The Family that Left the USA Over a Phone!

The Family that Left the USA Over a Phone!

Only in the most oppressive regimes in history is this level of 3rd world justice tolerated! The acts of our public officials are unfit for a free people and I will not comply.

I left because I refuse to be terrorized. It’s more than just refusing to be forced to unlock my phone for a prosecutor and not consenting to a kangaroo trial. I’ve been an activist for years. But before that, I had a good business and a good life. I spoke up because things needed to be said and many of my video has exposed corruption in my now Grant County. Some people don’t like my approach and that’s their right. But we’re a nation founded by men bolder than myself who said they would not tolerate tyranny and warned us to remain bold. I was raised to stand and to speak out against bullies. I even remember Ephrata officers helping me do that long ago. How times have changed.
The abuse and murder of those who live free and speak the truth is a theme for our government.
From the natives, cop watchers, and investigative journalists, to peaceful retirees like the Browns. From Ranchers like the Bundy’s and good men like Schaffer Cox, to and the blood of a cowboy in the snow. Babies are stolen from their mother’s arms, the dying screams of children in the Waco Massacre, Randy Weavers porch covered in the blood of his wife at Ruby Ridge. All at the tender ministrations of people calling themselves the law who to this day are not been held accountable. This is not the USA and I will not tolerate it.



Grown comfortable.

The people in Mexico are generally far more friendly than in the US

Maybe it’s the pretty veneer that has grown over our quiet communities as we’ve failed to see the rising authoritarian hand of a government. No patriotic American should consent to live this way. I’m doing in the streets what journalists used to do as a matter of course. For years now I’ve been treated to threats, my family has been mocked and officials have harassed, assaulted and violated my rights on camera. All because I said they were wrong and told tens of millions of people about it. Never have I done the same to them as they did to me; I am always a man of peace.


Patrick Canady broke the law when he arrested me without probable cause. He broke the law when he lied in his police report about past interactions with me, particularly where he stated regarding a video I made on 12/18/14 that, “At one time Seim gives me an ultimatum to to stop doing what I’m doing or else.” The video of that account proves his word false. His entire case was based on his feelings, not law. He was angry because I was not afraid to tell him and the world what I believe we are becoming.

At no point did I harass or obstruct, yet when I first appeared in court on Sept 13th 2017, judge Janis Whitenermoberg tried to skip past the probable cause hearing which is required under the Constitutions and CrRLJ RULE 3.2.1. I pressed for it anyways and neither the prosecutor nor the judge was able to articulate probable cause. I when I tried to state my case, the judge prevented me, leaving the courtroom without addressing the total lack of probable cause.

During the next hearing, a pro-tem judge by the name of Mark Chmelewski was brought in. The blatant ignoring of my legal arguments continued. The prosecution admitted they had no evidence as they suggested they were unsure know how to proceed without being able to access video on my phone. This alone was evidence that there was never probable cause at all. This phone they presumably wanted, for a video that would already be released, had that phone not been taken without a legal warrant. The judge even told me an open court that I would not be forced to give them access.

I will not unlock my phone!

A computer is your privacy, like the thought or a diary in a family safe. A government official has the right to demand we give them access to it any more than they have a right to demand a journalist’s confidential sources. No there’s nothing terrible, incriminating or illegal on my phone. But it’s mine and people need to stop believing we should co-operate with officers and prosecutors who bring malicious charges and bully defendants so they can violate due process without fear. This is happening in our courts. These prosecutors are not arguing the law, they are using lies, force and committing crimes, to win!

I was arrested for filming a cop this Fall because I told him he was a crook and he got angry that I keep calling out him and his buddies. It’s not the first time I’ve been arrested for defending my rights, but what followed was a pattern of a government corruption that I’ve too many times. And I decided to do something about it.

I’m being asked to stand before a judge who neither defends my rights or even knows the court rules as well as the pro-se defendant standing before him. Grant County has expanded countless taxpayer dollars over a man filming an officer. In recorded interviews from discovery, Prosecutor Dano himself is manipulating the testimony of witnesses to create his own narrative. Prosecutor Marc Fedorak files motions raising years of peaceful activism I have done, in which he intentionally leaves out critical details on events such as the video Officer Canady lied about; all so he can paint the picture he wants. To win!

Walking in the town Centro with the family. Centro is a town square where people gather to actually interact.

I’m not running from law… These officials have nothing to do with that. They are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to create evidence and a case where none exists. A conspiracy to silence the truth speakers. Those are felony offenses under 18 USC 241 and 242 and judges today don’t care, because the they are no longer held accountable. So when this court tolerated the consideration of me being forced under threats by give them access to my devices, enough was enough. If I believed due process was could occur, I would have no problem taking this to trial because I know I committed no crime. But then if there was due process, the charges would already be thrown out. I’m considering my legal options and the court has my motions for dismissal on their table.

Grant County courts violated the law at every step of this case and I don’t need to argue before an illegal court to prove that my 1st amendment right exists. I live in a country where police try to murder Journalists like Jeff Weinhaus and lock them in prison when they fail to die. I choose not to willingly become the next journalist in prison, or activist dancing from a rope in a prison cell because of trumped in charges, illegal proceedings and unprincipled prosecutors. God help me. No one should have to prove their innocence, but that’s what our courts have become.


Don’t ever let someone tell you that courage is defined by whether you submit to a bully.

I won, the day I walked away! We left because our life and liberty were in danger and it was time to set an example; no one should submit to the crimes of bully courts. If the people refuse to comply, their power is gone.

No one should have to argue that their rights are their own, yet in the USA we are compelled to do so at the point of a gun.We’re neither giving up or breaking the law by declining to participate; we’re refusing to surrender our rights. Jesus taught us to leave behind cities persecute us. Our founders taught us to walk away from tyrants. Our common sense says, why am I still here! Courage is not surrendering to a tyrant or agreeing to play the game their way. Courage is being afraid and still saying I WILL NOT COMPLY!


Why leave home over a phone? Because I refuse to love as a slave. How long will I be gone and what happens next? I can’t say. Truth demands a great price, but it also sets us free. The people of Mexico have more freedom than the people of the USA and that feels good. But in the end it’s not really about a phone, it’s about liberty and the God given rights we share as human beings. The officials in Grant County think they can rule over our those. I choose to be the man who says no more. For my safety, for my family’s safety and as an example to my people. I will not comply

— Gavin Seim


PS: I’ll be doing videos and live streams from Mexico to expose the propaganda we think of about Mexico. If you want to explore the real Mexico, follow my Real Mexico series on Facebook and YouTube. You can also see more photos on my Instagram.
These are the names of those directly responsible: Judge David Estudillo, Judge Mark Chmelewski, Judge Janis Whitenermoberg, Prosecutor Marc Fedorak, Prosecutor Garth Dano, Officer Patrick Canady, Ephrata Police Department, Ephrata Sheriffs Depratment. You can Phone the Grant County prosecutors office at 509-754-2011

The very production lands in the State of Nayarit.

Exploring the jungle in the truth van.

A $6 plate of amazing shrimp at a small fishing village.

The kids playing in the park. It feels very safe here.

Cheeses at the Mercado. Think a huge farmers Market, but open every day of the year.

Breaking: Jesus Arrested and Sentenced!

Breaking: Jesus Arrested and Sentenced!

An 18 month FBI joint task force ended last night with the arrest for Jesus of Nazareth; a man some claim is the Son of God.

A street preacher who draws small crowds was arrested and charged on multiple counts today including; Trespassing in a church, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, eluding police, illegal weapons possession, failure to comply, disrupting a courtroom, threatening government officials, selling food without a permit, destruction of public property, hate speech and conspiracy to terrorize.

According to a memo from the the prosecutors office, his arrest occurred at a peace talk with Scribes and Pharisees when his militia attacked a servant of the high priest and cut off his ear. Police reports say Jesus also attempted to attack the priesthood. Militia members escaped and a manhunt is underway. — One witness claims Jesus healed the mans ear, but prosecutors say since no ear was found that this testimony was not admissible in court. Jesus was not available for comment and refused to speak to judges. He was also found in contempt.

“We’ve been tracking Jesus for a long time. But we wanted to make sure we had the evidence and that Innocent people did not get hurt.” — Said the Sheriff this morning after Jesus was found guilty.

Some insist Jesus did good, but commenters and experts suggest he was aggressive and hostile towards government, often disregarding the law. — iFreedom news ran an online poll which helped judges decide whether Jesus should be crucified or released. The majority agreed that he should be crucified; the sentence is being carried out today.

Head pastor for the Coalition of Professing World Churches released a statement supporting his arrest, overnight conviction and commentssentence of death without appeal. — “We denounce Jesus fully.” Said Pastor Meyers “He is a radical who in no way represents the love we teach. While we regret the course of events but praise officers for taking action to protect public safety; they PUT THEIR LIVES OF THE LINE EVERY DAY to protect us and our prayers are with them. Jesus should have simply obeyed the law.”

This is an accurate illustration of how our world would react if Jesus was arrested today.

This twisting and lies by omission against innocent people occurs daily as men and woman much less perfect than Jesus than have their lives ruined by a system of tyranny and a society of guilt by accusation. We have a nation which refuses liberty and refuses to love it’s neighbor.

Take a closer look a your church. If they are not coming out against sin from homosexuality to apathy. If they are not working for real to stop abortion, if they are not coming against our corrupt government and it’s abuse of the weak, innocent and poor. If they speak of love, but refuse to address hate in their communities. If they speak of justice, but never show up to defend their neighbor against it; they are not standing with Christ.

We have a King who defines love itself! He commands us to defend follow him, to defend the weak. He says we should be hated by the world and  should follow his law which is fulfilled in this, obey God and love your neighbor as yourself.

Called as peace makers, we must defend peace with a willingness to act boldly as well as to turn the other cheek. Ask yourself; is my church singing loudly of Jesus, but failing to support the weak, defend the innocent, visit those in prison and oppose these who are wicked? (Matthew 25) Are you attending a church of Jesus or a a church of American secularism and chains?

Is your church a sweet savor to government, or a sweet savor to God? — You cannot have both!

— Gav Seim

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

So Corrupt they don’t even bother to hide it.

I mourn the liberty we have lost because it was easier to ignore the suffering of our neighbor than to stand at his side.

We’ve learned that Douglas County Washington stands with the most corrupt of counties and our attorney knows it too. The apple capital does not bother to sugar coat the crony politics among lawyers, judges and politicians in these courts. They all support each other; the news media supports them and the people are too lazy to care.

John Hotchkiss is a local attorney appointed as Douglas County’s first superior court judge by Governor Gary Locke in 1998, he thinks he’s pretty special and he fits right into the corruption. Chelan and Douglas Counties did after all head up the Wenatchee Witch Hunts of the 90’s. The largest of their kind in US history where 43 adults were falsely arrested on 29,726 fabricated charges of child sex abuse involving 60 children. They were guilty because the system said so. Simple as that!

All those cases were later overturned after it came out that the charges were made up by CPS and backed by other local agencies and false testimony. Of course peoples lives and families were still destroyed, but the real criminals got off scot-free. In fact the judge who tried my case was a lawyer one who defended Douglas County when the lawsuits came in from those Which Hunts.

So how does that matter. It illustrates the great corruption that has thrives in these communities for decades. And the silence of the people who live there who do their best to pretend the worst abuses never happened. The people of Douglas and Chelan County have refused to face the rot under the surface of their pretty waterfront towns. Because they do not stand up for justice and hold people accountable, their system is breaking down.

Shasteen was charged for simply asking an officer a question (you can see the video here). At his trial the patriots stood up and said enough when the judge ran a kangaroo court. It’s been a long ride since then; the corruption and tyranny keeps showing itself deeper and deeper. Every judge who has presided over this should be disbarred and removed from the bench. And that may happen, but it’s going to take time.

I could say these things before the judge. But I can only go to jail so often and rest assured he will hear my words.

It’s not only here. The corruption in Americas courts is sickening. yes, your County too! The people being abused are everywhere. As this point it’s you must assume that most sitting in jail should not be there, did not get a fair trial and did not harm anyone.

Think about the ramifications of all these falsely imprisoned people; the families broken, lives destroyed and productivity lost. That’s what these “justice” system have perpetrated. Prisons are overflowing as America is buckling under immoral justice and immoral people!

What’s next. We are examining the costs of continuing to higher courts and the best way to stand. My own appeal for last weeks trial will be in this came court likely a few months from now. I think we can expect the same.

Buckle up. Accountability is coming and you want to make sure you’re not on the side of the wicked.

Keep standing, no matter what! — Gav



Constitutional Attorney Destroys Prosecution at Seim Trial!

Constitutional Attorney Destroys Prosecution at Seim Trial!

Stephen Pidgeon nails it. Prosecution rebuts; “HE WAS NOT NICE”!

A closing defense does not get much better than this. If this man was on the Supreme court we would have a different America. But in today’s corrupt courts you only convicted, unless one of the jurors has the courage to stand up and say no more. In fact about 92% of jury trials convict in America.

For the result you can watch the update on my conviction. This was streamed in the unprecedented live stream of my trial. Our attorney Stephen Pidgeon takes on the closing argument, walking the line with the judge and destroying every element of the State’s case, just like in my Dad’s trial. He did an amazing job, but the system is rigged for conviction.

If this iconic argument will not open the eyes of jurors, what chance do you have in a court like Douglas County. It’s worth it for the education alone. It also illustrates that no matter how good your argument or how much your experience, you will likely lose in our corrupt courts. You get a jury of slaves, NOT your peers.

Folks are always telling me I should use this or that technique to make the courts run away. It usually comes from those that beat a traffic ticket at best. What they don’t understand is that these tyrants don’t care about the facts, the law or what you think. If they really want you, they could care less what approach you take.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll walk into court and win with legal name arguments, jurisdiction, opt outs or anything else. As we saw in the pro-se Shatseen trial, you will not even be allowed the latitude Stephen was. Even Stephen could not speak openly. He was not allowed the self defense argument in instructions, he cannot talk about nullification (though here he proved the law was not broken anyways) and he must follow court protocol.

If you refuse to show up they arrive at your door with guns. If you refuse to cooperate they lock you in a cell. If you are silent, they simply convict you. The only way to restore justice is to restore liberty.

Everyone involved in judging is paid by the State. The jurors are made to take an oath to obey the goverment and apply the law as they are told. Despite the fact that that instruction is unconstitutional and that a jurors actual duty is to conscience alone as I explained in THIS VIDEO.

I’ll add a copy of the jurors oath below so you can see just how bad it is. Is it any wounder why jurors do exactly what the State tells them. They are intimidated into doing just that and we have built a nation of spineless people who would rather go home and watch sports than stand for what is right.

I could not be more proud to stand up to the thugs in Douglas County. I could not be more proud of my family who has also been abused by them. I could not have held my head nigher in that courtroom. We did the right thing in standing and it’s time to start standing all over America. This nation is about to come apart.

Yes we will appeal to the next court, yes we try to make an example of them. But the most important thing is to keep standing for what is right.

Be bold, be principled appeal to heaven and stand, come what may.

— Gav

Note: I will try to upload the prosecution first closing argument so you can compare, but it’s mainly a long and boring version of his second close. The prosecution always gets the last word.


Jurors Oath:

“You, as jurors, are the judges of the facts. But in determining what actually happened–that is, in reaching your decision as to the facts–it is your sworn duty to follow all of the rules of law as I explain them to you.

You have no right to disregard or give special attention to any one instruction, or to question the wisdom or correctness of any rule I may state to you. You must not substitute or follow your own notion or opinion as to what the law is or ought to be. It is your duty to apply the law as I explain it to you, regardless of the consequences. However, you should not read into these instructions, or anything else I may have said or done, any suggestion as to what your verdict should be. That is entirely up to you.

It is also your duty to base your verdict solely upon the evidence, without prejudice or sympathy. That was the promise you made and the oath you took.

The Conviction of Grant Seim. The Killing of Liberty!

The Conviction of Grant Seim. The Killing of Liberty!

A 60 year old grandfather of 17 convicted by a jury. His crime? Standing in a chaotic courtroom! (video below).

The question is NOT when will someone stop this, it’s when will you?


Grant Seim with his wife Sue, during a trial recess.

Grant Seim, a respected resident of Douglas County WA for many years, was found Guilty of “Disturbing the peace” AND “Disrupting a court”. Even though the judge was not in the room and the court was in recess! His sentence: Time served (1 day), $800 fines, 24 months probation.

Grant’s action? Not sitting down in an already chaotic courtroom where his two sons had just been illegally removed.

Can you disrupt a disruption? The American jury thinks so! Grant’s his case under judge Patrick McMahon kept on the straight and narrow compared to judge Judith McCauley’s trial of Tell Shasteen; that farce of justice that started this. It was notable how how much honesty was in this courtroom from the local officials. The exposure Douglas County received from our video had most of them testifying to facts. But even at that, justice was NOT served.

  • Grant Seim stood boldy and calmly on all of our behalf. But justice was NOT served.
  • Our attorney, Stephen Pidgeon did an amazing job defending liberty. But justice was NOT served.
  • Even the things you do NOT say will be used against you in a court of law. Justice will NOT be served.

The SLAVE mentality thrived. The case was a joke that should have been thrown out of court. The prosecution barley even talked about Grant Seim. Rather they ranted about me (Gavin) and my brother Nathan for daring to record without their permission. For daring to challenge them. Even while using OUR VIDEO to make their points. The case was argued AGAINST ME, not Grant. It was a cause of guilt by association! Prosecutors Clem and Edgar should hang their heads in shame.

Donate for ongoing expenses in these cases.

The JURY failed justice!

Douglas County proved to a nation of slaves what we have become. They proved we cannot rely on justice from a jury, for the jury saw the truth for themselves as Stephen Pidgeon destroyed the States entire case. Despite their intentions, Stephen even had the States own witnesses testifying against the State. Then the jury deliberated for some time. They did not need to nullify the law, for the law was clearly not broken.

But 92% of juries convict in America; a nation with more in prison than any other. A nation who’s police kill it’s citizens with abandon. The State brings a jury in. The State gives them coffee and snacks. The State makes the comfortable in a State building run my State paid judges and the State gets the last word, telling them they must use only the States interpretation of the law.

I believe the jury knew this was a fraud. But in the end they caved to the Statists on their panel who wanted to punish another slave for daring to stand. We have built a nation of people so weak and so lazy, that going home to their beer and television is more important than standing with their neighbor for justice.

I could explain what started this. But this video from the courtroom on 01/15/15 does it much better.

The problem of We The PATRIOTS!!

The hard truth is patriots are NOT really standing up. Oh I hear big talk. People are always giving advice, always telling of a better way, though generally doing nothing for liberty themselves.

Very few joined in this unprecedented stand against tyranny. Not in the courtroom, nor in the many stands across America. Most “supporters” do NOT stand with their dollar. They do NOT show up. They do NOT put their life, fortunes or sacred honor on the line. Most are as afraid to enter the realm of tyrants as the slaves on the jury are afraid to acquit.

  • Many who claim to be patriots are in fact supporting the tyranny in earnest.
  • Some patriots cheer and share stories. They gasp and cry out! But rarely consider that they must stand. They look to those beside them and think, I hope they stand.
  • Some patriots wave flags in protest. But the tyrants do not fear, for they know it ends with protest.
  • Still other patriots support politicians that are legislative eunuchs. Hoping, it will fix when their party wins! Refusing to recognize that it’s only more of the same.
  • A FEW patriots stand up and do something. Very few.

A handful cannot carry the full weight of tyranny! Sharing the message on your page is good. I have friends who claim liberty that did not even do that for this case. But sharing a story is NOT enough! Your guns are NOT enough! Shouting GO GAVIN is NOT enough! Cheering does NOT feed our children or support the great cost incurred by placing our heads on the chopping block.

I am not pointing a finger of anger. — I know how hard this is. I know times are tough. I know that we are under attack from all sides, that we have mouths to feed and that we are tired and have jobs. But it’s going to take a lot more than what you’re doing. It’s going to take resolve and boldness and sacrifice. Cheering from the sidelines is NOT skin in the game!

Patriots are killing liberty, because it’s being beat to death as they watch. Because they allow their children to be brainwashed by the wicked. Because they remain silent in the face of evil. Because they will not follow God. The keepers of liberty have failed to tend the garden.

The State tramples whoever they want in the court, knowing patriots will do nothing. Once they have you, the mob stands off and watched the slaves convict. It happened with Schaeffer Cox, with Kent Hovind and with many others. The Constitution, justice and liberty means nothing once we are in a courtroom. Judges have long ago sold out for power and black robes.

I will go to trial in June. While my resolve is firm, I do not expect justice.

This is what I fight for. But what are we leaving them.

This is what I fight for. But what are we leaving them.

God help us, liberty is lost!

The slaves say “I agree with you, but NOT your methods. What they are really saying is, “I’m a coward and I am not willing to make the sacrifice for my children”.

We have allowed lies, corruption and apathy to overtake our nation. We have sent our children to halls of indoctrination. Americans believe the message of slavery, even while they say they do not.

We are already slaves. To entertainment, money, fear and tyranny. I’m not saying we stop standing. I’m saying I know no escape from this tyranny other than a return to Godliness and principle.

I seek peace. But even with force of arms there could be no restoration of liberty until the hearts and minds are awakened. — We cannot have liberty until each of us affirms that the unlawful suffering of our neighbor is as evil as if it were us; and is willing to defend it.

Lord what have we left our children? What have we done America! — I am not sure how, but JUSTICE WILL COME. There is hope in that. Like my dad, I will press on. There is hope in liberty, there is hope in Christ. I appeal to heaven.

— Gav

1 Peter 3:14: But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled;

Psalm 11:6: Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.

Romans 12:14: Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.


Numbers you can call:

  • Douglas County prosecutor Steve Clem: (509) 745-8535
  • Douglas County Sheriff: (509) 884-0941
  • Douglas County District Court: (509) 884-3536