Insane. Official Claims HE OWNS Court – Seim Calls Him Out!

Insane. Official Claims HE OWNS Court – Seim Calls Him Out!

America. These are OUR courts. Take them back!

Liberty lovers, oath keepers. We MUST stand. Watch the total disdain this man has for the people he serves. He’s not even the judge. It says a lot about this court. I happen to know that judge Judith L. McCauley treats people with equal disrespect. But this is about more than this courtroom. America; we have tyrants running our courtrooms who believe themselves to be kings and lords and we, their serfs.

There is a problem with liberty in America. It’s broken! Lawless government is tramping us at every turn and we have failed to protect liberty as we were meant to. It’s OUR job to ensue that liberty is preserved for our children. It’s OUR job to deal with those that violate and disrespect it in government. We are the sententials. This same County is taking a young man all the way to jury trial, so they can punish him for asking a an officer question. Other courts are abusing their authority in similar fashion all over America.

They are coming for our guns, they are coming for our farms and our families and our faith. They are doing it with the jack boot of tyranny on our neck and they are backing it with lawless petty officials and courts who will support the State no matter how ridiculous the charge. Recall, replace, stand up. Do what it takes America. We can make them back down. We have proven it.

As we stand up across, tyrants on the street arrest some of us. The problem is that when we get to the court, we find tyrants and we find ourselves alone. So most bow down and lick the boots of the tyrants, making a deal or pleading out their case, even on the most ridiculous charges. Most can’t afford the many thousands of dollars for an attorney and most also don’t qualify for a public defender. So they cave. This must stop. When charged with ridiculous accusations we should ALWAYS demand a jury trial and better yet represent ourselves, forcing all norms from their comfortable system. This alone would break the lawless court system and set an example of simple justice. When we stand up, bullies back down.

Courts work hard to stop people from standing. But in fact a judges real job is to ensure justice, when someone is representing themselves , the judge should be assisting to make sure he or she gets just justice. Instead, judges and prosecutors throw up road blocks, toss out rules and hide information. They obstruct in ways that would cause me or you to be charged with obstruction. That’s exactly what’s happening in Douglas County and it’s a reflection of what’s happening all over America. Our judges are obstructing justice!

The bailiff in this video is so comfortable with abuse and disrespect in the courts, that he is even willing to do it on camera. Courts have built a wall. They control the location, time and environment. People walk in and think that the Constitution and their rights don’t really apply. That judges and their minions can do whatever they want. This is not true if we simply stand up and use the camera to educate and expose.

Some will ask. Why did you walk away Gavin? — Because sometimes you have to step back before you can win. Americans don’t stand up in the courts. It’s a new conversation. It’s a new battlefield in the same war for liberty.  There is more corruption happening at Douglas County District Court than this petty bully brings to the table. We are coming back to will continue this conversation. But standing principled is a wire walk. Stay calm, don’t listen to your fear, but do listen to your gut. We are in control of the conversation, not them, not the media.

It’s time to tear down the wall!

Consider this. In 1995 it was also pretty rare to refuse commands from a police officer. Now we stand up to them all the time, all over America. It’s reasonable to say that our courtrooms need to be orderly. But what’s happening is judges and prosecutors are being out of order, obstructing justice and intimidating the people they work for, Justice is not being served. We have to stand up to that. Just as we refuse to give up our guns, we must refuse to give up justice.

The courts are so bad that many refer to them as the INJUSTICE system! While that’s sadly true, we have to ask. Who’s fault is that? Who must fix it?

I have great respect for OUR courts, when justice is served/ But I have not enough words to describe the contempt I hold for bullies on our bench who are in contempt of the people, who corrupt justice for their ego and a paycheck. I am done tolerating their behavior.

Many of us signed a Declaration on 12/13/14. Many of us are oath keepers. WE need to start standing up to them. WE need to start packing courtrooms with patriots when cases go to trial. WE need to ensure people can represent themselves or be assisted by anyone they wish; just as the 6th amendment guarantees. WE need to start being willing to stand up in defiance in a courtroom and refusing to move until our judges honor the law and their oath. For a judge has no more authority over our rights than a police officer. Unless WE allow it.

It’s all the same conversation. We see three parts. We stand up to legislators. We can stand up to lawless officers. But once arrested we stand alone! That must change. If we don’t start standing in all areas, the abuse always has an outlet. We need to start standing with our friends, neighbors and patriots. Start encouraging them to stand up, demand their jury trial and expose the truth. Anyone can represent themselves to a “jury of their peers”. Tyrants hate it, because the jury overrules them. We need to start educating ourselves. Juries are like a 4th branch of government and they have great authority, overriding even the judge. We need to start teaching juries to nullify (read more) bad application of law. This is a principle that goes back to the founding of America.

Look at the big picture. Lawless lawmakers make legislation, lawless officers enforce it and lawless judges punish us for not obeying that lawlessness. We have to start standing bold and say, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

We must start taking back our courts. Taking on the petty abuse and refusing to lie down. This is not one petty issue, this is liberty and this is our duty. My name is Gavin Seim and I will stand.

Join us to pack the courtroom in Douglas County.

Douglas County is taking a young man all the way to jury trial, so they can punish him for asking an officer a question. We are going to stand to ensure that due process not be obstructed further by this court, at this event, Jan 15th, 8:30AM at the Douglas County District Court, 110 2nd Street Northeast #100, East Wenatchee WA. —  Join the Event!

take back courts

Douglas County WA Goes to Jury Trial to PUNISH Citizen for Asking a Question!

Douglas County WA Goes to Jury Trial to PUNISH Citizen for Asking a Question!

But the citizen and the patriots are taking them on!

Douglas County Washington is a farm community with a population of under 40,000 and lots of crony politics. Officials are spending massive taxpayer dollars to try and punish a man for demanding a police officer tell him why he was being stopped. It’s one of the many Counties in America where corruption is disguised under a covering of respect and politeness. Don’t let that fool you.

We see a lot of stories about the worst of the worst and police that do really bad things. In my recent article about what makes a good cop I raised the question. What about those officers who don’t seem so bad? This case illustrates the massive problem of micro-tyranny within America. Cases of abuse where life is not taken, but government goes to any length to keeps the jack boot of tyranny on the necks of citizens.

The case is going to trial! The patriots Are Coming.

This man is standing up. Myself and many fellow patriots are standing with him.
Douglas County in turn is blocking every path they can, withholding information and attempting to hamper the citizens rights to defend himself in order to uphold their abuse. We the people will NOT allow this behavior. Join us and pack the courtroom. Jan 15th, 8:30AM at the Douglas County District Court, 110 2nd Street Northeast #100, East Wenatchee WA. —  Join the Event!

take back courts

Government all over America is using illegal harassment to punish law abiding citizens under color of law and keep them in their place. The governments greatest fear is a people that will stand up. If a fraction of these abuses were taken to jury trial, with the defendants boldly representing themselves; this system of micro-tyranny would collapse and with it the larger abuses would be taken on.

This man is standing up to them and it’s going to jury trial. This is a County that does not even have it’s own jail, yet has the gall to waste tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Just to punish a citizen who dared to question their authority with a simple demand that the law be respected.

This is not about one case. It’s about a long train of abuse.  It’s the same conversation we had when we nullified i594. We plan to pack the courtroom and expose them. Judges and officials answer to the people and their authority does not override the Constitution.

On a lonely dark highway in Douglas county, officer Evan O’Mally stopped Tell Shasteen who was driving with Tammy Seim returning from a family dinner in Wenatchee. The officer comes up to the window and the driver reaches for his information as he asks the officer the reason for the stop. The officer then refuses to give the information, even though Washington State law requires officers to verify reason for their stop (give their authorization) when asked.

The driver asked a common question. Knowing about the issues with unmarked police cars in Washington and that people impersonating drivers are more frequently getting people to stop on the road at night to rob, assault or worse, he made the right choice. While this car was marked, the driver could not see that in the darkness . Officers can’t just stop you. They have to have a legal reason to do so and the driver wanted to verify that.

The officer refuses to comply. Despite the fact that even if there were no such a law, it’s a perfectly reasonable question. When the driver fails to give his papers fast enough, the officer opens his door, violating the 4th amendment even while admitting the driver was not then under arrest. The officer claims he does not need permission to open the door. The driver demands that the officer close the door, but he refuses and arrests the driver, charging him with obstruction, but later changing it to a lesser, but still criminal charge of non compliance. All using the same RCW that he (the officer) failed to comply with when he refused to give his authorization for the stop.

As it turns out the driver was stopped for doing 16 mph over the speed limit (he is not fight that citation). But despite his oath of office and the mission statement of the Douglas County Sheriff, the officer was more concerned about punishing this man for daring to ask a question that would help to legally verify the stop.

Kudos to this young man. As a side note. Always lock your door and always film. Had the driver done this, the officer likely would have backed off.

The driver, an employed 19 year old with no record, attempted to redress his grievances with elected Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal and Prosecuting Attorney Steven Clem. Both refused to deal with the lawless behavior of the officer, his violating of the Constitution, or the complete needlessness of the arrest. It makes you realize; this is about making sure people are obedient to government. It has nothing to do with law or justice. The corruption goes all the way to the top and they are all protecting each other.

The driver motioned for dismissal in Douglas County district court, but judge Judith L. McCauley refused to dismiss. I sat in the courtroom for some of these hearings. The judge was rude, disrespectful and intimidating, rather than upholding her oath and the mission of the County government.

For their part, County officials are doing whatever they can to make it hard for Tell to defend himself in court. They abuse rules, hide what’s really happening and use whatever they can obstruct justice. But we don’t have to tolerate that. We are turning the tables and many of the elected officials in Douglas County have been subpoenaed to be questioned by the citizens at the trial.

The prosecutors office continues to obstruct justice by failing to provide evidence in discovery and ignoring legal requests from the defendant.

It’s time to start rooting out micro-tyranny like an infected cavity. It’s time to start taking back out courts. Judges, officials and prosecutors have shown neglect and obstruction of justice. We are gathering on the 15th to hold them accountable. Because no judge or elected official is above the the law. We will make sure they behave with respect, follow the Constitution and honor due process.

Stand up for liberty. — Gav

Douglas County Official Contacts.

  • Douglas County District Court: (509) 884-3536
  • Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal:, 509) 884-0941
  • Douglas County Prosecutor Steven Clem: 509-745-8535


Washington, Behold Your Cowards!

Washington, Behold Your Cowards!

Legislative_EunuchsCowardice is alive and well!

The game won’t change until WE change it with Bold Liberty.

John Boehner was just re-elected as Speaker of the House and EVERY Washington State Republican in Congress voted for him. Including Dan Newhouse, Dave Reichert, Jaime Herrera Beutler and Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Pink jello occupies the space where the unbending principle should reside. It’s only the first week of the 114th Congress; but I submit we order wheelchairs, for if their spines grow any weaker they may not be able to stand on two feet.

Only 25 Republicans voted against this. They deserve a pat on the back. Now Boehner is even  punishing those who voted against him. So much for that sweep of new blood who promised a fight. It’s our fault America! This is not about party, in fact supporting party helping destroy America. Republicans won’t fix this, neither will Democrats for Libertarians. This is about electing principled patriots who will represent pure liberty.

Our new 4th District Freshman Dan Newhouse, voted for more of the same and will continue that path. But those of us running against Dan gave the facts on him long before the election, so this is no surprise. I’m proud to say that both Didier and myself were very clear that we would FIRE Boehner if elected. Principle before points.

I’ve had the opportunity to see politics up close. The plan of these representatives is NOTHING BUT THE SAME! They will continue to further the collapse, sitting in padded thrones until we remove them, or it comes crumbling down. The plan is to keep scaring us, keep lying and keep taking away our liberties in the name of safety. I WILL NOT COMPLY!

America, WE are the ones electing these legislative eunuchs. WE say they are bad, yet WE who continue to vote for the weak and slippery, rather than the bold and principled. We say THEY CAN WIN, ignoring the fact that when they win WE LOSE! We know before every election that they will not stand the line with us. WE keep failing to remove them. WE keep getting distracted instead of standing up and getting to work. I stood on the stage next to every candidate in in the 4th district and I can say first hand, It was not hard to tell who was standing with liberty.

When I decided to run for Congress as a 29 year old no name, the numbers were against me from the start. But do you know what I learned running for Congress? I thought I would be dealing with the best and brightest. I was afraid I would not be able to debate them or keep the message clear. I learned that for the most part, that those getting elected cannot even make a passionate speech or a sound argument; much less have the courage or principle to stand up for the Constitution. They are not hard to expose if you really communicate and be bold, instead of playing politics and playing safe. They have the money and the resources, but we have the passion. We keep believing they are uneatable. They are not!

I lost my election on the numbers. But I did not lose on principle. Challenging Doc Hastings and running for the 4th district seat changed the game. We learned that the everyday man can terrify bureaucrats and stand on his feet. Yes, it is possible to beat them next time. Despite many of our differences, Washington is fast becoming a hot bed of liberty. Can we keep that momentum alive?

We don’t need to wait for the next election! Regardless of what seat I sit in; I will continue to stand and represent liberty. I will defy lawlessness and I will name the names of those who use our liberty as currency for backroom deals and political whoring.

Our politicians cannot fix America. WE must stand, just like we did last month. But our servants can help lead the charge and change the conversation. When they do not, they should be removed. Their silence is consent. If I was in DC, I would be turning it on it’s ear at this very moment! But the fact that that did not happen in no way prevents me from representing liberty. Nor does it prevent you!

Don’t let them off. Find out how your Congressman voted. These representatives should ALL be removed next election on this alone. Step up and run patriots against them. Throw them out, but don’t just vote. Stand.

We must be bold, even if we stand alone. Will you stand, or will American fall. — Gav

A Bold New Year for Liberty!

A Bold New Year for Liberty!


I am nearly 30 years old now. For years I’ve seen people denounce tyranny, saying angrily they have had enough! Yet these rarely had the courage to defy that tyranny, expose the lies, or oust the fakes. Not only in government, but down to local gatherings in our communities filled with by anti-liberty frauds!

Some days I feel a bit old and tired. Other days excited and pleasantly surprised I have made it this far. 2014 for all it’s problems was a year of courage for America. From Bundy Ranch, to Bold Liberty in Olympia and beyond; a small minority got on their knees in repentance before God and stood boldly on their feet before tyrants. Like a crawling child hunting for crumbs, who learned to stand and realized it changes everything.

It’s time to STOP being HUNTED by tyrants and start being liberty hunters who fearlessly pursue tyrants to restore America. We must not only stand against the open enemies of liberty. To keep going, 2015 must be a year of truth and and peaceful resolve. We must begin rooting our the frauds within our own gathering houses. We must turn them back to the light of liberty, or throw them off as a deadly poison.

From our houses of worship, to our civil gatherings; we have been devoured by the poison of false tongues and wrapped in cowardice. In liberty there is justice and there is forgiveness. But in liberty the just stand unwavering on principle, they take up courage and they do not allow the lawless to be called friends of liberty. We must stop supporting men for party or faction. If they are against liberty, they must be called by name and defied as tyrants.

In firm defiance of tyranny and with song of  courage; let us rise on aching bones and refresh the liberty we have allowed to grow dry and cracked with age.

A small band of patriots stood up in 2014. We have cracked open the door. Now we must enter the next phase and begin tearing down walls. May fifteen bring ten fold the courage. Let us muster with humility and repentance in our hearts; for we have failed our posterity in years past.

Let us be unwavering on liberty, principle and peace. To clean this great mess, we must start by dismantling the corrupt and broken. Let us be the servants of liberty and honor. Let the cleaning of this great house begin. I for one start this year on my knees; then stand, seeking the courage to be bolder than before as we stand for pure liberty.

Happy New Year. — I will stand. Who will stand beside me?


Are Most Cops Really Good Cops?

Are Most Cops Really Good Cops?


California Highway Patrol SWAT Team.

Good Cop or Bad Cop?

You’re not a good cop because you don’t exterminate people. You’re a bad one if you don’t stand up to those who do. Right?

We see lots of bad stories about police. But those are isolated incidents right? Well let’s ask tough questions today and get REAL answers. I hope every one of you to answers for yourself.

First question! Do we have a nation where police murder citizens and are set free, while those that feed the homeless are arrested? Of course this would NOT make all police murderers. Liberty is just and equal and WE MUST judge individual actions.

To even suggest America’s cops are bad, brings with it labels like cop hater, anti-authority, or an anarchist. That’s a remarkably consistent response from the masses. Almost as if it has been downloaded into our brains while our police grew more militant and militarized.

There’s also a clever tactic being used by media and government. Talk about the RACE related brutality that will divide people. One side gets focused on color, the other calls those who mistrust government and police, rioters. All while the larger issue of abusive government gets ignored. Again!

Now I’m not here to bash police. You’ll find me first in line to stand with officers that truly keep their oath and applauding those who behave respectably. So while I’m going to use officers today, this test works on all public officials.

America overcompensates when it comes to officers. As if because there are so many negative stories, we have to make amends by saying police are all hero’s. This is nonsense. You are NOT a hero because you wear a uniform. You are a hero by actions alone. I tire of society bullying us into patting others on the back BECAUSE of their job. It’s foolish propaganda. Did you know that being a police officer is not even in top 10 for most dangerous jobs?

In politics there are two factions. Liberty and tyranny. They are also called good and evil. In the end it’s that simple. Within are groups of people supporting various elements, often not even realizing there are just two sides. But lets ask more questions.

Let’s imagine you visit a food chain and the fries are BURNED nearly every time. The fry cooks have not poisoned you, but would it be safe to say that most of the fry cooks are BAD?

Now unlike fries, we tend to leave the “grey areas” alone in politics and only call officials BAD that are openly committing crimes. Even then society lets them get away with things regular people would not. It seems we have lowered the standard both in government and ourselves. Yes, not only our public servants; but we the people are tasked with being sententials of liberty. Yet are not our government employes sworn and paid to protect and defend liberty?

Ask yourself. If tyranny becomes common, is it safe to say that it’s defenders are doing a poor job?

#1 Good Police!

At the center of the debate is law enforcement. But the debate is not entirely about police, it’s about the two factions in all levels of government. The behavior of law enforcement simply reveals a great deal about whether tyranny or liberty is winning in our constant struggle for freedom.

Americans are being bullied to affirm that most police are good! Without facts! To say that there’s only a few bad officers and that’s what we hear about on the news. — True enough, most police are not murderers. But lets define good cop and bad cop. For now let’s call the abusers “really bad cops”.

When I speak to folks who were officers 30 years ago, they grimace, telling me something has changed. When I question “modern” officers they often say “I just enforce the law”. So I ask about their their oath and what they do when so called “law”, violates the supreme law. They often get uncomfortable and go into repeat mode. “I have to enforce law.” This is code for “my job comes before my oath”. THIS is by definition a BAD cop. Try asking some tough questions next time you get the chance.

#2 Seeking Hope:

Americans are looking for a reason to applaud police. Myself included. We want our children to be safe and we’re looking for hope that liberty is not lost. Now most officers don’t kill 12 year old boys over toy guns, or shoot people in the back. We can safely call those the “really bad cops”. That said, it’s also true that police have a growing reputation for harassing, collecting and bullying. Often they do these things with a polite smile. But that’s no better than a grinning sheriff of Nottingham is it?

Next many officers seem just their head down and try to avoid problems. They know it’s bad, but they’re not sure what to do and they know that when officers stand up to corruption, they tend to get in trouble. — But we don’t pay officers to avoid problems. We pay them to STOP problems. What if our fry cook did not even cook fries. Would he be a good fry cook?

People say “Gavin you need to ride with an officer for a day and see what THEY deal with.” — I respond .”The officer needs to ride with me for a day and see what LIBERTY is dealing with!”

#3 The Test:

Government employees are the fry cooks. They have been hired to serve us. Say a guard is hired to protect you yet allows you to be killed, not because he supports your murder, but because he is afraid to stop it. Is he good at his job?

An officer then who has sworn to protect and uphold our Constitutions and liberty, hired to do so, does not have to abuse us to be a bad employee. He or she only has to be silent or not defend against those that violate us. The patch you wear is irreverent to liberty. Any officer that who allows lawlessness, whether from a brother, another agency, the Federal government, or a common thug; is by definition a BAD cop. If you can’t stand up to the lawless, you have no business swearing you will!

To be a good cop you MUST PASS ALL 3 of these tests.

  • Treat your employers (the people) with respect.
  • Honor your oath and protect the peoples rights.
  • Be principled & oppose those that violate liberty & their oath.

This is a simple but hard test. But we must conclude that an officer that does not stop fellow officers for doing what is lawless, he is by extension NOT doing his job. Hero’s are the officers that stand up to evil and corruption no matter the cost. That uphold all three of the above, regardless of the the peril and the thin blue line. To those, I salute you!

More Facts:

Say an officer who arrests someone for having an “illegal gun”. He or she is by definition a bad cop, since the 2nd amendment he swore to uphold says there is no such thing as an unlawful gun. If that officer says the courts or other laws told him otherwise, it’s no different than him being bribed by a crime boss. The rights he vowed to defend are not defined by judges or legislators. The people gave that command and it’s not open to debate. Unconstitutional legislation is not law.

Some of nicest of officers have opted to obey lawless legislation (that which violates superior law, ie our constitutions) for a paycheck. That is lawless in itself. But an officer that even tolerates a fellow officer violating their oath, has failed. They are by definition NOT doing their job! Lets face it, power corrupts and principle is hard to come by. But a government employee who does not do the job they are hired to do, is NOT a good employee, representative, mayor, congressman etc. They are BAD at their job because they are not doing it!

You’re not a good cop because you don’t violate my rights. You’re a bad cop if you don’t protect them with your life! That’s the only measure that counts and if you can’t handle that, I don’t hate you. You just need to find a new job.

Stop making excuses for public servants. It’s not about hating cops or race. People who judge a group only because of the uniform they wear, are as foolish as those that judge people by the color of their skin. We must judge individually on principle and fact. Not as a mob, but giving to all due process and justice.

If we start being accountable and stop being afraid to speak truth, we all grow. Truth brings liberty and with that we can unite on principle, demand justice and encourage others to be bold, including our officers. Weeding out the bad we can replace them with courageous, principled warriors for liberty who will truly make our streets safer.

Don’t dishonor real oath keepers by calling bad cops good! — That’s fact, that’s principle, that’s liberty! Tell me what you think.

— Gav