The Day America Voted to Kill the Police!

The Day America Voted to Kill the Police!


Independence day is not about what American politicians want you to think. At the beginning of America we were all British. The redcoats were not an invading army, they were our people, or officers and our solders. But instead of blindly praising them as heroes or of saying they just doing their job and it was not their fault, out founding fathers killed them for their crimes against human rights.

Look at both sides.

We’re all human beings and we’re looking down the barrel of angry revolution. We have loyalists, rebels and lots of people who just want it to go away. The argument for enforcement is always safety. This is something we can agree on and it was no doubt the argument in 1770. But is the blue line saftey? — “What do you suggest beside law enforcement” people ask me. — My answer is that I want real law enforcement instead of the Sheriff of Nottingham doing as he pleases. — “Who will stop the rapists” they say. — My honest answer is that often the officers are the rapists and the judge will be the one protecting the from justice.

Not one sheriff in America will honor their oath. Not one will stop the prosecutors or judges, or the illegal federal arrests of their people, or the denials of due process. Not one of the blue line will defend the law or our rights and most will actually take part in violating them. Just as the Redcoats, there are some better and some worse. They are still human. Still, cowardly and violent law keepers are not law and order. Do we crave a tyrant simply because we are afraid we cannot find a honorable officer. I say we stop the tyrant first and from that courage good officers will arise.

What of the Revolution?

These acts did not happen overnight. Our founding fathers started slow. They shouted, they disobeyed, they threw rocks and destroyed goverment property, blocked roads and threw tea. When all else failed they exercised their right to self defense en-masse.

Our blue line and the government they serve is worse than the redcoats. Our bluecoats summarily kills more Americans in a year that the redcoats did in a decade. Our founders would have acted long ago to stop the terror and violence of Americas enforcers; this should be a sobering reminder for those who dawn the uniform. No matter how much people like myself plead for peace, people will eventually stop tolerating your actions.

Do we seek violence? We seek to avoid it! We are in a different time and peoples independence and honor is less. We have sold people tyranny as freedom and taught them to be dependent on goverment. Tyranny has rooted so much deeper than in did in the years leading up to the American revolution, but the people are more unstable than ever. Bloodshed is the natural eventuality of abuse and if our goverment continues, violence will come. But as it stands it will not be that  principled seeking liberty that we read about in history books. If we have war now it will be an ugly French Revolution, multiplied with the weight of powerful weapons and angry hungry mobs.

Find every reason NOT TO KILL!

We need a change of our hearts. Peace starts no more by sending letters begging for justice than it does by rushing to war. Start with powerful words and disobedience to tyrants. Build a forest of peaceful resistance to clog up the gears of tyranny. Kill the idea of corrupt police as lawful authority we must obey. Our rights are the law and we establish those by exercising them as we shame their abuses.

We want the foot solder of tyranny to stop showing up for work because it’s not worth it. Tyranny evaporates without it’s collectors and enforcers. Let the treasonous goverment and it’s officers be warned. You are not the heroes and despite my calls for peace you will be judged and your abuse in the name of saftey will eventually cost you everything. If not before an angry army, then before God.

Defense is our right; but only the foolish cheer violence rather than resist for peace. This is seen every coward who refuses to stand now, but speaks with eagerness of the war that is coming, as if then they will be brave on that day, as if they are waiting for war because the rest is now worth their time. Hearts like these will no more save freedom than the blue line.

The hardest revolution to win in the one in our hearts and minds. If we win that, blood can be spared. Freedom starts in with us, in shaming evil, in preventing our children from being taught lies and in teaching a generation how to to be brave and how to love their neighbor as themselves.

Let us be peacemakers and indulge with great restraint the idea that violence will set us free. — Gav

America is NOT the Greatest Nation!

America is NOT the Greatest Nation!

I am not a chest beating ape and I refuse to propagate a lie, take part in false patriotism, or be silent! My hope is in Christ, my stand is for liberty. America is not the greatest nation. But Yahweh is the great God.

I am prepared for the statements like “leave if you don’t like America.” and cowardly excuses that make a pretense of patriotism, while supporting our destruction. I speak truth because I love America and I love my neighbor.

You are not great because you brag about how great you are. You are not great when your nation is filled with abuse, consumed by hate and soaked with innocent blood. You are not great when you hate God, hate truth and hate justice. You become great by embracing all three.

It’s time to get serious about liberty, serious about repentance and serious about truth. God does not need a majority. He seeks the principled minority who submit to truth and care not what the world thinks. Are you one of them, is so stand and be numbered.

For America to be the greatest nation, we must repent and return to the greatest truth.

— Gav

The Donald Trump FRAUD of Easy Patriotism!

The Donald Trump FRAUD of Easy Patriotism!

I felt compelled to write because noted how this video, while just a cheesy song in itself, summarizes Trump and many establishment campaigns like it. I’m not picking on the cute young ladies who no doubt put lots of practice into this diddy. Rather I point the finger at the apathy of those celebrating a false American patriotism that will never restore justice. While real patriots stand boldy against tyranny in Oregon, fake political candidates put on shows.

False liberty is based on being patriotic macho citizens who tolerate no abuse, while in fact tolerating every abuse!


False liberty ignores our own sin, corruption and the abuse of our neighbors. — It’s deception based on propaganda and self aggrandizement. It shouts GO FREEDOM and SUPPORT solders and police NO MATTER WHAT! It’s the Patriot Act American, a shadow of the real thing that is based on pageantry and apathy. It works because it is EASY, but it’s promises and motives are no more pure than a communist dictatorship. It is loyalty to government alone, rather than God, County our neighbors or our liberty.

Have you seen the crowds that Trump draws. He sells out while informed liberty minded candidates like Rand Paul are ignored. Why? Because while he neither supports nor defends the principles framed in our Declaration, he feeds the peoples frustration and promises something for nothing. Just like Obama. They say “he can win” so principle goes out the window for the easy false solution. The election of such men, no matter their party only contributes to the demise of nation.

Be not lured by the false patriotism and pageantry!

REAL LIBERTY is action and a principle; defended every hall of government and every court of justice. Real rule of law that defends the God given rights of every man woman and child. When that real liberty dies, as it has in America, no manner of pomp, parade or celebration will bring it back. Only, repentance, blood, sweat and tears can restore the nation that once having held a banner of liberty, has fallen into the chains of slavery.

— Gav


“When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of God.  The preservation of a republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men if office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. 

If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine commands and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.” — Noah Webster

Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Soap Lake Officers Abandon Posts to Patrol Elsewhere!

Soap Lake WA is a town known for police who are bored and love to harass people for petty infractions. Now they are cranking it up as officers regularly abandon their posts so they can go play in other towns. I frequently see their vehicles heading out of town and during business hours the department is often abandoned, the full time chief Glenn Quantz nowhere to be found.

Soap Lake is notorious even among government agencies. They don’t follow the laws, they ignore rules of evidence and they love to harass and collect. Of course the Grant County Sheriff is not going to do anything about that. He prefers not to cross the blue line, as we found out in this video. This tiny town near my work is the same place officer Cox left me alone with his thug friends after I challenged him on his unmarked car, which was later marked.

It’s IMPORTANT to understand that this is NOT about this one stop. At very least this officer was outside the intent of the law. But more than that, this department continually violates this law.  NOT just at this stop. This was just an opportunity to address the situation. Note when he says they have an agreement with County. The document shown in the video is from County stating there is NO such agreement. You see the conversion is not about one stop, it’s about the principles of law and the disrespect our servants have for it.

Ask yourself. Do you want police that respect law and people. Or police who are constantly looking for loopholes so they can do, NOT what the law intends, but what it was intended to prevent.

Frequently these officers leave jurisdiction to write tickets. With a few exceptions, their actions are a violation of 10.93.070 in the State of Washington. But generally police and government colleagues consider each other above the law. The Sheriff does nothing and Grant County judges uphold the citations they write even when those citations are illegal. Most don’t realize how bad it has become, until their family get’s abused.


The response from Grant County denying any agreement with Soap Lake. Click to view larger.

There’s been many reports about Soap Lake officers operating outside jurisdiction and worse. I myself see them leaving their small town and driving by on the highway. I’ve heard reports of officer Cox pulling folks over an hour away. If you go to the station during business hours, often no one is on staff. Often no officers ate even on the streets of the tiny town and the chief is nowhere to be found, despite the fact that he’s on the payroll.

We’re dealing with people that think they are above the law. So when I saw this stop about a mile from Soap Lake I pulled over to investigate. A new Soap Lake officer was engaged in a stop and after determining that no serious risk was taking place for the officer, I stepped in and had a conversation. We debated a bit about the merits of the stop and I attempted to explain why the officer was in in violation. But more important, the bigger issued of constant violations.

But it takes a twist. This officer is new and not fully brainwashed into the bully culture that American police training is designed to create. So a cordial conversation ensues as I try to get the officer to understand his Constitutional role and his duty to justice. Will he learn? The cards are against him; but we had a good conversion on the nature of law and the role of government right there on the side of the highway.

We keep standing on principle for law and liberty. We keep speaking truth and keep reminding America that until we open our eyes and repent, liberty cannot be restored.

— Gav


Update 12/11/15 — Soap Lake Police just arrested a man by the Burger King on Stratford in Moses Lake. — 25 MILES from their jurisdiction! Thanks to Neil for real time updates.

I called in and Sgt. Sainsbury of the Grant County Sheriff called back. He stated the officer was “allowed” to do this under authority of the Traffic Safety Commission, he admitted SLPD has no agreement with County and refused to cite any law to back that authority. I cited the “actual law” on the matter which is RCW 10.93.070 which gives no such authority.

Sainsbury in a dismissive tone replied. — “Go talk to the legislature.”

I replied — “The legislature already made the law. It’s amazing that you are out there harassing and collecting, but don’t feel the need to follow law yourself. I guess cops are above that!”

The Sargent HUNG UP!

We should note the case of State V King, Oct 2009; Washington State Supreme Court.

Writing for the majority, Justice Richard B. Sanders held that Starks lacked the authority to arrest King on Interstate 5 near La Center on April 5, 2006, because there was no interlocal agreement giving him arrest powers outside his jurisdiction nor an immediate threat to life or property.

BLOCKING the Highway Until Released! – I WILL NOT COMPLY! (video)

BLOCKING the Highway Until Released! – I WILL NOT COMPLY! (video)

Your Day to Stand has Come!

What a historic time. The choices we make will become the black and white pages of history. Wicked villains, patriot heroes, men of God and truth and many cowards who stood silent. What will you be?

This is a piece of our story. I was raised aware of justice, liberty and truth. I spoke our against those things. I was informed enough to know something was wrong, that the American dream I was told about was gone. But the day comes when we need to stand boldly; many are ignoring that call. No matter how imperfect, you must stand principled, you must not ignore that call.

I decided to post this previously unreleased released video of my first time. A clip cluttered with distractions and my own fears, but one that at least I filmed. It was a moment that brought State of our nation to the forefront and started me on a journey. Once you look tyranny in the eyes with defiance, once you see them abusing your neighbors. Once you understand right and wrong and that these God given rights matter. Once that happens you learn that to love liberty, you must HATE tyranny!

I realized that day.. Why do we place ourselves subordinate to lawless goverment who abuses our families. Neither as a man, nor a Christian am I called to that. That’s not how we protect our children, that’s how we enslave them.

This was early 2012 and it’s become worse since then. We are on a 4 month road trip traveling in our RV from Big Bend National Park in Texas. We came to this small one lane checkpoint and I’d had enough. I refused to pull to secondary and be harassed or searched; blocked the road until we were released. It’s time we keep the pressure on THEM.

Its’ sad that places like Texas tolerate these INLAND Nazi style checkpoints. They talk of liberty, but let it be trampled in the mud without doing a thing to stop it. We are all to blame. Every corner of American is allowing injustice and tyranny. WE MUST STAND!

We are no longer a land of the brave, but a land of the slave!

For me posting this revealed how self focused many Americans are. I watched as many ignored the content and begin whining about my crying son on the backseat. They were not entertained enough! America has become a pathetic, selfish and entertainment focused people. We talk of rights and patriotism, yet it’s all in movies. We do nothing to defend our neighbor, nothing for liberty, nothing for truth. — It’s time to get over yourselves! Put down your games and beer and sports; stop scratching your navels and do something! People of prpciple stand up for liberty, even at inconvenient times!

Those times are now. This is not simply about checkpoints. Life, liberty and property are laid waste at every corner of America. Children are murdered and innocent imprisoned. Judges are thugs and lawless police back every abuse, while adding fuel to the fire. If you cannot see your goverment is evil, that our hearts have become evil and that liberty is lost. You need to wake up!

My wonderful wife stand with me. We stand for liberty. I do not answer their questions, I NO LONGER tell them my citizenship, I DO NOT comply with tyranny. Afterwards we drove into town and went out for Ice cream. Our road trip continued, but everything had changed. This was the day I decided I would give up everything for liberty. Life has not been the same since!

It’s time to begin loving your neighbor as yourself, time to restore liberty with principle and justice with compassion. I’m going to start on my knees with repentance and a fierce cry to heaven; then I’m going to stand fiercely on my feet before tyrants. Maybe you should do the same.

— Gav