Josh Martinez Arrested for Not Giving his Birthday

Josh Martinez Arrested for Not Giving his Birthday

On Tuesday the LVMPD arrested a man on public property because he declined to give them his birth date.

Vegas officers came to harass Josh Martinez near the Federal Courthouse after he went to the Federal building and was denied public access. He was breaking no law and had no obligation to answer questions. Instead of resolving the violation against him by the Federal officials, nearly 10 officers surrounded and him and took him to jail. The #BlueLine of Vegas wanted to play Nazi and the peon did not want to play along.


It was during ongoing rally events for the Bundy Ranch kangaroo trials. Most of those defendants have been denied bail for over a year on false charges that stemmed from the Bureau of Land Management’s attack on the Bundy’s land rights in 2014. But another agency that caught a lot of flack for allowing the Bundy standoff to happen in the first place was the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. An army of officers, thousands strong with a bad reputation and a jail full of men and women denied due process.

It all started with this video and Josh tried to enter public area of the Federal Building. In ended in a false arrest.

LVMPD is another notch in the handle of big goverment that has turned police into an army of traitors driven by power, money and orders. The cost to the community does not matter. These officers represent the lowest of America, the thugs that abuse on the streets at the bidding of politicians and judges who believe rights are granted by them and that the people should do what they are told. These are armed and dangerous thugs and it will take people of principle and courage to rise up and remove their false authority.

A lot of calls have been going in and the good old boys and girls are even threatening people for calling. This means it’s having an effect on them. It’s hoped that Josh will be released today if the pressure stays on. The LVMPD phone is: 702-828-3111. I called last night and was told that citizens don’t get to talk to the Sheriff and threatened with arrest. It got interesting.

These are not law enforcement, they are a fascist army around 5000 strong in the Vegas area. An army of thugs in goosestep with the traitorous judges in our courts and enforcers in our Federal goverment. But in America it’s still considered patriotic to praise men like this.

Our nation has been usurped and the people have every right to resist as did our founding fathers. Yes, the Blue Line is worse than the Red Coats and somehow they still retain a place of perceived honor among people that have been so brainwashed that slavery feels like freedom. The only choice we have is to grow in principled resistance. Our hope of civil order is to show our neighbors once again that it is right to resist tyrants and cast of the false authority our goverment now wields at the point of a gun.

— Gavin Seim

Walmart Girls PUNISH me for Non-compliance!

Walmart Girls PUNISH me for Non-compliance!

If you don’t obey, you will be punished.

Has America given up it’s dignity for a cookie and toy?

Walmart, Ephrata WA. In this small town there’s not a lot of options. Today cashiers decided to punish me in front of everyone and I think you’ll find this worth watching to the end. This is not about shaming store clerks. It’s about revealing what our nation has become.

But what you’re about to watch goes far deeper than Americas biggest storefront. It’s the expectation that we obey made up authority or be punished. I chose punishment and walked out. This is not Fifty Shades of Grey or the Twilight Zone. It’s our brave new world that’s starting to look like a third world slum.

I was with my 7 year old daughter and this is funny, but it’s not funny. Perhaps you’re shaking your head and proudly thinking “I don’t shop at Walmart”. It’s cool you have choices in your town. But read on.

This is not about Walmart. It’s everywhere in a society who thinks like slaves. It’s about speaking up and confronting civil insanity. It’s at the gas station, the amusement park, the legislative building and the City Hall. You have to stand up.

Some will say I failed because I shopped here in the first place. Others say I failed because I did not leave everything and walk out, a viable option. Still I was on an outing with my daughter and when I find an unexpected encounter I try to choose choose how to best share a message and keep moving. When this happens to you, here or elsewhere; make a better video and I’ll be happy to learn from it.

One way or another we have to start speaking up. We’ve all faced something like this. Having your bag searched at the theater. Giving up your stuff at the door. Complying with a silly rule to get something. The question is not “do you shop at Walmart?”. The question is that when this happens will you stand your ground and firmly say no, or will you comply to get the cookie?

Speak with your dollars and your mouth. We’re getting a Winco soon and I plan to do more of our shopping there. You will be faced with something like this. You will have to comply or give up something. By standing your ground and speaking up you make bigger impact than even walking out. It’s time to teach people what it means to be independent.

Take out your camera and take back your dignity. Just be kind and loving to the ignorant. The goal is to educate, not attack.

— Gav

Citizen Shows how to Actually Respond at Traffic Stops!

Citizen Shows how to Actually Respond at Traffic Stops!

There is NO WAR on police!

There is a WAR on LIBERTY!

I’m tired of lies, spin and buzzwords! What about you?

Police fatalities are at record lows. Police killing citizens however has exploded with over 1000 in 2014 and on target for more in 2015. That means police killed about 10X more civilians in a single year than we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pretty sobering. Many of these killings occurred at simple traffic stops carried out by officers who lost control. That’s not all officers of course, but we need to be proactive. Today on Liberty School we’re going to talk facts and real examples for handling everyday police encounters.

We need to treat everyone equally and in liberty. No man or position overrides real law. This so called war on police simply does not exists.  It’s pure propaganda contrived to cover up government misdeeds and evoke emotions responses from the ignorant so they will follow blindly. — I can’t even keep up with stories about police committing terrible crimes anymore. If you’re not seeing police abuse, it’s because your head is lowered. What about good cops, I’m watching for them READ THIS!

Lake Charles Police Department, a lawless government agency who proudly tells the world they setup illegal checkpoints on our roads and who loves to write tickets, recently made a video telling we the people how to respond at traffic stops. It was a propaganda piece that tells you to do whatever THEY say. I felt to should make a video to respond with actual facts and hands on interactions with police. All the action clips you see in this video are real encounters that I have had.

You can also watch most of the real world examples of myself dealing with cops that I used in this video:
Gavin Pulls Over Cop…
Boise Police Encounter Gavin.
Cop runs from Gavin, he gives chase.
— The video from the stop in Ritzville is not online yet.

I try to be proactive against tyranny and because of that their response changes. I follow these 3 basic guidelines to dealing with police in traffic stops or other situations.

  • 1: ALWAYS film police encounters. Always!
  • 2: Take control of the conversation. Don’t give it up.
  • 3: Choose your battles, but be bold and be assertive for law & liberty.

This goes way beyond traffic stops and way beyond cops. It’s about prpciple. loving our neighbor, defending liberty for our children and ending the self absorbed America mindset that only wants to please our own desires. America needs to return to God, return to liberty and stop falling for lies.

There’s no war on police, there’s a war on liberty. Stand bold, stand principled and restore justice with compassion for all. — Gav


How to Get Public Records (video)

How to Get Public Records (video)

This week on Liberty School we cover an important aspect of accountability in goverment that many are not sure how to tackle. The good news is it’s pretty simple and in most cases costs very little, as goverment agencies are generally restricted from charging a large amounts for us to see what they’ve been up to.

We’ll take on how to make a public records request in the common manner as was as well as under discovery and also touch on a tips on using what you get spread the message about what your goverment is up to.

— Gav

Citizen Tells Cops; DO YOUR JOB and they OBEY!

Citizen Tells Cops; DO YOUR JOB and they OBEY!

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Government should SERVE people; NOT enslave them!

In this weeks video we’re going to see citizen supervision in action and talk about how you can better assert yourself with police, including a way to KEEP COPS FROM FOLLOWING YOU!

On Monday I pulled into a gas station where two officers were shooting the breeze. On the nearby corner was a woman on her SUB was apparently broken down. I looked at those officers and thought, why are they not helping this lady instead of standing here chatting it up. We pay government to make our lives easier, yet they have mostly taken the attitude that we work for them. That needs to change and it starts with me and I.

I walked up, camera rolling. I don’t know these guys, but they knew me and they generally try to get away from me as fast as possible. Your government should know you you by name; not because you are buddies, but because you hold them accountable.

I was not out to pick a fight, I just not so subtlety suggested they head over and do their job. I filled up, then stuck around to make sure that job did not turn help into harassment. Soon they were working away to get the woman back on the road. What a rare thing to see. I think if more police did this, instead of writing tickets and arresting people for victimless crimes, their level of respect would be entirely different.

As I watched I recorded an on the fly Liberty School dressing viewer questions I get and how I deal with cops, how to keep them from FOLLOWING YOU and how to assert yourself.

  • 1: Principled assertiveness.
  • 2: Pick your battles.
  • 3: Restore liberty!

A freind asked me later; “Why didn’t you just help her.” — “I did.” I explained. — I turned back from my drive home to go check on her. I put two officers to work who had nothing but time. I kept watch for about ten minutes to make sure they behaved and I recorded a video in the process, explaining why I did what I did and how others could repeat it. Had they declined to help her, I would of done done just that, after soundly berating them.

This brings us full circle to not only watching out for our neighbor and the driver on the side of the road, but also making sure our government is using OUR money to help rather that harass.  It goes even beyond that. To restore liberty, our nation must repent, stop abusing the innocent, stop aborting babies and stop have a double standard that says; I want liberty, but I don’t want it for people I don’t like.

You support all of liberty for everyone, or you don’t support it at all.

Don’t just love your neighbor as yourself. Love everyone as yourself and do so by standing on principle; with liberty and justice for all.

— Gav