Legislative_EunuchsCowardice is alive and well!

The game won’t change until WE change it with Bold Liberty.

John Boehner was just re-elected as Speaker of the House and EVERY Washington State Republican in Congress voted for him. Including Dan Newhouse, Dave Reichert, Jaime Herrera Beutler and Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Pink jello occupies the space where the unbending principle should reside. It’s only the first week of the 114th Congress; but I submit we order wheelchairs, for if their spines grow any weaker they may not be able to stand on two feet.

Only 25 Republicans voted against this. They deserve a pat on the back. Now¬†Boehner is even¬† punishing those who voted against him. So much for that sweep of new blood who promised a fight. It’s our fault America! This is not about party, in fact supporting party helping destroy America. Republicans won’t fix this, neither will Democrats for Libertarians. This is about electing principled patriots who will represent pure liberty.

Our new 4th District Freshman Dan Newhouse, voted for more of the same and will continue that path. But those of us running against Dan gave the facts on him long before the election, so this is no surprise. I’m proud to say that both Didier and myself were very clear that we would FIRE Boehner if elected. Principle before points.

I’ve had the opportunity to see politics up close. The plan of these representatives is NOTHING BUT THE SAME! They will continue to further the collapse, sitting in padded thrones until we remove them, or it comes crumbling down. The plan is to keep scaring us, keep lying and keep taking away our liberties in the name of safety. I WILL NOT COMPLY!

America, WE are the ones electing these legislative eunuchs. WE say they are bad, yet WE who continue to vote for the weak and slippery, rather than the bold and principled. We say THEY CAN WIN, ignoring the fact that when they win WE LOSE! We know before every election that they will not stand the line with us. WE keep failing to remove them. WE keep getting distracted instead of standing up and getting to work. I stood on the stage next to every candidate in in the 4th district and I can say first hand, It was not hard to tell who was standing with liberty.

When I decided to run for Congress as a 29 year old no name, the numbers were against me from the start. But do you know what I learned running for Congress? I thought I would be dealing with the best and brightest. I was afraid I would not be able to debate them or keep the message clear. I learned that for the most part, that those getting elected cannot even make a passionate speech or a sound argument; much less have the courage or principle to stand up for the Constitution. They are not hard to expose if you really communicate and be bold, instead of playing politics and playing safe. They have the money and the resources, but we have the passion. We keep believing they are uneatable. They are not!

I lost my election on the numbers. But I did not lose on principle. Challenging Doc Hastings and running for the 4th district seat changed the game. We learned that the everyday man can terrify bureaucrats and stand on his feet. Yes, it is possible to beat them next time. Despite many of our differences, Washington is fast becoming a hot bed of liberty. Can we keep that momentum alive?

We don’t need to wait for the next election! Regardless of what seat I sit in; I will continue to stand and represent liberty. I will defy lawlessness and I will name the names of those who use our liberty as currency for backroom deals and political whoring.

Our politicians cannot fix America. WE must stand, just like we did last month. But our servants can help lead the charge and change the conversation. When they do not, they should be removed. Their silence is consent. If I was in DC, I would be turning it on it’s ear at this very moment! But the fact that that did not happen in no way prevents me from representing liberty. Nor does it prevent you!

Don’t let them off. Find out how your Congressman voted. These representatives should ALL be removed next election on this alone. Step up and run patriots against them. Throw them out, but don’t just vote. Stand.

We must be bold, even if we stand alone. Will you stand, or will American fall. — Gav