BUNDY – A True Story Made from Prison!

BUNDY – A True Story Made from Prison!

This is the true story of one of America’s most courageous families.

Controversy is a state I’ve learned to live with, a crown of thorns. It’s a crown the Bundy family wears well, because when you stand up for freedom, you will always be attacked by tyrants. My brother and I stood with the Bundys in 2014; we saw the truth and we felt the danger. When Oregon happened there was no question that these men and woman deserved the support of all who love liberty. Their message was pure. But much of America did not feel the same. Why?

Like many activists and prisoners, from patriots to the natives, the hate for the Bundys comes from lies intent on making the story misunderstood.  Our “justice” system goes to great lengths to ensure the real story does not reach the masses. This works because we don’t really want to know how bad it is. That’s why it’s important to share a man’s story no matter how you feel about him. To hear it and make sure others do the same, sending it to those who know and to those who do not.

People often say, there’s nothing we can do. But I do something, every day and if you will set aside differences and do something with me, we can set this nation free.

Many don’t know that these men are still in prison. That they are abused and even tortured by prison staff, disregarded by judges and lied about in media propaganda. This is not a story of privileged white ranchers. This is a story about every falsely imprisoned man and woman, black or white, Christian or Muslim, liberal or conservative. A story about the way they suffer every day.


This is HD version that includes all 3 parts. I’ll want to share a little of how it happened, but more importantly I want you do to something. Any of you can make a video, show up somewhere, call a prison, support the suffering or interrupt a meeting of entitled politicians to speak the truth. It’s what America was built on.

When Ammon Bundy asked me to record this story for the world, I knew it was important. Ammon had been working for some time on articulating the real story of his family and those who stood with them. It needed to be open, honest and brief. As always, Ammon had the words, we just needed to do something with them. I figured I would add some stills and video and we’ll push it out. Once I realized what Ammon had poured into this message, I saw a real documentary of America’s darkest times. What resulted took the last three months to finish.

Sound comes first so I setup the call over my computer versus cellular because quality is a problem. Even at that, it took a lot of post production to get the final sound, which still sounds like a phone, but not like a the bad jail phone that it is. We had to work to try and restore some of the richness to his voice, but you still know that it’s coming from a cement prison.

At times Ammon was frustrated, distracted by jail noise, reading on scribbles notes on top of notes. I have been on the inside trying to get a messages out from a jail; it is utterly exhausting in way that you can only know by being there. But Ammon just kept calling back until we had it all.

Next came video. We needed the story and we needed footage to match the story. The Bundy’s and others had clips of critical moments, but there had to be more, so my family and I went to Nevada and camped out for days trying to capture the essence of the ranch. The crowning moment of that was the last evening, the one where you see the Bundy cowboys riding off into the Sunset and the birds flying over the Virgin River. It my 20 years of filming I have never had a shot like those birds. I was glad Carol pushed the boys to saddle up and me to break out the cameras again that final night.

Then came the hard part. As I reviewed the project I realized how much was required and we started collecting more photos, more footage and more of the key bits that took this from a phone call to a full documentary that we had to do around the work at my Studio that pays the bills.

Fine tuning a project of this scale and then laying in a good soundtrack takes time. Sometimes people complain about the music in a video, but it’s essential to the emotion of a story because it conveys in part what you lack in the story by not being there. I was at Bundy Ranch, I know what it felt like, but many do not and that has to be told not only with words but with sound in order to even partially convey the truth of it.

This is not just a story about the Bundys. It’s the story of the struggle every man woman and child in America must face. Freedom, or slavery. I think the finished result is beautiful. I’m always amazed by how well Ammon speaks and even though he could not be here in person, together we managed to defy the evil of our court system in a small way and make a story for the world that is brief, compelling and most of all, the truth.

Thanks for spreading this message. You can share or embed the video and if you need to you can download and re-post it so long as it’s not being sold or used for profit.

If you want to contribute my my work and expenses visit my donation page. To donate to the Bundy family go here.


04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

On the anniversary of the day the second American Revolution almost started. Remember what happens when patriots stand firm!!! What do you remember from that historic Spring day?

I want to personally salute all those who stood in support of liberty. I wish I could name you all. — Whether from near or far, early, late spreading the word and supporting. America rose that day with a voice that rang around the world. They prayed for liberty, they stood tall.

The battle is not over, but that resounding rumble of liberty can still be heard. Oh some will say this is dramatics, or it did not matter that much. To those I say, you clearly were not there. Liberty must rise and wherever we are in history, we must stand principled and firm.

Blood was nearly spilled that day. But Bunerkville ended with peace and gave us the opportunity to learn from history.

So set aside your fears. Appeal to heaven and rise for justice and the defense of your neighbor. Liberty will not be restored until we soften our hearts and find our spine. Until we affirm that the unlawful suffering of our neighbor is as evil as if it were ourselves.

We Stand! — Gav

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FACT: Why i594 is NOT law & Can be Legally Violated!

FACT: Why i594 is NOT law & Can be Legally Violated!

Lawyers love to complicate “law”. Lets fix that!

gavin_posterWhat’s happening here is the patriots are finally upholding the law. We are keeping the peace because our government has failed to do so.

A monster of an unconstitutional anti-gun bill just passed in Washington State due to millions in out of State spending. It’s called i594 and makes it a “felony” to so much as loan a gun to a friend. Except it’s not really law and we are going to defy it, starting with this rally. Here’s why in simple terms.

Some say we must follow i594 because it was voted in by the people. The people after all have spoken! In truth this was addressed by the founders themselves when debating the Constitution. They were the highest law, overriding all others. Any legislation that violated that was NOT law at all, it was automatically null and void. See Federalist #78 and many other founding documents.

Yes there were courts and lawyers meant to judge such things, just like today. But the judges never had authority to define the rights or rule them. Only to uphold them 100%. If a judge did not behave, they were to be removed. The framers were clear. A law that was unconstitutional was VOID the moment it was written. The people had the duty to defy such lawlessness and that’s why history is being made here in Washington. Because we’re finally stepping up.

More still, the framers dealt with the issue of people being deceived into voting away their rights, as we have seen with i594. The Constitution’s being much harder to change, would take more time and planning to modify. This helped secure a defense against rash uninformed actions like we see today. Petty legislation like i594 remains lawless.

Not only would the State Constitution have to be changed, but the US Constitution as well, since both have supreme authority over State legislation. Even then gun rights would not go away, because in the case of rights, the Constitution does not give them to us, they are natural, God given. They are assumed in the text, not granted.

In fact no law can give or take them away. EVER.  The people simply have to be willing to refuse lawlessness. That’s what’s happening in WA State. The peoples vote on 594 is 100% irrelevant because it is NOT law, nor can it ever be law because it violates an absolute right. We are not a Democracy. You do not have the right to collectively vote away the life or liberty of your neighbor.

Some of my Christian brothers quaver at this. They say “Gavin you need to follow the law”. I tell them them; “it’s time to stop cowering and find courage. I am following the law by disobeying lawlessness. I am preventing a crime and protecting my family as is by our duty.” — We need to understand that law is not defined by the whims of the collective or the government. It’s foundations are firmly laid out to protect life, liberty and property. Anything contrary to that is not law, (see Frédéric Bastiat and John Locke for further reading).

So in any that support i594 are supporting criminal activity in every sense. Those that remain silent are complicit in a crime. Finally any official that enforces 594 is a criminal, violating their oath, 2 Constitutions and a plethora of other State and federal laws such as 18USC 242. This will not be tolerated.

At this rally we’re not simply coming together to voice our displeasure. We’re coming to DEMAND the law be followed and our rights upheld. We are coming to openly violate lawless legislation. — Tyrants beware. We are done cowering. We are peacekeepers and we WILL enforce the law. You are not taking away our birthright and you dare not try.

— Gav

Learn more about the Dec 13th Rally.

The Race Card – A Shame to America.

The Race Card – A Shame to America.

Seim Coffee RoastingEvery week brings new adventures. This week I watched America cave to bullies.

This week I was accused of being a racist for not following orders to slap a forged racist label on the so named. Meanwhile the faux conservative world and even many on the fronts of liberty caved and did exactly what they were told. I was warned my campaign was in danger for not bowing to whims of these liberal and progressives. How dare I not follow orders after all.

What I learned is that you do not pander to liers. You do not cower in fear. Not even for a second. You do not bend to rumor. You do not play the games of those who twist words, who abuse and slander others for their own gain. You do not worry about the names they call you or the forged labels they paint. You put on a shield of faith and fire back the arrows of truth. Cliven Bundy did not play the racist – It’s that simple.

I think we know this in our hearts. But our dictionaries affirm it. A racist is not defined by a slip of the tongue, but by the heart and actions. Until then there’s no fault worth speaking of. Racists are those deluded who believe they are truly better than others. Here the progressives have shown themselves to be racists above all. In trying to destroy others and divide good people, God has brought their evil upon their own head. In pretending to courageously defend, they have shown themselves the ultimate cowards.

If we only had the pure honestly of children. The prayer and repentance of the humble.

My friends shame on us for heeding liars. For tolerating their twists and living in fear of truth. Yes, even I kept checking my words, looking over my shoulder for the labels they might paint. Would I be next? What does it matter as long long as I speak truth. Let liers be false. Let us not be weary in well doing, for that sin of silence makes cowards of men. If we stand by and watch while our neighbor is hurt, are we better then the attackers?

Give us God’s liberty, give us courage, give us purity of heart and we will stand and face lions unafraid.


— Gav

Lets Talk About Racism.

Lets Talk About Racism.

Bundy Ranch - SaturdayMy name is Gavin Seim. And I am not a lion made of paper.

So lets take this head on. Even though the progressive establishment racist spin machine will rail on me for it. I can take it. Otherwise I would not be running for congress.

Today I saw the media try to paint rancher Cliven Bundy into a horrid racist because of statements he made. Yet this is really not about Bundy in particular. This was a clear tactic. The liberals tried to demonize us patriots at the Bundy ranch by saying we were domestic terrorists. That didn’t work, so they played their ace. They know the paper dragon politicians will quiver in their fuzzy little booties and back away for fear of being labeled, dare I sat the word… RACIST!

So Lets cut to the chase.

1: Nothing screams racism louder than someone who constantly screams racism – It has become the war cry of hypocrites, media charlatans and corrupt politicians looking to manipulate the uninformed. You see only someone with a fundamental disrespect for others works to keep races divided, poor dependent on social programs and the sick looking to government. The foundation of America is our values, limited government and our God given liberty. It’s time we returned to those ideas.

2: Let me say that after listening Cliven Bundy’s complete words, rather than media rhetoric, I’m ashamed of those who claim to be conservative yet are readily getting on board the racist spin machine. We should stop playing this game that says one cannot be honest about what liberals have done with race. The real racism today is spouting like waste from the divisive liberals who oppose liberty and seek to keep us all divided against each other.

3: Cliven is not the most articulate speaker. Lets be honest. He used badly chosen words that were easy to spin. He speaks his mind. I see him as an honest dirty hands American farmer who is refreshingly honest, though also a man who should speak much more carefully. That does not make him racists. Maybe you don’t like how he puts it. Maybe you just didn’t listen to the context. Yet even if his opinion differs from yours, it should not distract us from the issue of our constitutional liberty.

But the racism spin we saw today was not the real issue. It was a distraction as usual and tomorrow it will be someone else. Maybe me. We don’t need to agree on everything to remember the main point liberals are trying to distract us from. That is this — We the people have had enough of bureaucratic terrorism. Enough of the governments war on freedom. Our law for government, the Constitution, will be followed, because WE THE PEOPLE say so.

The only equality progressive liberals want is for all classes and all races to be slaves to government. We who value freedom and liberty must be wise enough to see through that and not get distracted. Rest assured that if you are in fact a non-racist and treat all equally, the liberal machine will call you racist.

I for one will not cower from the front line of liberty because the liberal media and their paper dragon politicians call us names. I hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal. Endowed by the creator with the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is nothing less racist than that.

Racism is of course a vile thing. But it is clearly defined as placing ones self as above another race and not by a slip of the tongue.

Sticks and stones may break my bones. But truth cannot be shattered.

— Gav