A Bold New Year for Liberty!

I am nearly 30 years old now. For years I’ve seen people denounce tyranny, saying angrily they have had enough! Yet these rarely had the courage to defy that tyranny, expose the lies, or oust the fakes. Not only in Continue reading

Video: Congressional Candidate Takes On 2nd Amendment

Today’s discussion is about more than just guns. It’s about common sense. It’s about the safety of our nation and the real facts of our Constitution. In it we’ll look a bit at history and make a simple, fact based Continue reading

Got a Permit for that Free Speech? Congressional Candidate Educates City on Constitution

  by Gavin Seim: I don’t make it up. This stuff lands right in front of me and I do not back down on the Constitution. Not at home, not in DC. None of us should – We must question Continue reading

Lawless Legislation is NOT LAW & Should NOT be Obeyed

  Lawless Legislation is NOT LAW & Should NOT be Obeyed – In fact, we should not even call it law. It’s imperative that as a self-governing Republic we understand the difference between law and legislation. They are quite different. Continue reading