Protesters TEACH police a lesson!

Liberty lovers are marching on Portland during the trials of the Bundy’s and others locked away in lawless jails and facing criminal judges. We’re at a protest for the political prisoner led by John Lamb and Kelly Stuart and the Continue reading

Man Takes over a Traffic Stop & Teaches Cop LAW!

Soap Lake Officers Abandon Posts to Patrol Elsewhere! Soap Lake WA is a town known for police who are bored and love to harass people for petty infractions. Now they are cranking it up as officers regularly abandon their posts Continue reading

Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Comply or Die! Douglas County Superior court under Judge John Hotchkiss blocked my appeal from happening. I am now under house arrest for the next 14 days and on probation for 12 months; I comply at the point of a Continue reading

County Auditor Attacks Me for Filming, then Flees!

Then the Grant County Sheriff refuses to respond. You can phone the Courthouse (Auditors or Sheriff Office) 509-754-2011 GC Sheriff Facebook Page: All she had to do was her job! But Grant County Courthouse is not a place of Continue reading

Douglas County Tries to CANCEL Appeal.

Liberty is laid waste and the courts are lost to us. I was convicted. But the message goes on despite that and with each step standing for liberty we expose the corrupt and educate the uniformed. Meanwhile sleeping Americans wave Continue reading

Man Calls 911 on Cop then Schools Him on Being a COP!

Police can be lawless and still be polite! All patrol cars should have markings and light bars. And current WA law says they must at least be marked. — So I was driving home the other night when I saw Continue reading