Patriots Take on Corrupt Court & Defend Constitution

Published March 3, 2015 - 42 Comments

“How dare you say this is your court!”

At some point we have to stop asking, when will people stand and simply cry, I WILL STAND! — Sometimes when we stand we are abused. But we must stand anyways.

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douglas_county_sheriffWe have been silent for too long. But that’s about to change. This is more than a local issue and it’s going viral because the rampant corruption of our justice system has never been exposed like it just was in Douglas County WA. A small community where officials get away with unbelievable abuses. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A judge or officer has no authority to override our Constitution. Only to uphold it and defend it. PERIOD! Yet around the nation corrupt courts are abusing power. America knows, but hesitates to admit it, because the ramifications are huge. Tomorrow it could be us, or our children being abused. Once people walk through those great doors, their rights are regarded as trash, the Constitution is trampled and good people are silenced for fear of tyrant judges and a system that has nothing to do with justice.

Consider this truth. Law is not defined by tyrants, no matter their station. The foundation of law is a constant that must respect natural rights and it’s directives are backed by the peoples will. Magistrates or officials acting outside that are not law keepers. They cease to be authority and at once become criminals enforcing their will at the point of a gun!

This all started when a driver asking a police officer a question. Douglas County Deputy Evan O’Mally was a bully cop who arrested that driver, instead of simply answering the perfectly normal question “why am I being stopped.” County officials them proceeded to trample due process and because of that people started hearing about this case. Next officials went on a vengeance tantrum, refusing to back down in order to make certain that those who dared to question them were punished. But they did not anticipate the level of honorable resistance they would face.

County officials violated so many laws that they will likely to cost taxpayers millions in fallout. But that’s not new. This is the same County that was involved in the Wenatchee Witch Hunts of the 1990’s. In fact the court has now assigned Patrick McMahon as the “temporary judge.” He is not actually an elected judge, but THE SAME lawyer that defended Douglas County in that incredible abuse years ago, when families were destroyed and innocents were sent to prison. Complicit with Chelan and Okanogan Counties, the abuse is rampant.

But watch the video. Then I’ll give you details on what else happened here and why it’s so important.

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grant seim jr - douglas county

Grant Seim JR. (my Dad) taking one for liberty and refusing to stand back silent in the face of tyranny.

More Facts:

In the video we see 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment Constitutional violations! But what precipitated all the events in this courtroom and the open violations of the 1st and 4th. Why did the judge only allow approved press to record? A local paper that went out and reported exactly what the government wanted? Why was a man removed from the court when he had done nothing? Because Douglas County is perverting justice and they don’t want to be accountable.

“Who Stands With Me?” Were the words of Nathan Seim as he was grabbed by police and kidnapped from the courtroom. Simply for being a patriot. Those patriots were attacked, violated and arrested for defending the Constitution, due process, free speech and our neighbors, revealing a great truth about what’s happening behind closed doors. It’s time to take back our courts and take back liberty.

The justice of tyrants is to accuse victims of the very crimes they have committed! This was a rigged trial from the start. Tell Shasteen is a responsible young man working two jobs who Douglas County officials wanted to make an example of. What was his crime? Daring to question government. Yes he asked a police officer why he was being stopped! You can see that video here.

Seeing growing obstruction of justice in Tell’s case my the County, myself and a band of about 20 patriots showed up in support and to be certain that Tell got a fair trial. We started up cameras at the defendants request and sat quietly to watch.


Patriots keeping the cameras rolling. This is how to face a tyrant.
Patriots keeping the cameras rolling. This is how to face a tyrant.

Then all hell broke loose!

County officials attacked, swooping in and dragging Nathan Seim from the court. WITHOUT ANY CAUSE! The judge had not even entered the room. There was no discussion. As Nathan was pulled from his chair the group of patriots stood up. Deputies then used him as a human battering ram, slamming him into anyone blocking their path and kidnapping him from what moments ago had been a peaceful courtroom.

The chaos and crimes were entirely by County officials. At that point the County’s every action become an attempt to illustrate the law abiding citizens as criminals, by whatever means necessary. Officers would lie in reports and the elected officials would remind everyone that they were the good guys while their lackeys in local media repeated their lies as fact. That’s exactly what happened. But they did not anticipate the video.

I had momentarily left the room before the trial and I rushed back in to pandemonium, thankful I had a backup camera in my pocket. The courtroom was chaos and defiance and as I moved to the front and the judge entered for the first time.

I challenged her outright. A judge is not above the law in a our court. I challenged her restricting of cameras from the courtroom. But even more I challenged the illegal removal of Nathan. After some oral arguments with the judge she motioned to police who rushed in and took me to the floor. The crowd erupted in anger but this was not a time for violence and the citizens made no arrests as they rightly could have done.  Soon after I was gone, my dad Grant was also arrested on more false pretenses, ordered by Sheriff Gjesdal himself.

During this encounter many were assaulted, including the defendant, by County officials and the Sheriff. But the Kangaroo trial went on. My dad and I spent about 24 hours in the filthy Chelan County jail, something that in itself revealed a lot about our broken system. You can read my thoughts on that here. We were not in jail for doing evil, but for doing good. Political prisoners, nothing more. But the County was hammered with calls when the word got out. So much so that they shut down their switchboards and fumed in anger.

Local media Cover Up! Sheriff Gjesdal went on local radio and twisted what happened later that day. Biased reports from court approved media The Wenatchee World, happily played along. The World left out key details and used what appears to be intentional twisting. For example they claimed that “The jury pool was not present to see the arrests.” Yet video now shows that not only were members of the jury IN THE ROOM when the attack started and Nathan was taken into custody, but the jury room door was left open during most if the fiasco and some jurors were even watching the show. False police reports followed soon after, written to paint a false picture and in some cases openly lying about the events.

Most media failed to do homework. They simply repeated official statements, some of which were then proven false by the video. Apparently they thought no one would expose what actually happened. A good reminder to always have video and always question the official word, especially what the news is reporting. Imagine if the patriots had obeyed Judge McCauley and not done any recording unless she gave us permission?

All this of amounted to tainted jury that was them empaneled anyways.  Most observers would also note that the jury pool was not a random selection. In fact nearly half the pool seemed to be friends or family of the police as revealed by court recordings. The judge even insisted jurors that were openly biased be empaneled anyways. Recordings revealed that Tell did excellent representing himself, but the event was the definition of a Kangaroo Court and there was little hope for a honest outcome.

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Tell was convicted by the tainted jury and given a sentence of five days with a year probation, plus fines. That’s like a sentence that an assault or DUI offender would receive. SIMPLY FOR ASKING A QUESTION. Tell is appealing the cause and the County’s actions will hopefully come out in higher courts! Local officials involved will need to be removed from office and perhaps prosecuted and knowledge gained here must to be used to help restore justice to our courts.


The Coming Fallout:

It took a lot of time to get this video together. Much of it was recorded by myself and the brave patriots in the room that day. Some was demanded from official cameras under discovery and public records. The wait was worth it. The result of this video is an unprecedented reminder of tyranny. Had those cameras not been rolling, the outcome could have been very different.

As a side note. I’m a photographer by trade so I know what photographers look for. I remember being pushed to the floor, seeing that World reporter with his camera and thinking “I have to stay classy for the “approved media.” I knew what they were there for and I was not going to give it to them; that shot of a kicking screaming activist that they can paint as crazy in their promotion of the official State message. They did not get that shot. Instead they got a smiling activist in a suit.

The message here is not of failure, but liberty. Americans have cowered to lawless tyrants for too long. Yes, we were arrested. Yes, liberty is a sometimes rocky road. Yes our stand comes at a price. That’s part of the process. But this was a VICTORY. We cracked the door and are just getting started with an example of exposing tyranny and how much power the people hold if they simply stand up!

gavin seim filming his own arrest

That’s not my devious smile. I’m trying to wrench my cuffed hands into a position for the camera in my hands. At the time I had no idea how many other cameras were rolling.

I remember I held my own camera with an iron grip as they were cuffing me. I twisted my hands hard to get the angle where I could and keep the video rolling because I’ve learned from experience how important the video is to the message. Always remember to record. The key is to expose the tyranny and awaken the hearts and minds. There was a special peace in that courtroom. A peace that comes from knowing that God is on your side, tyranny will be exposed and liberty will eventually win.

Let me also say this. I’ve seen many videos where tyrants abuse citizens for speaking truth while the people sit as silent slaves! NEVER be those slaves America. NEVER be silent in the face of evil.

Yes we could have resisted more and been well within our rights. But for the message and to make an example, it’s often better to let tyrants show their hand. In the end Douglas County officials will be held accountable to the law.

My own and my dad’s trials are coming this Spring. The County is eager for vengeance and they have trumped up charges of Obstructing a Court, Disorderly Conduct, and Contempt of Court. Which in fact are only some of the crimes that THEY committed. My dad was charged with Obstructing a Court and Disorderly Conduct. These are charges that can carry sentences that number in YEARS. We have hired renowned Constitutional attorney Stephen Pidgeon and we are NOT backing down. We ask for your support and prayers as we stand up to this rising police state!

I’m proud of the Seim’s. Of my wife Sondra. I’m proud of Tell for refusing to bow down to tyranny and defending himself like a champion, even though they blocked him at every step. I’m told at one point he pulled the Constitution out of his pocket, held it towards the judge and asked “do you use this for toilet paper?!”

I’m thankful for the support and calls people put out when they heard. I am proud of every one of the patriots there that day. They had the courage to come to that courtroom, to stand on principle and on liberty; to look tyranny in the eye with bold defiance and say, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

We must fill the seats of every court in this land with principled people who will stand in DEFIANCE of injustice from the bench. It’s not an easy road. But as we stand up to them, cameras rolling, we will educate the people and restore liberty on heart at a time. We Stand!

“When injustice becomes law. Resistance becomes duty.”


— Gav

How you can help:

We need your support. Legal fees and taking on corruption comes at a price. Please donate if you can. Your ongoing prayers also mean a lot. God is with us when we stand for what is right. Finally please share this everywhere and call one of these officials if you can.
Numbers you can call:

Douglas County Non-Emergency Line: (509) 663-9911

Douglas County Sheriff: (509) 884-0941

Okanogan County Sheriff (holds political prisoners for Douglas): (509) 422-7200

Chelan County Sheriff (holds political prisoners for Douglas): (509) 667-6851

Douglas County prosecutor Steve Clem: (509) 745-8535

Douglas County Commissioners – Ken Stanton, Dale Snyder, Steve Jenkins: (509) 745-8537



Swamp Fox - March 3, 2015 Reply

I’ve been a Constitutionalist for more than 3 Decades and an Oath Keeper. Court Security and Decorum is NOT to be taken lightly. Although I agree that ALL Courts need to be Fully Video’d I also understand SECURITY CONCERNS. The Judge Advised these People She’d Rule on the Motion. The DEFIANCE of the Court was Completely Off Base.

    gavinseim - March 3, 2015 Reply

    You are absolutely right. The judges defiance of the peoples court was illegal and way off base. We acted in self defense of the criminal actions being carried out by the court. If someone cannot see that they are definitely not a constitutionalist.

      gregory s simpson II - March 5, 2015 Reply

      First and foremost i want to thank and applaud you, your family and all the other patriots that were present. We need more people like you to stand up to the ridiculous amount of tyranny and violations of our rights that happen everyday in our country. I pledge myself to this cause and would love to stand at your side fighting the corruption of this judicial system. Please email me with a response as to how i can assist you on this matter. Thanks again this country needs you and your family, and others like you. UNITED WE STAND AND IN GOD WE TRUST!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AZRanger - March 3, 2015 Reply

    AZRanger: Swamp Fox, I can hardly believe you had the audacity to write those words. The judge caused this scenario, the police thugs carried out her Un-Constitutional wishes, and your dumbass wants to defend them??? WTF!
    I can only believe that you are either a member of Law Enforcement, or a Tory coward, ala Thomas Paine! I suggest that you read “An American Crisis” because you probably do not understand the ramifications of what you just said!
    Politeness in the face of tyranny is a fool’s game, and a sure sign of cowardice!

    Kriss Wolf - March 4, 2015 Reply

    The judge does not have the power to violate the Constitution. Period.
    “The Constitution vests the whole judicial power of the United States in one supreme court, and such inferior courts as Congress shall, from time to time, ordain and establish. This power is expressly extended to all cases arising under the laws of the United States; and, consequently, in some form, may be exercised over the present case; because the right claimed is given by a law of the United States.”

    “It cannot he presumed that any clause in the Constitution is intended to be without effect; and, therefore, such a construction is inadmissible unless the words require it.”

    “The Constitution is either a superior paramount law, unchangeable by ordinary means, or it is on a level with ordinary legislative acts, and, like other acts, is alterable when the legislature shall please to alter it.”

    “If, then, the courts are to regard the Constitution, and the Constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature, the Constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the case to which they both apply.”

    “Thus, the particular phraseology of the Constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written constitutions, that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void; and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.

    The rule must be

    Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137; 2 L. Ed. 60 (1803)

    Never successfully challenged.

    Arrest this judge for violation of her oath of office

    Contact me if you want to know more. We are forming Committees of Safety like our founders did to deal with this corrupt crap. That is the only Constitutional and Lawful body that can deal with this shy of the militia. Which in my humble opinion you should have brought to arrest the judge and all law agents. Baring that……a Committee of Safety and move the people to arrest and remove those corrupt agents of the government.

    keep fighting but be smart and NEVER comply…..arrest the judge on violation of oath of office and protected Constitutional rights if the state allows, which I believe it does.

      1watchman2 - March 8, 2015 Reply

      The constitution has been set aside since we now operate under the Emergency War Powers Act.
      We are all under Marshal rule which is the only way to be able to use Executive Orders from the “Commander in Chief” see Senate Report 93-549 and other related material.

        1watchman2 - March 8, 2015 Reply

        Common Law is the supreme law of the land still recognized by England and the U.S. but We The People never raise the issue and so they use their fraudulent system on us because according to them “we are as stupid as cattle” which reminds me, They call us “Chattel” or property………….

Sherry Howerton - March 3, 2015 Reply

I STRONGLY urge everyone to get the small handbook called Citizens Handbook plus a Rulebook For Jurors published by AMERCIAN FREE PRESS, go to to get yours TODAY, so you can be better informed what your RIGHTS are as a Juror!!

Concerned Citizen - March 3, 2015 Reply

Never submit yourself to any court, unless you’ve harmed another person or another persons property…Anything else is Corporate law and does NOT pertain to Sovereign Peoples of the United States. Laws were implemented to keep corporations in legal standing, NOT “We The People”. “We The People” are each Sovereign Kings and Queens and do NOT answer to Corporate Laws or Corporate Judges or law enforcement of any kind, unless, as I said above, one sovereign has hurt or damaged property of another sovereign does any court ever need to see or hear a case of a King or Queen. Kings and Queens do NOT answer to lowly courts. We inform them of our wishes and it must be done in Common Law, which we are ruled by.

    Gary - March 4, 2015 Reply

    Great response! It is very obvious by all the above responses that all do not have the slightest Idea of the corporate condition of this Country. Blink folks daaa check the Act of 1871 where the “Constitution for the united States” was replaced by the “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES” which is a corporate charter. This is only one , and not the first , of many steps the Cabal , for lack of a better discription, has put into place to control this country and its wealth. Nowhere is there any authorization for any federal , state, county, city etc and etc to be incorporated. That includes every so called citizen of the UNITED STATES you are all corporations that is why they drag you into and Admiraly Court with a gold fringed eagle on top flag. That is a Corporate Court Room for profit. Nothing to do with any Constitution. The government of the united States went bankrupt in the Revolution and has been bankrupt ever since thus we must comply with the holder of the bankruptsy.

    1watchman2 - March 8, 2015 Reply

    If you can find it. You might like “The Book Of the Hundreds”

    Michael Francis - March 26, 2015 Reply

    well said, does any one want to help me with a lawsuit against spokane police and sheriffs department, I was told I have a $4,000,000 plus lawsuit. Any help would be welcomed and very much appreciated.

      Pearl creath - August 20, 2015 Reply


chad - March 4, 2015 Reply

Has anyone called these thugs and let them know that we r watching ? That we will stand united and we the people will win !

    Gary - March 4, 2015 Reply

    Hey Chad do you know exactly who those thugs are?How can you call them if you cannot identify them. And just how are you planning to stand united when nobody know who you are going to stand against and what if their guns are larger than yours and they have more numbers are you ready to give up your life for some unknown cause? Sound to me like you need todo some homework.

      Ryan - October 26, 2018 Reply

      Lots of them are identified in the video. Even if that wasnt the case they are easily identifiable through the Freedom to Information Act. The people will always out number the corrupt few, thats actually how you gained the freedoms you have today. They were fought for, demanded, in some instances taken, and in many instances died for. Fore you should always die standing trying to fight for whats right, then to die on your knees just accepting whats wrong.

joseph - March 4, 2015 Reply

In every time of life there are those who are deemed ‘outlaws’ by those who want to submit them to courts of ‘law’…and these ‘outlaws’ refuse to submit…that is why they are called outlaws…BUT, what is really happening is a struggle between two kinds of law…like, for example, the struggle between Mosaic law and adherents thereof and ‘shariah law’ and adherents thereof. Rothschild, for example, may make ‘laws’, but if we are followers of, say, Mosaic laws of YHVH God of the Bible and what interpretations there are, then we have a duty to oppose those ‘laws’ by Rothschild (just using him as an example). There are a lot of Christians in this world and not all of them are Americans so this is to the American Christians mostly as they are the vanguard in this dilemma….IF you are to oppose the ‘Rothschild laws’ in favor of ‘LAW’ itself then you have to have your foundation set properly. Western Christian nations are built upon the Mosaic law of the Bible, but all these separate nations of ‘Western culture’ have different interpretations….such as America has the 2nd amendment but, say, Iceland does not. Secularists of today would have a reason for this but in the beginnings of these nations as part of ‘Western culture’ they had their reasons based upon how they interpreted the Bible..their doctrines. I suggest that if any person wants to use YHVH’s laws for the basis of their ‘freedom’ in this world they must have a good foundation in His laws and of course in what the Christ has said in regards the ‘Father and His will’. It is in seeing and understanding the will of the Father, ie: God of the Bible, that we can begin to interpret the ‘laws and commands, statutes and convocations’ of the God of the Bible, the one that Jesus calls His Father. And since Christ has said that He only does that which He sees His Father in Heaven doing then I am one who wants to know what that is and be under His ‘law’…with Christ, who is also a ‘law keeper’ of YHVH’s laws….Christ told His disciples to carry swords…”If ye have not a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” This was in the face of Roman law at that time. We have to understand the ramifications of this. Is Christ a law breaker or is He a law keeper. If you say both then you would be correct. The actual Roman law that forbade ‘Jews’ (and all conquered people) to carry weapons was in the face of the words of Christ who only does that which is the will of the father. Christ did say “Who is My brother but he who does the will of My Father in heaven”…so it is a safe bet that the ‘will of the Father’ is for the disciples of Christ and His followers to carry weapons, or else Christ would not have said what He said….When you oppose tyranny you oppose those who are ‘outlaws’ themselves…They are ‘outlaws’ to YHVH’s laws…They are lawbreakers since Christ is not a liar…He is the “King”….Beware those ‘christian preachers’ who would surrender you to submission to mans ways…Remember the ways of your Father. His laws bring freedom and peace, though we may have to fight to establish them, again….It is therefore not an option for all those who follow christ to know what YHVH has said in the ‘old testament’. Do not accept the lie that the ‘law’ has been done away with…if you do away with the ‘law of YHVH’ you will not receive much from Him in terms of assistance until you realize that you need His laws….His laws are the foundations of our laws. Note the 2nd amendment (again)…It is written in a way that is not at all what christ said but yet it upholds what christ has said, and for everyone who is a citizen of the USA….Hence we have an example of the keeping of YHVH’s laws, and this by olur founders…very wise men and women of the world. From then on we see men who are busty trying to undo this ‘founding’….These ‘un-doers’ are the ‘lawbreakers’…these are the real ‘outlaws’….This understanding of God’s laws in the bible is a must for all of us who say we are the children of God and followers of His Son, Christ…who is our King, remember? Do not betray the King by remaining ignorant of God’s laws…in those laws are what we interpret to our laws…this is the place where you know who you are before Christ…This is the place where you know what freedom is all about and how to keep it. God supported the American Revolution of the 1700’s and only because the men and women knew His ways and set it down in their codes of laws. This was our founding as a nation, as the USA….Do not rebel to set up your opinion but rather to maintain the laws of YHVH and He will aid you….Remember what he said…”Those who bless you (Abraham, and by extension YHVH’s laws as Abe was a ‘friend to YHVH’), I will bless. Those who curse you, I will curse.” That is YHVH> It is very direct. Believe it or not believe it, it’s your call. Like I said, this is for the American christians….Things are falling apart because American Christians are not understanding the Bible. They have left it to someone else to be the one to know. You have done this….and until I read the Bible and good changed, which took some time, I was also one who created this mess in USA…It is imperative that we know the ‘law’ of God…and conform. You have no problem with ‘selling your cloak and buying a sword’ as you have codified it within your system. What else did He say? As for Christians who blow this off I can only say that Christ spoke of you in parables…ie: the parable of the ten virgins is the one you should be aware of….

    Gary - March 4, 2015 Reply

    Joseph just what planet do you come from?

    1watchman2 - March 8, 2015 Reply

    There is much truth to your words. I would submit that there are two systems in this country but Common Law or the Law that was common to the people from the beginning is still the Law of the land and still recognized from England to the Corporate United States. The Sovereign who is subject only to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit must make himself known when brought before the courts of man. You must Announce who you are under God and be in command of the servant court and its officers. Ask yourself. When did this servant of We the People become my master? I elected him to serve. If I’m an employee do I have more power then the owner? If I have supreme authority does the elected servant of the court have authority over me the Sovereign?.
    not enough space and time to make all understand but yall should read The Errant Sovereign by Augustus Blackstone, The Book of the Hundreds, How I conquered every bureaucratic agency known to man by Mary Croft (hope my memory serves me)
    Hope this spurs some research for many of you.

Sean T. Taeschner, M,Ed, - March 4, 2015 Reply

There is a simple way to take back the courts. Patriots should volunteer for jury duty as many times as possible on their days off during the year. SImply vote not to convict. Problem solved!

messianicdruid - March 4, 2015 Reply

If you are carrying a drivers liscense and don’t comprehend that you have entered into a contract, you are hosed.

When they ask you “do you understand the charges” and you say “yes” – you are hosed.

If you hire a lawyer [a servant of the court] you are hosed.

Jeff - March 4, 2015 Reply

Well,the sort of behaviour displayed by the ‘judge’ and the other officials (cops,baillifs etc) was deplorable and so far out of line,it’s unreal ! I mean,when these people are called out on their wrongful behaviour,they STILL assume that they are right. It’s sort of like watching a naughty 5 year old,with their fingers stuck in their ears……no,no,I can’t hear you ! lol….
I am not from or in the U.S. but I have seen this sort of behaviour/mentality from the ‘authorities’ over here (the U.K.) and have in fact been on the receiving end of such !
As Kriss Wolf mentioned,the best way to have ‘put some manners’ on the ‘judge’/court and the cops/baillifs,would have been to have had the militia in full attendance ! These ‘people’ will not behave until they are forced to behave ! For that is how they conduct themselves,by the use of force !……Well,that can work both ways,can’t it ??

kyle - March 4, 2015 Reply

I’ve tried this in court. I stated my rights as they were being bluntly violated. I presented my defense …which were my rights in full notarized document. The judge read for 5 seconds and suddenly said ” this will not be accepted in MY court room” me, asking “why?” The judge stated “because you didnt ask for permission to set it down on my bench”. However my permission was to retrieve what i stated was my defense. Needless to say me shouting my rights are being violated and you are subject to federal fines…didnt get me anything but “i dont care its my court room” and a repetitively threatened to be arrested.


[…] how corrupt America’s courtrooms and Judges have become was just released by patriot/activist Gavin Seim. In the video that Gavin shot inside the Washington St courtroom during the trial of another fellow […]

Rob - March 5, 2015 Reply

While I applaud the bravery shown here. This is what happens when you expect a document to limit government. Government cannot and will not be limited. One must embrace voluntary interaction, (completely) free market principles and agorism to overcome tyranny. Peace my friends.

Blackberry - March 7, 2015 Reply

Thanks for the courage to stand up to corrupt administrative courts. The common law or the truth cannot be heard in their corporate, administrative courts.

The defendant made the mistake of accepting the offer to be the trustee for the legal fiction trust person. Although he is the truthful and lawful beneficiary of the birth trust.

As Public Trustees/Officers they have a fudiciary responsibility to the beneficiary and to their respective oaths of office.

    Michael Francis - March 26, 2015 Reply

    Thats right, They need to step away from the corporate person.

Bruce Gambill - March 7, 2015 Reply

Gav, Right On Brother, you have the courage of a man 20ft tall. You need mass help and support, not more shoving, abuse and rights violations.

Personally I believe we are all going to have to refine our filming methods, like for starters inform them that you will be filming, just don’t let these sleazy moron tyrants see you doing it. Just like our government does.

Really , think about what these treasonous fraudulent criminals have done to us, our families, friends and neighbors, let alone our Country. Taken our money and freedom, our rights, our children, our homes & properties, our freedom of choice, our futures , all while they perpetrate the biggest Criminal Felony Organized Crime Fraud on this Country and its people while we all work our butts off to pay taxes so these criminals can be paid 10 times better than we pay ourselves.

That 10 times amount does not include all the cash the attorneys are slipping to them. I mean for Gods Sake People, why do you think it Costs so much to get the right attorney who has a rep for winning lots of cases?

It most certainly is not just to pay that attorney and his/her Staff! That money you pay these attorneys 10 times more than what they earn , is spread out to the Judiciary, some squeezed to the sleaze in the Clerks Offices, and of Course do not forget our Corrupt sheriffs Dept., FBI, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Attorneys, Senators and Congressmen. All of these Rats want some of the cheese .

That is how they make it work and have the motivation to cover for each other, violate their sworn Oaths to Office for each other. Our State & Federal Reps are the true enablers of this Corruption and Fraud, by defrauding/lying to/ Refusing to really genuinely assist Constituents.

Think about it for real, if these State and Federal judges did not already have the advance knowledge and guarantee of no exposure, no interference, no held accountable, no liable from all of our Senators, Governor, Congressmen, Sheriff’s Dept’s, FBI, U.S. Attorney, you can safely bet the FARM that none of these Spineless criminals in the Judiciary retain the necessary courage/spine/balls to execute these crimes, rights violations, FRCP violations, Oath to Office violations on their own like we all must stand, on our own.

Congressman Heck, Reichert , Senator Becker, U.S. Senator Cantwell & Murray, including Governor/Attorney Jay Inslee and our Chief Justice Madsen and Clerk Ron Carpenter are all involved in this Riding With RICO Organized Crime right up to their ears and beady eyes’ have verifiable documented on record proof of this.

Also proof that all of the aforementioned Corrupt encrusted with Cronyism Officials are right now as I type this,( for God Willing many of my fellow Americans to read), all of these Officials are currently committing Felony Crime of aiding and abetting RICO Corruption and Fraud, Misprisoning Felony Crime and Corruption .
I have a stack of signed Green USPS Receipt Cards that prove exactly that!. Prove that all of the aforementioned State & Federal Officials are in receipt of, in possession of verifiable documents of record, all of which are supported by Statute, RCW, FRCP, USC Titles, Constitutional Rights, and guaranteed by these lightweight hand holding run of the mill criminals Sworn Oaths to Office.

Signed by the Official Staff of these State & Federal Officials that all ask us, Just what is it that you would like us to do for you?

Then they tell you that they cannot voice an opinion about the same Laws , violations to them , Laws that were designed for us the people to comprehend and damn well too. Not only fully comprehend but abide by, run our businesses by, our lives by, our vehicles by. But these Same Officials or their Staff will tell you that they are not attorneys so they are not competent enough to voice their opinion of anything you present to them if it is regarding some Law they might have helped design and put in force..

So if this Staff of these various more than well paid Officials are not competent enough to understand the Law without first (providing you make it this far) presenting whatever to their on staff attorneys/members of the corrupt WSBA & Judicial System first.

So before the legislative Branch can actually represent constituents rights and the Laws they help design and put in place, they must first get the Official OK from their ON Staff Judicial Members. SO MUCH FOR THE TOTAL BS CONCERNING THE SEPRATION OF POWERS!

Which in FACT, you can Safely bet your last breath of AIR , That each of these Officials will at some point reference the almighty separation of Powers as being the reason why the cannot actually do their Official and sworn OATH job, BY ASSITING ANY OF US THAT JUST MIGHT HAVE SOME LITTLE OL OBJECTION TO BEING DEFRAUDED IN OUR OWN COURTS OF LAW, BEING LEGALLY ABUSED AND TERRORIZED, BEING ROBBED OF OUR CHILDREN, OUR RIGHTS, DUE PROCESS, JUSTICE, OUR HOMES AND ASSETS.

YEP THE OL SEPARATION OF ALMIGHTY POWERS, YAH, Sven, he understand , Sven has no rights, or justice because Sven’s Senators, Governor and Congressmen just don’t have any power. No authority and the ol Separation thing sees to it that they don’t, so they can not bust the RICO Corruption and Organized Crime within the Judiciary . So too bad for Sven and his family, so run along now and thanks for contacting us!

All while these insane corrupt out of Control Officials have the damn dable nerve to condemn and look down at some low budget used car salesman with his dog sitting on the hood of some old taxi cab he is trying to pawn off on you for a fortune. For Gods Sake, the Car guy, his dog and worn out Taxi Cab do not even come close to holding a candle to /compared to these Judicial Officials, Executive Officials, Legislative Officials.

These RICO Corrupt Government Actors make the Crook at the car lot look like a Cub Scout in need of guidance by the Den Mother.

These Corrupt treasonous Fraudulent Officials who have taken our Courts, our entire Judicial System and all Branches of our Government Hostage have continually gotten away with these deplorable felony crimes perpetrated against innocent citizens for so long , they are now under the condition of what is termed as NORMAL BIAS.

Enabled by the known fact that the public just cannot get themselves together, and do not give a rip about each others case or injustice, just themselves and theirs. Totally unlike the Corrupt Officials in all Branches who stick together like something that you might have accidently stepped in that is now furiously clinging to the bottom of your shoe. Stinking up your life everywhere you go until you get this repulsive undesirable substance off of your shoe.

Just like our lives once they become illegally infected with these RICO Corrupt treasonous Fraudulent Officials Crime Organization that is Flagrantly running wide open right in front of all of our faces!!!!

Regarding the Separation of Powers. How can Our Governor Inslee be a current ,member of the WSBA in good Standing as a licensed attorney and at the same exact time be listed as the chief Executive Officer of the Executive Branch of Government????? JUST EXACTLY HOW STUPID ARE WE?? Even if the perverted totally Corrupt fraudulent WSBA HAS THE NERVE TO CLAIM IT IS REALLY AN EXECUTIVE BRANCH ASSOCIATION REPRESENTING THE LICENSING OF OUR JUDICIAL BRANCH ATTORNEYS AND JUDGES?





Instead of enjoying our families , our Country, what we work hard for, what we have earned, what we have a right to .

God help us and pray that we find a cloning machine to put Gav in a couple days a week.

    Michael Francis - March 26, 2015 Reply

    well said , God help us be like Gav and make a stand.

Connie - March 8, 2015 Reply

Law is an opinion backed by a gun. This woman is a psychotic…as sociopaths and psychotics are
attracted to positions of power..period. When you put people in charge of YOU…and vote them
in, etc…you run a huge risk of what you see here. We must act at the local levels…this is true.
However, we have allowed them (and our parents, grandparents) to create ‘statism’ for
many years now. We feel that we need govt. to protect us from ‘criminals’. If you saw
what I saw in a typical jail…you would realize there are very few criminals. Anyway,
good for Gav and his family..and yet…using force is there only way to operate.
If these laws are so good for us…why do we need to force people…??

rachael johnson....Contitution Forum, St. Maries,Id. - March 8, 2015 Reply

Gavin, you need rallies, ralllies rallies…..peaceful and large…and they need to get on the idiot news….And you need one message that resonates…Stay out of the courts; they dont represent the people. Rachael

Blackberry - March 8, 2015 Reply

Good info on Trust law:
Go to the website article “THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUSTS…AND THE COURTS” Maine Republic e-mail alert, author and publisher David E. Robinson.

Keep the faith Gavin and God Bless.

1watchman2 - March 8, 2015 Reply

Have a meeting with the Sheriff and remind him he is an elected official who has taken an oath to uphold the Law of the land and that law is Common Law not what the present court is practicing. Ask the Sheriff if he knows if the court is a court of profit or a court of Trust. If he says it is a court of Trust then he needs to concur with the judge. He is upholding perverted law that is Federal, and unconstitutional and he has the power to override Any unconstitutional law!
in the video, any request or command from the bench puts you in their jurisdiction! even standing when the judge comes in. Why would I Stand up for a servant coming into a room? You’ve been dishonored! If I am Sovereign then I make the commands and ask the questions. Remind the court they are an elected official and a servant of the People and you are sovereign under God.
do not answer to their questions. ignore them
“I am a sovereign under God with unalienable Rights, one of which is to uphold the law of the land which is the Common law and to submit to any charge brought against me under Common Law and no other law.”
“I am now calling this court in session and asking if there is a natural man who brings a charge against me showing harm?
Repeat the question several times.
Is there a natural man whose been harmed bringing a charge against me a living soul on the dry land, a child of God!”
If the fake judge leaves the court then announce that the judge has abandoned the court and since you are the only sovereign left standing that you are declaring any charges dismissed.
The court nor the state can never bring charges against you the man because they are not natural man or a living soul.
What happens is we are summoned and asked our name and as soon as we answer we lose.
Get out of mans jurisdiction and stay in under God.
Search “Strawman” ……..Maybe read The Errant Sovereign and other related materials.
Who are you?
Who is “We The People”?
Your either a citizen or We The People! But you cant be both!

Daniel Smith - March 13, 2015 Reply


Saw your site and wanted to encourage you. We are in Spokane, Washington where I, Daniel Smith am facing 37 years on an FDA Health Product charge (totally bogus). My trial is currently set for May 18th (after 2 1/2 years of waiting). We are doing a documentary on my story and the horrific prosecutorial and judicial abuse in this case.

We would like to connect with you and hear your story as well. If it is okay we would like to bring a camera crew just in case it would be of mutual benefit. You can learn more about my case by going to the YouTube: and visiting the website

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Daniel Smith

    gavinseim - March 14, 2015 Reply

    Thank you Daniel. Keep standing up to them.

Don - March 16, 2015 Reply

It is time for we the people to end peaceful resistance and make the arrests. These criminals must be held accountable and under the law even if they win on appeal, the officials will not be held accountable due to immunity. OH they will win money and probably a lot of it, but it come out of the peoples pockets not those of the criminals in the system. We have to pass laws that eliminate all immunity for officials period.

Defender - June 27, 2015 Reply

There is no constitution. Sorry.

Randy Shepherd - July 2, 2015 Reply

I would like to say good show, now you can see that executive branch takeover has happened. How to stop it?? Get an honest and patriotic person in as Clerk of Courts, maintian separate powers. that is what has collapsed while the people sleep.
I do caution you from any registered attorney. By law and by trade each and every one of them is an “officer” of the court… For the most part they do not seek justice, JUST a paycheck. secondly and most important going forward, police officers have no jurisdiction in the court room absolutly none. The judge is charged wiht maintaining order in the court and his Bailiff has the duty to maintian it. Should the court become outof order, as we see in this film and the judge is not present preside over the court room. It si the duty of the Militia (if you have one) or the national guard to restore and maintian order in our courts?? Not the police at all..

Joseph Spofford - August 11, 2017 Reply

You are on the west coast. We are on the east coast. Political corruption has no borders. It spreads like a plague across our once great nation and every citizen is its potential victim. We must unite against this lawless regime and take a stand against the growing corporate machine. You are not alone my friends. Though we are separated by thousands of miles – we are here if you need us. God bless.

GAVIN SEIM | cindyloulife - December 15, 2017 Reply

[…] on programs around the world and is renown for  tenacious activism, like pulling over police and standing up to corrupt judges, and sometimes getting arrested, as he records videos to educate in liberty. Gavin is a small […]

Tired of being Railroaded - April 11, 2018 Reply

Corruption is the reason that all Cival Servants and Govenment Officials are required to be bonded. Anyone can ask for the bonding information of any official, ie; judge, police officer, D.A., …….. If they do not produce the information that in itself is grounds to file a commercial lien on their bond. Here’s what you need:
Using Commercial Liens for the
Compulsory Bonding of Public Officials and Summary Processes
1. The Constitution of the united States of America is the original commercial contract between the US Government and its citizenry, and all states and officers are bound by oath to obey it.

2. Only Constitutional laws and processes and their execution do not have to be bonded, for they are the only commercial processes generally which arise from the consent of the governed, “we the people”, the public.

3. Commercial, Civil, and Criminal processes which abridge the commercial provisions of the US Constitution and the State Constitutions are known as Summary Processes.

4. All Summary Processes have the weakness of being subject to bribery, kickbacks, fraud of process, conspiracy to defraud, and alter ego misuse, and therefore must be bonded. See the state laws on Blue Sky Marketing, Title 15 of the USC, the relationship between bonding and corporate limited liability, and the reasons for official financial disclosure statements. All unbonded Summary Processes constitute the ground for reversible error in all consequent processes. For example, a US Postal worker is not a bonded legal process server.

5. A commercial lien (90 day grace period before levying) may be used by a citizen to collect a debt or to secure a promised service/oath of a public official by seizing the property of the public official to secure privately and/or publicly the bond of the official. When an immediate specific performance is required of an official instead of the general protection of the public, the instant process is called a distress or distress infinite, which because it has no grace period before impoundment, must be pre-bonded. Commercial Liens are not Common Law Liens. Commercial Liens are Declarations of Obligation (15 USC) and as such are no part of the common law process except:

A. A lien may be enforced by a levy on the lien by the Sheriff after a 90-day acquiescence of the lien debtor, or

B. Be challenged by the lien debtor in a Jury Trial duly convened by the Sheriff within 90 days at the request of the lien debtor pursuant to the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution or an identical state provision. Said Jury Trial must be duly convened and properly conducted meaning, in part, that all affidavits must be categorically point-for-point rebutted, all issues are subject to full disclosure and discovery, and the jury may not retire to the jury room to homogenize the verdict.


1. A Jury Trial must be convened and used to release a commercial lien.

2. An official (officer of the court, policeman, etc.) must demonstrate that he/she is individually bonded in order to use a summary process, especially to remove a commercial with a summary process.

3. An official who impairs, debauches, voids or abridges an obligation of contract or the effect of a commercial lien without proper cause, becomes a lien debtor and his/her property becomes forfeited as the pledge to secure the lien. Pound breach (breach of impoundment)) and rescue is a felony.

4. It is against the law for a Judge to summarily remove, dismiss, dissolve or diminish a Commercial Lien. Only the Lien Claimant or a Jury can dissolve a commercial lien.

5. The highest example of a commercial lien is a Federal Reserve Note, commonly found in commercial circulation and in some wallets, and is a commercial lien upon the labor and industry of all Americans by the International Banking System.


All officials are required by federal, state, and municipal law to provide the name, address and telephone number of their public hazard and malpractice bonding company and the policy number of the bond and, if required, a copy of the policy describing the bonding coverage of their specific job performance. Failure to provide this information constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud (15 USC) and is prim a facie evidence and grounds to impose a lien upon the official personally to secure their public oath and service of office.

U.S. Custom Stickers - September 24, 2018 Reply

wow, what a story man.

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