Gav DRESSES DOWN this Bully Cop on the Street!

Gav DRESSES DOWN this Bully Cop on the Street!

A magistrate abusing liberty has no

lawful authority and should be opposed.

I was driving home awhile back and I pulled over to observe and record a traffic stop. Officer Canady had other ideas. — Why do we tolerate this lawless goverment? Fear and apathy is why. But the power of lawless law ends when the people refuse to comply. Just as we did when we nullified i594.

I honor God and the law by opposing lawlessness. — The principled, God fearing, freedom loving man must oppose lawless behavior. Americans have failed at this because of apathy and excuses. Some scream safety, while others say God commands us to obey the wicked. In fact we are called to love and defend the innocent.

Understand that the only a lawful civil authouty is one that protects the God given rights of our fellow man. In America even more so, for the people themselves are the legal authouty and the goverment are servants serving their lawful authouty and and the individuals rights within the Constitutions. This concept is literally the highest law of our land.

People have this idea that we need to obey and honor wicked goverment; but in doing so we disobey God, disobey the law and destroy our nation. When self serving men rise up under the banner of authority to abuse their fellow man, they must be opposed. This is the case of our entire justice system. If you don’t believe me walk into a courtroom and watch the abuse, extortion and mental torture being carried out on your fellow man. Every day, in every County in this nation.

Those who honor and support Americas “justice system” as if it represents law, are not standing with the righteous, but rest in the camp of wicked tyrants.

Officers like Patrick Canady in Ephrata exist to support this system of extortion. This officer is a man I have seen in this town for many years. When he became a police officer, he became known as the harasser and collector of this town. A Sheriff of Nottingham who gets off on exerting his power over others. Power that is lawless and from a goverment who violates our highest laws in everything they do.

The principled man should regard these kind as the dangerous juvenile bullies they are. This is about more than shining street spotlight into my eyes to prevent me from filming. It’s a mindset officials this who believe we serve them. That’s why I stand up firmly to men like this. I know a bully when I see one and I don’t pander to their behavior.

Carefully choose your battles, but always stand for what is right. Don’t do this without a camera and gauge the situation wisely for their are risks. In a place where people never stand up to bullies, I would still stand, but I might have tread more carefully. Be bold with wisdom and do not operate in pride. That can can get you in jail, or worse.

Everyone can stand up in some way. Our rights are the law and we have a duty to try restore liberty for our children, one small step at a time. Be wise and serpents and harmless as doves.

— Gav

Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Comply or Die!

Douglas County Superior court under Judge John Hotchkiss blocked my appeal from happening. I am now under house arrest for the next 14 days and on probation for 12 months; I comply at the point of a gun! We could keep fighting in the court, but in truth we cannot afford it and that money better spent elsewhere. The courts are lost, the justice system gone! We win only when we stand on principle. When we appeal to heaven and when you humble our hearts in defiance of tyranny. —  If you cannot win on the enemy’s battlefield, then choose your own!

gavin-house-arrestWatch my original arrest and the whole story HERE!


If Jesus was alive today… He would be fined for hosting events without a permit, arrested for eluding police, found in contempt of court for not answering questions, charged with terrorism for throwing out the money changers and crucified by an angry mob for speaking the truth about sin.

Meanwhile the church would be shaking their head in disgust saying “he just should have obeyed the law”. — That’s a man I want to emulate. What a beautiful thing we be able to suffer abuse for the sake of Christ and liberty.

Had I been one of them they would love me. Had I scratched the back of Sheriff Gjesdal and persecutor Edgar. Had I been like the Wenatchee World, meeting secretly with the judge, then filming while others were arrested for doing the same. Had I done those things my family and I would not have been abused. But I would not have been a man of principle.

Today they are accountable, they have been exposed and are now on notice. The officials of Douglas County and those who support them are complicit in criminal activity. I bear no shame. I am proud of every abuse I endure for liberty. But I am not broken today, I am humble before God and defiant before tyrants.

I’m under house arrest for 14 days. I can go to work and while the anklet is not so bad, what it symbolizes is very bad. But I am blessed, many friends like Shaffer CoxJeff Weinhaus and James Faire are sitting in a cages for nothing. How it makes me burn. Seek God, liberty will win and justice will come.

So what did it cost? This has taken up a year of our lives. My whole family and some of you pitched in. Defense for me and my dad, legal costs and fines to our side amounted to around $16,000. That does not count the hundreds of man hours lost, the stress endured or the many hours donated by our attorney. How much did Douglas County waste persecuting this? A lot!

Still we stand. I want to thank my Dad who was also arrested, my family and all the patriots that stood with us. I especially want to thank my wife and my attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who fought hard and gave much of his time.  Most of all I want to thank Jesus for always standing by his people. The fight for liberty is only begun; I stand on principle and I appeal to heaven. — Gav

Video of the original incident from Jan 2015 and our arrest. Read the full story here..

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

So Corrupt they don’t even bother to hide it.

I mourn the liberty we have lost because it was easier to ignore the suffering of our neighbor than to stand at his side.

We’ve learned that Douglas County Washington stands with the most corrupt of counties and our attorney knows it too. The apple capital does not bother to sugar coat the crony politics among lawyers, judges and politicians in these courts. They all support each other; the news media supports them and the people are too lazy to care.

John Hotchkiss is a local attorney appointed as Douglas County’s first superior court judge by Governor Gary Locke in 1998, he thinks he’s pretty special and he fits right into the corruption. Chelan and Douglas Counties did after all head up the Wenatchee Witch Hunts of the 90’s. The largest of their kind in US history where 43 adults were falsely arrested on 29,726 fabricated charges of child sex abuse involving 60 children. They were guilty because the system said so. Simple as that!

All those cases were later overturned after it came out that the charges were made up by CPS and backed by other local agencies and false testimony. Of course peoples lives and families were still destroyed, but the real criminals got off scot-free. In fact the judge who tried my case was a lawyer one who defended Douglas County when the lawsuits came in from those Which Hunts.

So how does that matter. It illustrates the great corruption that has thrives in these communities for decades. And the silence of the people who live there who do their best to pretend the worst abuses never happened. The people of Douglas and Chelan County have refused to face the rot under the surface of their pretty waterfront towns. Because they do not stand up for justice and hold people accountable, their system is breaking down.

Shasteen was charged for simply asking an officer a question (you can see the video here). At his trial the patriots stood up and said enough when the judge ran a kangaroo court. It’s been a long ride since then; the corruption and tyranny keeps showing itself deeper and deeper. Every judge who has presided over this should be disbarred and removed from the bench. And that may happen, but it’s going to take time.

I could say these things before the judge. But I can only go to jail so often and rest assured he will hear my words.

It’s not only here. The corruption in Americas courts is sickening. yes, your County too! The people being abused are everywhere. As this point it’s you must assume that most sitting in jail should not be there, did not get a fair trial and did not harm anyone.

Think about the ramifications of all these falsely imprisoned people; the families broken, lives destroyed and productivity lost. That’s what these “justice” system have perpetrated. Prisons are overflowing as America is buckling under immoral justice and immoral people!

What’s next. We are examining the costs of continuing to higher courts and the best way to stand. My own appeal for last weeks trial will be in this came court likely a few months from now. I think we can expect the same.

Buckle up. Accountability is coming and you want to make sure you’re not on the side of the wicked.

Keep standing, no matter what! — Gav



Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

When the government fears the people there is liberty.

Though perhaps police should stop being so afraid that they run me down in their hurry to flee!!

WSP officer Slemp was is such a hurry to avoid answering to the law that he nearly ran me over. Check out this video I near my Studio on Saturday and prepare to watch smug disrespect in action. I’ve dealt with this officer before and he’s always the same. One time I explained the risks of unmarked cars to him and he was actually smiling smugly as I talked about people getting raped and murdered.

The irresponsible actions of Washington police and especially Washington State Patrol are putting people at risk every day. But they don’t care, because your safety is secondary to their tax collection. As my brother Blake says. “They harass and collect, not serve and protect.” What’s next, bowling for patriots?

The whole County has talked about unmarked cars a great deal since I stopped a deputy last Fall. We’ve seen how in Washington police are trying to twist the law to pretend it does not apply to them. We’ve seen them using for sale State legislators to get them law changed they they can act with impunity and we’ve seen other legislators standing up to them.

The message here is liberty and tyranny. These kids out there harassing and collecting regardless whether justice is being done. They are not serving us, they are serving the Sheriff of Nottingham. The issue goes far beyond unmarked cars. It’s a mindset in government THEY are law, rather than the people. It’s a mindset that citizens serve THEM.

I wrote awhile back about good cops vs bad cops. I explained this this has nothing to do with hating cops or authority and everything to do with public servants that actually serve the people. Whether it’s violating free speech in a courtroom or trampling gun rights, or police abuse; it’s all the same tyranny.

Liberty and justice are the standard but we have allowed our government to represent opposite of that justice. I call on all officials to start truly upholding your oath. Start working for us instead of for corrupt department heads.

It’s time to stop being asleep sheep. It’s time to wake up, stand up and start rising for liberty. Take America Back or lose her forever. — Gav

Taylor Works to Bring Hammer Down on Unmarked Cars!

Taylor Works to Bring Hammer Down on Unmarked Cars!


Ever since I pulled over a deputy last Fall, the conversation about police stopping drivers with unsafe unmarked cars has exploded around the globe. Washington Police are not happy about the many citizens that are calling them out. So much so that they have approached the State legislature to try and get the law changed.

Police rampantly abuse unmarked cars and openly violate RCW 46.08.065. Recently they approached Rep. Liz Pike and got to her promote a bill that would REMOVE ALL RESTRICTIONS. The outcry against it was strongly clear, but the bill is still moving forward, pushed hard by police representatives and their legislative lackeys who believe we can’t have citizens enforcing the law on police.

ON the other hand, WA Liberty Representative, Dave Taylor gets it! He just took it in a new direction with a group of amendments that if passed would bring the hammer down on these dangerous unmarked vehicle use.

Taylor filed amendments to WA HR1951 not only to restrict ALL usage of unmarked cars for traffic patrol. He went further, introducing another amendment that would require all traffic patrol cars to use light bars like they did in the old days.

With unmarked cars you can impersonate a police officer and get anyone to stop on the road with only a $30 pair of dash lights. These amendments would not only stop unmarked car abuse, they would re-introduce light bars, as all patrol cars should have making it even harder to fake a police car. There will of course still be exemptions in place for necessary undercover work.

Bravo to Dave Taylor. Simple and to the point amendments that if passed into law would hold government officials accountable. Below are some key points from these amendments. You can read all the details on the terrible bill Rep Pike introduced as well as the amendments introduced by Taylor. It’s likely we’ll get the Support of Shea, Scott and other liberty representatives in WA on this as well. But you need to call your legislator and tell them to get on board.


If you live in WA, CALL your legislator and tell them to GET UNMARKED PATROL CARS off the road. Tell them you want them to SUPPORT Rep. Taylor’s amendments 35, 36 and 37 to HB1951.