home schooled, many kids have to suffer through our public brainwashing system. I always encourage parents to look for any other solution because our Federally run education system works in pure opposition to liberty. So while I don’t go into public schools often, I felt the need to stand with these kids.

I want to encourage the next generation to be bold for what is right. The government wants to break their spirit; I want to build it! Schools tells them their rights don’t apply at the school. It’s time they united and parents with them and defied these lies. Your rights apply everywhere!

Royal City is a small farming town nearby. A town that wears a smile and underpinned with corruption because it’s leaders have failed to stand for liberty. Crony friends are already defending lawless administrators who actually seem to think they are Royals. This is happening on communities all over America. Truth is made a lies and tyranny is called safety.

This is NOT about race, Confederates, patriot flags or safety. It’s a trickle down tactic of big goverment to break the back of liberty and crush the spirit of the generation most likely to remove them.

When I heard kids were getting in in trouble for flying flags, I decided to head down and see what was going up. The reception I got was not so much accountable public servants as gang members defending their turf. It’s well known that central Washington has a gang problem. But often our biggest and most violent gang is our own goverment.

It’s time to teach your kids to stand up. Be bold and stand with them. Better yet, get your kids our of these crazy places and teach them to stand still. American public schools are no place for children.

You can call Royal City High School: (509) 346-2222 and find their Facebook page HERE (note that they are deleting the comments of any who question them.)

The main cast of characters in this video are Principal, Matt Ellis, Vice Principal, Rick Follet and Former Mayor/Teacher, Andrew Perkins. One should also ask, where is the County Sheriff, Where are local Police, where is the Royal City Council. Are the people who took oaths to defend the Constitution silent?

Our elders have failed liberty. They sat silently and watched us slip into tyranny, sin and lies. They sat silent as the mind of slaves became the mind of America. It’s time for them and us to step up; to start loving our neighbor as our self as we stand boldly for liberty. It’s time to stop following false truths and stop playing politics for good times and false friends.

The Constitution does NOT give us rights. It affirms them as absolute upon government! YOU MUST STAND UP and take them!

— Gav

Patriots Take on Corrupt Court & Defend Constitution

Patriots Take on Corrupt Court & Defend Constitution

“How dare you say this is your court!”

At some point we have to stop asking, when will people stand and simply cry, I WILL STAND! — Sometimes when we stand we are abused. But we must stand anyways.

You are on the main article and the main video in this story is above. Here’s a list of the related links for this story.

douglas_county_sheriffWe have been silent for too long. But that’s about to change. This is more than a local issue and it’s going viral because the rampant corruption of our justice system has never been exposed like it just was in Douglas County WA. A small community where officials get away with unbelievable abuses. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A judge or officer has no authority to override our Constitution. Only to uphold it and defend it. PERIOD! Yet around the nation corrupt courts are abusing power. America knows, but hesitates to admit it, because the ramifications are huge. Tomorrow it could be us, or our children being abused. Once people walk through those great doors, their rights are regarded as trash, the Constitution is trampled and good people are silenced for fear of tyrant judges and a system that has nothing to do with justice.

Consider this truth. Law is not defined by tyrants, no matter their station. The foundation of law is a constant that must respect natural rights and it’s directives are backed by the peoples will. Magistrates or officials acting outside that are not law keepers. They cease to be authority and at once become criminals enforcing their will at the point of a gun!

This all started when a driver asking a police officer a question. Douglas County Deputy Evan O’Mally was a bully cop who arrested that driver, instead of simply answering the perfectly normal question “why am I being stopped.” County officials them proceeded to trample due process and because of that people started hearing about this case. Next officials went on a vengeance tantrum, refusing to back down in order to make certain that those who dared to question them were punished. But they did not anticipate the level of honorable resistance they would face.

County officials violated so many laws that they will likely to cost taxpayers millions in fallout. But that’s not new. This is the same County that was involved in the Wenatchee Witch Hunts of the 1990’s. In fact the court has now assigned Patrick McMahon as the “temporary judge.” He is not actually an elected judge, but THE SAME lawyer that defended Douglas County in that incredible abuse years ago, when families were destroyed and innocents were sent to prison. Complicit with Chelan and Okanogan Counties, the abuse is rampant.

But watch the video. Then I’ll give you details on what else happened here and why it’s so important.

Please DONATE Here to help us with expenses and legal fees in taking on this corruption.


grant seim jr - douglas county

Grant Seim JR. (my Dad) taking one for liberty and refusing to stand back silent in the face of tyranny.

More Facts:

In the video we see 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment Constitutional violations! But what precipitated all the events in this courtroom and the open violations of the 1st and 4th. Why did the judge only allow approved press to record? A local paper that went out and reported exactly what the government wanted? Why was a man removed from the court when he had done nothing? Because Douglas County is perverting justice and they don’t want to be accountable.

“Who Stands With Me?” Were the words of Nathan Seim as he was grabbed by police and kidnapped from the courtroom. Simply for being a patriot. Those patriots were attacked, violated and arrested for defending the Constitution, due process, free speech and our neighbors, revealing a great truth about what’s happening behind closed doors. It’s time to take back our courts and take back liberty.

The justice of tyrants is to accuse victims of the very crimes they have committed! This was a rigged trial from the start. Tell Shasteen is a responsible young man working two jobs who Douglas County officials wanted to make an example of. What was his crime? Daring to question government. Yes he asked a police officer why he was being stopped! You can see that video here.

Seeing growing obstruction of justice in Tell’s case my the County, myself and a band of about 20 patriots showed up in support and to be certain that Tell got a fair trial. We started up cameras at the defendants request and sat quietly to watch.


Patriots keeping the cameras rolling. This is how to face a tyrant.
Patriots keeping the cameras rolling. This is how to face a tyrant.

Then all hell broke loose!

County officials attacked, swooping in and dragging Nathan Seim from the court. WITHOUT ANY CAUSE! The judge had not even entered the room. There was no discussion. As Nathan was pulled from his chair the group of patriots stood up. Deputies then used him as a human battering ram, slamming him into anyone blocking their path and kidnapping him from what moments ago had been a peaceful courtroom.

The chaos and crimes were entirely by County officials. At that point the County’s every action become an attempt to illustrate the law abiding citizens as criminals, by whatever means necessary. Officers would lie in reports and the elected officials would remind everyone that they were the good guys while their lackeys in local media repeated their lies as fact. That’s exactly what happened. But they did not anticipate the video.

I had momentarily left the room before the trial and I rushed back in to pandemonium, thankful I had a backup camera in my pocket. The courtroom was chaos and defiance and as I moved to the front and the judge entered for the first time.

I challenged her outright. A judge is not above the law in a our court. I challenged her restricting of cameras from the courtroom. But even more I challenged the illegal removal of Nathan. After some oral arguments with the judge she motioned to police who rushed in and took me to the floor. The crowd erupted in anger but this was not a time for violence and the citizens made no arrests as they rightly could have done.  Soon after I was gone, my dad Grant was also arrested on more false pretenses, ordered by Sheriff Gjesdal himself.

During this encounter many were assaulted, including the defendant, by County officials and the Sheriff. But the Kangaroo trial went on. My dad and I spent about 24 hours in the filthy Chelan County jail, something that in itself revealed a lot about our broken system. You can read my thoughts on that here. We were not in jail for doing evil, but for doing good. Political prisoners, nothing more. But the County was hammered with calls when the word got out. So much so that they shut down their switchboards and fumed in anger.

Local media Cover Up! Sheriff Gjesdal went on local radio and twisted what happened later that day. Biased reports from court approved media The Wenatchee World, happily played along. The World left out key details and used what appears to be intentional twisting. For example they claimed that “The jury pool was not present to see the arrests.” Yet video now shows that not only were members of the jury IN THE ROOM when the attack started and Nathan was taken into custody, but the jury room door was left open during most if the fiasco and some jurors were even watching the show. False police reports followed soon after, written to paint a false picture and in some cases openly lying about the events.

Most media failed to do homework. They simply repeated official statements, some of which were then proven false by the video. Apparently they thought no one would expose what actually happened. A good reminder to always have video and always question the official word, especially what the news is reporting. Imagine if the patriots had obeyed Judge McCauley and not done any recording unless she gave us permission?

All this of amounted to tainted jury that was them empaneled anyways.  Most observers would also note that the jury pool was not a random selection. In fact nearly half the pool seemed to be friends or family of the police as revealed by court recordings. The judge even insisted jurors that were openly biased be empaneled anyways. Recordings revealed that Tell did excellent representing himself, but the event was the definition of a Kangaroo Court and there was little hope for a honest outcome.

Please stand with us and donate.

Tell was convicted by the tainted jury and given a sentence of five days with a year probation, plus fines. That’s like a sentence that an assault or DUI offender would receive. SIMPLY FOR ASKING A QUESTION. Tell is appealing the cause and the County’s actions will hopefully come out in higher courts! Local officials involved will need to be removed from office and perhaps prosecuted and knowledge gained here must to be used to help restore justice to our courts.


The Coming Fallout:

It took a lot of time to get this video together. Much of it was recorded by myself and the brave patriots in the room that day. Some was demanded from official cameras under discovery and public records. The wait was worth it. The result of this video is an unprecedented reminder of tyranny. Had those cameras not been rolling, the outcome could have been very different.

As a side note. I’m a photographer by trade so I know what photographers look for. I remember being pushed to the floor, seeing that World reporter with his camera and thinking “I have to stay classy for the “approved media.” I knew what they were there for and I was not going to give it to them; that shot of a kicking screaming activist that they can paint as crazy in their promotion of the official State message. They did not get that shot. Instead they got a smiling activist in a suit.

The message here is not of failure, but liberty. Americans have cowered to lawless tyrants for too long. Yes, we were arrested. Yes, liberty is a sometimes rocky road. Yes our stand comes at a price. That’s part of the process. But this was a VICTORY. We cracked the door and are just getting started with an example of exposing tyranny and how much power the people hold if they simply stand up!

gavin seim filming his own arrest

That’s not my devious smile. I’m trying to wrench my cuffed hands into a position for the camera in my hands. At the time I had no idea how many other cameras were rolling.

I remember I held my own camera with an iron grip as they were cuffing me. I twisted my hands hard to get the angle where I could and keep the video rolling because I’ve learned from experience how important the video is to the message. Always remember to record. The key is to expose the tyranny and awaken the hearts and minds. There was a special peace in that courtroom. A peace that comes from knowing that God is on your side, tyranny will be exposed and liberty will eventually win.

Let me also say this. I’ve seen many videos where tyrants abuse citizens for speaking truth while the people sit as silent slaves! NEVER be those slaves America. NEVER be silent in the face of evil.

Yes we could have resisted more and been well within our rights. But for the message and to make an example, it’s often better to let tyrants show their hand. In the end Douglas County officials will be held accountable to the law.

My own and my dad’s trials are coming this Spring. The County is eager for vengeance and they have trumped up charges of Obstructing a Court, Disorderly Conduct, and Contempt of Court. Which in fact are only some of the crimes that THEY committed. My dad was charged with Obstructing a Court and Disorderly Conduct. These are charges that can carry sentences that number in YEARS. We have hired renowned Constitutional attorney Stephen Pidgeon and we are NOT backing down. We ask for your support and prayers as we stand up to this rising police state!

I’m proud of the Seim’s. Of my wife Sondra. I’m proud of Tell for refusing to bow down to tyranny and defending himself like a champion, even though they blocked him at every step. I’m told at one point he pulled the Constitution out of his pocket, held it towards the judge and asked “do you use this for toilet paper?!”

I’m thankful for the support and calls people put out when they heard. I am proud of every one of the patriots there that day. They had the courage to come to that courtroom, to stand on principle and on liberty; to look tyranny in the eye with bold defiance and say, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

We must fill the seats of every court in this land with principled people who will stand in DEFIANCE of injustice from the bench. It’s not an easy road. But as we stand up to them, cameras rolling, we will educate the people and restore liberty on heart at a time. We Stand!

“When injustice becomes law. Resistance becomes duty.”


— Gav

How you can help:

We need your support. Legal fees and taking on corruption comes at a price. Please donate if you can. Your ongoing prayers also mean a lot. God is with us when we stand for what is right. Finally please share this everywhere and call one of these officials if you can.
Numbers you can call:

Douglas County Non-Emergency Line: (509) 663-9911

Douglas County Sheriff: (509) 884-0941

Okanogan County Sheriff (holds political prisoners for Douglas): (509) 422-7200

Chelan County Sheriff (holds political prisoners for Douglas): (509) 667-6851

Douglas County prosecutor Steve Clem: (509) 745-8535

Douglas County Commissioners – Ken Stanton, Dale Snyder, Steve Jenkins: (509) 745-8537


My County Sheriff Says He Won’t Enforce the Law!

My County Sheriff Says He Won’t Enforce the Law!

“What they do is what they do” — Says my Sheriff.

After I pulled over a deputy a few months back who was putting the public at risk by driving an illegal unmarked car. We started a conversation around the globe about government obeying the law. Grant county has started marking cars and people all over are becoming aware of this rampant safety issue.

But I went to the Sheriff to give him a chance to address these things and the fact that he was knowingly violating the law. After refusing to meet if I was filming, we showed up anyways, so he worked with us and was quite  cordial. The result of this conversation reveals a fundamental problem in law enforcement and government, as they all scratch each others backs instead of serving the people they represent.

The sheriff is a VERY important role and as we see American liberty failing; we need 100% accountable and Constitutional sheriffs, Men that will stand with us when the government comes to violate us. A sheriff that will play the game is unlikely to stand with us at crunch time when the State or the Feds are coming to assault liberty.

We must stop tolerating mediocre and stop playing police. We must stand.

— Gav