Chased Away 20 Cops!

Chased Away 20 Cops!

Last summer as we came into Phoenix for for an event and found a horde of police clogging the highway. At first we were concerned it was a checkpoint because those are sometimes tolerated in Arizona, a state who’s leaders try to sell their values as republican or even Constitutional when nothing could be further from the truth.


It turns out all these cops are harassing a car of teenagers. As often happens we happened to be there at that moment, so we did our job as good neighbors and stopped to oversee and let the officers know we were not OK with their tactics. Wait until you see what this was all about.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now been ousted from office for his complete disrespect of law. But the problem is another tyrant who violates the Constitution has simply been inserted. Until we stand up our families will continue to be abused and locked in for profit prisons like so many good people across the nation.

Good cops stop the bad ones. Good cops stop kangaroo courts. Goods cops do not extort. We don’t have any good cops left and it’s time to stop pretending. We don’t understand the power our voice has. When we stand up to blue line syndicate, tell them to stop, ask them questions and be firm. Yes when we stand up and speak the truth, the lie of the tyranny runs and hides like a pack of cockroaches.

If you’re still defending the police, you are not defending liberty. Stop pretending that silence is love or courage. Pretend politeness has destroyed truth in America. Bullies and thieves should be called out for what they are. Stop making excuses; stop letting them think they are the good guys.

It’s on us. So stand up — Gavin Seim

BLOCKING the Highway Until Released! – I WILL NOT COMPLY! (video)

BLOCKING the Highway Until Released! – I WILL NOT COMPLY! (video)

Your Day to Stand has Come!

What a historic time. The choices we make will become the black and white pages of history. Wicked villains, patriot heroes, men of God and truth and many cowards who stood silent. What will you be?

This is a piece of our story. I was raised aware of justice, liberty and truth. I spoke our against those things. I was informed enough to know something was wrong, that the American dream I was told about was gone. But the day comes when we need to stand boldly; many are ignoring that call. No matter how imperfect, you must stand principled, you must not ignore that call.

I decided to post this previously unreleased released video of my first time. A clip cluttered with distractions and my own fears, but one that at least I filmed. It was a moment that brought State of our nation to the forefront and started me on a journey. Once you look tyranny in the eyes with defiance, once you see them abusing your neighbors. Once you understand right and wrong and that these God given rights matter. Once that happens you learn that to love liberty, you must HATE tyranny!

I realized that day.. Why do we place ourselves subordinate to lawless goverment who abuses our families. Neither as a man, nor a Christian am I called to that. That’s not how we protect our children, that’s how we enslave them.

This was early 2012 and it’s become worse since then. We are on a 4 month road trip traveling in our RV from Big Bend National Park in Texas. We came to this small one lane checkpoint and I’d had enough. I refused to pull to secondary and be harassed or searched; blocked the road until we were released. It’s time we keep the pressure on THEM.

Its’ sad that places like Texas tolerate these INLAND Nazi style checkpoints. They talk of liberty, but let it be trampled in the mud without doing a thing to stop it. We are all to blame. Every corner of American is allowing injustice and tyranny. WE MUST STAND!

We are no longer a land of the brave, but a land of the slave!

For me posting this revealed how self focused many Americans are. I watched as many ignored the content and begin whining about my crying son on the backseat. They were not entertained enough! America has become a pathetic, selfish and entertainment focused people. We talk of rights and patriotism, yet it’s all in movies. We do nothing to defend our neighbor, nothing for liberty, nothing for truth. — It’s time to get over yourselves! Put down your games and beer and sports; stop scratching your navels and do something! People of prpciple stand up for liberty, even at inconvenient times!

Those times are now. This is not simply about checkpoints. Life, liberty and property are laid waste at every corner of America. Children are murdered and innocent imprisoned. Judges are thugs and lawless police back every abuse, while adding fuel to the fire. If you cannot see your goverment is evil, that our hearts have become evil and that liberty is lost. You need to wake up!

My wonderful wife stand with me. We stand for liberty. I do not answer their questions, I NO LONGER tell them my citizenship, I DO NOT comply with tyranny. Afterwards we drove into town and went out for Ice cream. Our road trip continued, but everything had changed. This was the day I decided I would give up everything for liberty. Life has not been the same since!

It’s time to begin loving your neighbor as yourself, time to restore liberty with principle and justice with compassion. I’m going to start on my knees with repentance and a fierce cry to heaven; then I’m going to stand fiercely on my feet before tyrants. Maybe you should do the same.

— Gav

Family ARRESTED for Refusing ILLEGAL Search!

Family ARRESTED for Refusing ILLEGAL Search!

STOP! In the name of fruit!

“So you’re a Constitutionalist?.. We’ve had problems with this before!”

This is what we have become America. A nation of slaves where dissenters are punished and the wicked rule. This has nothing to do with agriculture. It’s all about control.

Listen to these lawless officials. They KNOW they are trampling liberty and are doing it with a smile on their face and mockery in their voice. You need to understand. This is not entertainment folks. Your children’s liberty is GONE! America is gone!

It just happened a couple weeks ago to our patriot friends the Feinman’s and I just finished helping them compile the clips. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I refused this checkpoint a few years back. These bureaucratic terrorists are getting far more bold and the tactic is changing. This family had no obligation to stop and no obligation to ID since they were not even stopped by the officer but rather were pulled off. It was an illegal engagement in every way.

Some will say this is about showing ID. Some will say, “what’s the big deal”. Still others will say “you should not do this with children in the car”. It’s time to get serious people. Government is ATTACKING liberty. It is our duty to take a stand and show our children how to defend it. Liberty does not end when our kids are in the car. It begins. This video is what patriotism looks like. Thank the Feinman’s for their brave stand and SUBSCRIBE to their channel HERE.

CALL Sheriff Keith Royal and demand he start protecting the Constitution: 530-265-1471

Also Deputy District Attorney, Truckee: Anna Tyner: 530-582-7832

With a laundry list of crimes committed by these officers, they should be punished. Sadly we have a system in injustice where courts, police and corrupt politicians all work with each other. If the County was doing his job, he would not even let such a checkpoint operate in his County. Much less let them assault innocent travelers.

— Gav

09/06/15 – The Feinman’s posted this update video on the status.

Family Politely Questions Checkpoint; Guard Runs Away.

Family Politely Questions Checkpoint; Guard Runs Away.

If everyone refused and questioned checkpoints; they would become dysfunctional overnight and shut down!

This short video came in recently from a family that follows my work. They saw the conversations about unconstitutional checkpoints and decided to ask questions for themselves rather than of simply doing what they were told. Watch what happens when they politely question this checkpoint guard to get justification for why people are being stopped in the middle a California highway

Liberty is a family affair. It really warms my heart to see families and young folks standing up and questioning lawless authority. We should all question and challenge government all the time, otherwise they will trample us every time. America is coming apart because for too long Americans have been silent at the abuse of the neighbors and their liberty.

Bugs don’t stop for checkpoints, your fruit does not override our rights and the framers did NOT include an exemption in the 4th amendment for either! This has nothing to do with agriculture and everything to do with control. The last time I came to this checkpoint I drove way! ALL suspicionless checkpoints are ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Whether federal, State or Local. This includes DUI checkpoints. Lawless officials who take part in them should be regarded as the criminals they are.

We the people have to fix this. We have to uphold the law. Congress won’t do it. A new president won’t do it. We have to step up and say NO MORE!

 — Gav

Tips from a Congressional Candidate for Filming Goverment!

Tips from a Congressional Candidate for Filming Goverment!

Gavin-Seim-for-Congress-Border-CheckpointNow this is odd. A US Congressional candidate talking about filming encounters with police and public officials? I’m Gavin Seim. See the reason most candidates and officials don’t take these things on is it’s safer to do nothing. It’s politics. But I don’t run things that way and communication comes first.

The fact is any public official who does not uphold the Constitution needs to be removed from their position and replaced. That’s our duty as a self-governing people. That’s what the framers intended. So lets hold them accountable. In this day the greatest weapon for liberty is perhaps the camera.

I have personally had a good many encounters with officers and officials. Representing liberty first hand is what begin my deeper understanding of America. It’s the conversation I’m always trying to start. It’s in part what prompted me to run for Congress. Encounters like these ones in Ephrata and many others I post on my YouTube channel helped me understand why we need to stand and how much freedom we’ve let slip.

This morning I watched this neat video of Jeff Gray calmly refusing to stop recording different officers. It’s harder than it looks, but the feeling of standing up for liberty cannot be compared to anything. It’s something I plan to keep doing when elected to Congress and that I intend to help others with. Representing liberty is the job of every American and even more so our elected officials. I take that very seriously. Using cameras we can keep the conversation moving and protect ourselves in uncertain encounters.

So having dealt with many encounters  first hand here’s a few things I wanted to share. Because tomorrow it could be any one of us..

  • #1. You should ALWAYS have a camera with you.
  • #2. If possible password protect your phone (camera) to prevent deleting.
  • #3. You CAN almost always record encounters no matter what officials say.
  • #4. Always boldly record, don’t get in their face, stay calm and stop to breathe.
  • #5. You WILL be nervous. Stay calm and do NOT stop recording despite intimidation tactics.
  • #6. Don’t lose your cool. Talk to the viewers, talk about the Constitution, why you’re recording.
  • #7 You do NOT have to answer ANY questions. Try asking questions, or simply ask if you are being detained. If you are free to go.

It’s worth noting that the tension and shaking does not usually stop. Remember that an officers favorite tactic is to throw off your groove. Even in a simple traffic stop. They will bring up how you are shaking or ask things like “is something if wrong with you”. Don’t let it rattle you. breathe and stay calm.

The dirty little secret is their groove is just as easy to throw off as ours. Stay confident and give some groove right back… “are you shaking officer, you look jittery, have you had a medical exam lately?”. Understand that we don’t have to shout or be nasty. We patriots need to keep the moral high ground. But politeness against an aggressor does not mean pandering or playing along with unprofessional behavor.

Not only can you record. Generally you don’t have to give ID. If it’s a traffic stop yes, if they genuinely suspect you of commuting a crime, likely. But I have no problem telling an officer I will NOT show them any ID. That’s what happened in this video. It’s not about knowing every silly law they make up. It’s about knowing the Constitution which is the “Supreme Law” that overrides the others.

You can also live stream using an app like Ustream and it’s great to have a wing man with a second camera. It’s also a good exercise to watch videos of other encounters. That feeling you get in your gut, that tension. Get comfortable with it because it comes on strong when you are in an encounter yourself and you can actually practice staying calm by watching other encounters. It never gets easy, but it gets easier. Don’t let the adrenaline freak you out. It’s always there. Stand on principle.

It’s important to remember that we the people are the masters and our officials are servants. We have a Constitution that is the “Supreme Law” that we placed on government. The 1st amendment says we can speak and we can protest. The 2nd amendment says we can indeed carry our guns. The 4th amendment says no detainment without probable cause or warrant. This law supersedes any lawless legislation someone might have made up.

All legislation that violates the Constitution is VOID!

America it is our right and our duty to hold our officials accountable. To protect our families and our neighbors from criminal government actions. The legality of recording them has been affirmed again and again. I don’t even go to the post office without a camera in my pocket. You never know when you’ll need to protect yourself with a recording. Keep that camera handy, practice recording situations and stops when you get the opportunity.

Good officers will not mind being filmed. And the bad officers, we have start exposing and educating. We must start removing bad representatives and officials from every office to start weeding out the tyrants from our system. I’ll close with this encounter I had at a checkpoint in New Mexico. It’s lawless stops like this that we must oppose. It’s time to learn the law of our land and start working to enforce it.

Remember. Liberty is not the fringe. Liberty is the foundation.

— Gav