Chased Away 20 Cops!

Chased Away 20 Cops!

Last summer as we came into Phoenix for for an event and found a horde of police clogging the highway. At first we were concerned it was a checkpoint because those are sometimes tolerated in Arizona, a state who’s leaders try to sell their values as republican or even Constitutional when nothing could be further from the truth.


It turns out all these cops are harassing a car of teenagers. As often happens we happened to be there at that moment, so we did our job as good neighbors and stopped to oversee and let the officers know we were not OK with their tactics. Wait until you see what this was all about.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now been ousted from office for his complete disrespect of law. But the problem is another tyrant who violates the Constitution has simply been inserted. Until we stand up our families will continue to be abused and locked in for profit prisons like so many good people across the nation.

Good cops stop the bad ones. Good cops stop kangaroo courts. Goods cops do not extort. We don’t have any good cops left and it’s time to stop pretending. We don’t understand the power our voice has. When we stand up to blue line syndicate, tell them to stop, ask them questions and be firm. Yes when we stand up and speak the truth, the lie of the tyranny runs and hides like a pack of cockroaches.

If you’re still defending the police, you are not defending liberty. Stop pretending that silence is love or courage. Pretend politeness has destroyed truth in America. Bullies and thieves should be called out for what they are. Stop making excuses; stop letting them think they are the good guys.

It’s on us. So stand up — Gavin Seim

America. This is Your Train to Auschwitz!

America. This is Your Train to Auschwitz!

I was sitting in court today before a lawless judge, Patrick McMahon who was helping a lawless prosecutor prosecute me and my dad for the crime of defending justice. All in the name of justice!

The judge denied motions, denied true law, denied justices and even told me whether MY proposed evidence was relevant to to MY trial. I smiled, not surprised and I stared him in the eyes; but he would not hold my gaze.

But Stephen said something to me that made me think. He looked at what this court was doing and said… This is the train the Auschwitz!

I thought about what I have seen in our arrests and how true this was. How people don’t even realize where we are headed. We are about to step into a nation where there is no due process, no justice, no appeal. Maybe not even a Kangaroo court. America is losing liberty and when liberty is lost the train takes whoever it wants wherever it wants and no one will be left to stand by you.

If you think Auschwitz is only in movies. You better think again! If you do not stand up and take back this county. Your children will do it at the price of their blood. But there is HOPE and I want to talk about solutions in today’s video. There no magic words that will restore America. Only courage and principle and prayer.

To fix the problem, we must understand that liberty is being poisoned and that injustice is everywhere. From the streets to the bench. From small things to great sins and suffering being perpetrated by a government, supported by a “justice” system, supported by the POINT OF A GUN. A government that believes they are ABOVE law, that they define right and wrong and that they will never be held to account. I have news for them.

Our trials are coming in mid April. I will not sit silent and my children will NEVER say to me, You didn’t even try!

— Gav

See the original courtroom video.

Download the Knapstad Motion I mentioned in the video (pdf).

The Poison of Cowardice!

The Poison of Cowardice!

Cowardly_lion2I read a bulletin for an upcoming gun rally that said the following…

“Please leave your long arms home to avoid scaring uncommitted legislators into the arms of Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer and the rest of the 594 crowd. We’re going to Olympia to create a positive impression and WIN, not to put on a media show.”

While I realized this was meant as a slap to the brave patriots standing on Dec 13th, I felt it brought attention to a more critical issue that infects many well meaning liberty gatherings. COWARDICE. This political pandering that sacrifices liberty for false politeness and handshakes. This cowardice that has caused us to LOSE liberty. This simpering to lawless tyrants that is a tactic of those that would negotiate away our birthright and call it victory.

The framers knew this when America was founded and warned us over and over that such behavor would lead us to ruin. But we took the wide and easy road instead. We must no longer let pretty words or false respect deceive us. A polite well articulated tyrant is more dangerous than a loud one. Cowardice and games is not leadership or honor; this disease is destroying America.

“Be not intimidated…nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice.” – John Adams.

Public servants that are “uncommitted” to our rights should NOT be tolerated. They must be removed because they are criminals and should never be regarded as people of respect or honor. We must not negotiate with Bureaucratic Terrorists. Our duty to be sentinels of liberty.

I see this cowardice nearly every day in different forms. It tried to weaken me also. We should examine ourselves regularly, for we have been neutered America; deceived by false politeness and cowardice in the name of reason. But there is healing for cowardice. It lies in repentance, in setting aside fear and standing anyways. Stand with a prayer to the Almighty, stand for justice. Stand as you must, but stand. For if we will not, history has but one place for our names.

So I say the cowards and haters of liberty. Let your names fade into the night. Let our posterity never say, these were men to emulate. Let the just know that your approval is NOT needed and that your willingness to be trampled defines insanity for those with the courage to stand principled for liberty.

To restore liberty we must have a firm resolve in principle and justice. We must hold our heads high, refusing to lick the boots of the wicked. Those that refuse to stand are sentencing their posterity to slavery, because they were afraid to stand while there was time. The Poison of Cowardice is an evil that will eat up your children’s inheritance and leave our beautiful country a wasteland.

On Dec 13th bring your long guns, your short guns and your liberty. Bring safety, bring your courage, bring principle. — Be the song of history, rather than that dirty scrawling she wishes she could erase. Come out you patriots. You men of honor, faith and justice; put away your fear and stand like men!

Let us not ask “when will one stand”. Rather let us shout, “I WILL STAND”.

— Gav