Douglas County Tries to CANCEL Appeal.

Douglas County Tries to CANCEL Appeal.

Liberty is laid waste and the courts are lost to us.

I was convicted. But the message goes on despite that and with each step standing for liberty we expose the corrupt and educate the uniformed.

Meanwhile sleeping Americans wave flags and have barbecues; pretending their communities are God’s gift to freedom. Your courts are white washed tombs filled with rot and corruption!! If you think your town is safe, go listen to what’s happening in it’s halls of justice!

East Wenatcheee, Douglas County and the surrounding areas are a great example of this rot that’s infecting America. Smiling politicians and good church going Republicans wave American flags, as liberty and righteousness is burned to the ground. It’s a case is cowardice and apathy. A mindset that makes everyone a slave and no one willing to stand up for their neighbor.

Through coercion, deception, lies and loopholes, justice no longer exists in our courtroom and liberty is no longer protected by the public servants who vowed to do just that. I could go on, but lets examine a perfect example of this in today’s video.

— Gav

Every Argument for Abortion DESTROYED in 10 minutes.

Every Argument for Abortion DESTROYED in 10 minutes.

If you will not stand against the slaughter of children; may we forget that you were ever our countryman!


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Join the Day of LIFE event. Kneel, stand, fast and pray on 08/22/15. Wherever you are, stand united against abortion and rise up for life, liberty and truth. The silence how gone on long enough.


In the video we’re going to crush every abortion argument. Then expand on it here. There’s no greater genocide in history than abortion. To support it is to become an ENEMY of liberty. Liberty will NEVER ever be restored until human abortion is called murder.

1: Moral and Natural law.
Real law is now simply what government or courts say. You must have a standard to have liberty. You are your own property. The child belongs to itself and is not the mothers body. Abortion defies natural liberty in every sense.

2: Constitutional law.
Abortion violates nearly every natural right. But it especially due process. Science proves more every day how much a fetus is indeed a human being. You oppose abortion, or you oppose liberty. It’s that simple and I’m going to prove it.

3: Total Distraction.

The reason we tolerate abortion is because we are asleep to liberty. If we cared as much for children as contrived entertainment, 55 MILLION victims would be alive, in America alone! I DARE you to share this. I DARE you to stand for liberty and stop hiding your candle under a bushel. Start loving your neighbor; GROW A PAIR and start defending the weak and innocent.


Due Process!

Babies are executed under the accusation of NOT being human. All humans have a right to life. But we also have our State and Federal Constitutions which literally make abortion in every sense illegal. The 5th and 6th amendments demand that no one forfeit life or property without due process, a trial by jury, witness and defense. You don’t cease to be a human being because someone else is carrying you anymore than you cease to be human if you are on a breathing machine. Those who assert a child in the womb is not a human have to conclusively prove that that individual child is not human. The child does NOT have to prove that it is. They of course never will because the assertion is utterly ridiculous.


No, there is no exception for rape. NONE! There’s been so many lies handed down about abortion that many have come to believe them as true. If a horrible injustice is laid on you, that never gives you the right to serve an injustice on another. There’s a great quote from Rebecca Kiessling, a liberty speaker conceived in rape that sums it up very well. I dare anyone to look her in the eyes and say babies conceived in rape should be killed.

“When you make that rape exception, it’s like you’re saying to me that I deserved the death penalty for the crimes of my father. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, my father didn’t even deserve the death penalty. The Supreme Court has said there is no death penalty for rapists. But you say that I, as the innocent child of rape, deserved the death penalty?” – Rebecca Kiessling


If viability is cause to kill someone, we must also accept legal euthanasia for anyone who cannot survive on their own. This would include the sick, the elderly and yes, children. As supporters of liberty we should uphold the rights of all humans, not draw arbitrary lines to decide who is human and who is not. Is that baby human? YES or NO are the ONLY answers! If you say NO, the burden of proof is on you, not the child. The accused does not have to prove his innocence. You have to prove his guilt!

Life of the mother!

This argument is pathetic. For countless years, to save a mother, the child has sometimes had to be delivered early. Perhaps naturally or by surgery. In that process sane people do all they can to save the child. This miscarriage of the child while sometimes called abortion in medical terms has nothing to do with what society means by the term “abortion”. Trying to save both a mother and child is not immoral. Butchering a child is murder. This murder occurs when a child is intentionally killed by ANY party.

Government should stay out of it!

The government exists to protect life, liberty and property. This is literally their only job! Mostly it does not opposite of that today. But of all the things that government should be protecting, it’s the life of the innocent. Government has a sworn duty to treat abortion as murder because their entire purpose is to protect life, liberty and property. Any Constitutional sheriff has the obligation to enforce liberty and start arresting abortion doctors and those who practice it. Courts notwithstanding.

It’s My Body!

No it’s not. The body in question belongs to the child. What you think or what you define justice is not relevant. Liberty is already defined. Due process, justice, right to life. All natural laws. You either support them or you oppose liberty! When I stand up for life people start making making crazy accusations like. You don’t support liberty because I have the right to kill my baby. This complete denial of reality shows how self focused and sick minded people have become. That any woman would such a thing that should be regarded with the greatest shame.

Since some assert the mother has the liberty to kill her child and since we’re drawing ambiguous lines, maybe we should extend it. Perhaps the first year of a child’s life should be like a trial period... A mother can decide at any time during that first year and have it killed! I mean it’s only a a few months. Who are you to say a toddler is human yet? It;’s still totally dependent! — I’m being facetious of course!

Andrew Klavan, a pro abortion libertarian who recently realized that abortion does not justify itself with liberty. No matter how you size it, you’re taking innocent life. The ugly truth is that we’re not talking about pro-life and pro choice. We’re talking about pro life and pro death.

“I changed my mind about abortion, however, because after debating the issue with pro-lifers over many years, I found I consistently lost the argument” –  Andrew Klavan

The ONLY way abortion is not already illegal is if the baby in the womb is NOT a human being – Every fact upholds that they ARE human. As such the idea that abortion is legal, moral or Constitutional is utterly ridiculous.

The Solution?


First top cowering. Repent, appeal to heaven. So called liberty organization are staying silent on this and their silence is consent. If you DO NOT OPPOSE abortion. You DO NOT SUPPORT LIBERTY! — A mothers liberty does not extend to killing her children any more than a man’s liberty extends to raping a mother. Both are twisted and lawless.

We have killed a generation of men and women – Next we need to treat abortion as what it is, murder! The unconstitutional ruling of the Supreme Court in Roe vs Wade is irrelevant. Precedent is NOT law and the courts have zero authority to override human rights.

Every official from local to State to Federal must uphold our right to life, just as they should uphold our right to speech, arms, trial by jury and all the rest. It’s their job. They are legally, morally and path bound. As to the penalty for taking the life of a Child, lets let the States address that just like we do with other violent crimes.

If I am silent in defending those with no voice, that silence is consent.  — Gav

Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

Cop Almost RUNS OVER Citizen to Escape Questions!

When the government fears the people there is liberty.

Though perhaps police should stop being so afraid that they run me down in their hurry to flee!!

WSP officer Slemp was is such a hurry to avoid answering to the law that he nearly ran me over. Check out this video I near my Studio on Saturday and prepare to watch smug disrespect in action. I’ve dealt with this officer before and he’s always the same. One time I explained the risks of unmarked cars to him and he was actually smiling smugly as I talked about people getting raped and murdered.

The irresponsible actions of Washington police and especially Washington State Patrol are putting people at risk every day. But they don’t care, because your safety is secondary to their tax collection. As my brother Blake says. “They harass and collect, not serve and protect.” What’s next, bowling for patriots?

The whole County has talked about unmarked cars a great deal since I stopped a deputy last Fall. We’ve seen how in Washington police are trying to twist the law to pretend it does not apply to them. We’ve seen them using for sale State legislators to get them law changed they they can act with impunity and we’ve seen other legislators standing up to them.

The message here is liberty and tyranny. These kids out there harassing and collecting regardless whether justice is being done. They are not serving us, they are serving the Sheriff of Nottingham. The issue goes far beyond unmarked cars. It’s a mindset in government THEY are law, rather than the people. It’s a mindset that citizens serve THEM.

I wrote awhile back about good cops vs bad cops. I explained this this has nothing to do with hating cops or authority and everything to do with public servants that actually serve the people. Whether it’s violating free speech in a courtroom or trampling gun rights, or police abuse; it’s all the same tyranny.

Liberty and justice are the standard but we have allowed our government to represent opposite of that justice. I call on all officials to start truly upholding your oath. Start working for us instead of for corrupt department heads.

It’s time to stop being asleep sheep. It’s time to wake up, stand up and start rising for liberty. Take America Back or lose her forever. — Gav

Citizen Takes on Trooper for Breaking the Law!

Citizen Takes on Trooper for Breaking the Law!

Illegal police equal danger for our families!

Last Fall I pulled over a sheriff deputy for driving an unmarked illegal car. Since then lots of cars have been getting marked across Washington, showing real results from big conversations and making our roads safer. That video was seen over 4 million times. Why? because people are tired of lawless government. We know we need to start watching out for out neighbors and standing up against tyranny because THERE IS NO SMALL ABUSE OF POWER!

I posed the question in a recent article. Are Most Cops Really Good? It bears considering as we see increased government abuse across America.

There’s lots of lawbreaking officers causing danger to our families on the road. While more and more stories hit the news about people being stopped by police impersonators, many agencies continue to openly defy the law and public safety on the road. Why? For revenue! Remember this is the same agency who’s officers were caught speeding so much last year, that they canceled a bunch of tickets, for us regular folks.


Washington State Patrol. The agency who’s motto is “Service With Humility”, would perhaps be better described by the words “Taxation With Impunity” if we’re looking at the way they patrol our highways. I’ve dealt with many stops since that one as people around the globe have become more aware of the safety issues and the bigger conversation of accountability and justice in government. If I see an official break the law, I try and do something.

Let me be clear. This is not about picking on police or the WSP. There are lots of folks in those roles that want justice. Yet to those let me say. You have to start making the tough choices. Are you going to honor your oath and stand up to the corruption and tyranny. Or are you going to become the tyrants?

I’m tired tyranny and disrespect  from every level of government!

You can CALL the WSP and demand they mark their cars: (360) 596-4000. Don”t let them give you excuses! You can also fill out a complaint form here.

This is not simply a conversation about marked cars. Whether it’s gun rights, speech, due process, police behavior or mega tyranny; it’s all about liberty. Liberty is being lost, what are you going to do to stop it? I for one am going to stand up. Even when it gets me arrested. Even when it costs me. Because that’s everyone’s duty to their neighbor and their children.

— Gav


Legal Stuff: I see every excuse in the book. Suffice to say we have studied this law in depth and talked to lawyers about it. It’s as clear as day. Anyone saying patrol vehicles are exempt is ignorant or willfully ignoring law!

Some suggest that WSP can exempt their cars because there is a line in section (3) of 46.08.065 that states “Traffic control vehicles of the Washington state patrol may be exempted by the Chief”. In fact this does not exempt them at all. If you read 46.08.065, you’ll see that section (3) used the same restrictions basic as other sections, stating that the exception is only for special undercover purposes. Clearly this applies to WSP cars for if all cars could be exempted, there would be no point in writing the law towards them.

Traffic Control Vehicles are not and have NEVER been patrol/enforcement cars. They are the vehicles that do things like guide you through a Construction Zone or pick up cones (yes the State has lots of those). The WSP simply picked up on this lines as a way to break the law confuse people into thinking they were not. Unmarked cars being used for patrol are ILLEGAL; no matter what agency is driving them.

Other States: This is a WA State law but many States have similar laws. Check the state level legislation about marked government vehicles. if it does not exist call your legislator and explain the safety issue of unmarked vehicles.

See a more complete legal brief here: