Pro-Rape/Assault Themed Bill Goes to Legislature!

Pro-Rape/Assault Themed Bill Goes to Legislature!

An illegal WSP patrol vehicle that Gavin addressed in this video.

A currently illegal unmarked WSP patrol vehicle that Gavin addressed in this video. Their latest cars don’t even have floodlights, visible equipment or special plates.

Essentially any criminal can stop ANY car, anywhere, with a $30 pair of lights!

All thanks to Washington’s Secret Police! Now these police agencies want no limits on how they use unmarked cars. The result if this passes will be inability to know who is stopping you on the road.

Remember when police used light bars, clear markings and respected safety? Today police impersonating citizens are everywhere. They know people are getting hurt because citizens stop for unmarked cars. And they don’t care!

This huge conversation has gone all the way to the WA legislature. Think it’s a small thing? Think again! Unmarked patrol cars are a HUGE priority to the massive revenue streams of police and they will fight to keep using them. Challenging them on their abuse of unmarked cars is an attack on the Sheriff of Nottingham himself and they are not taking it lightly.

In most States it’s against the law for police to patrol in unmarked cars. Washington is no expectation. But police have been police have been ignoring that law for years. Since my stop last fall the conversation went into overdrive and police are getting tired of being called out. Now they just want the law changed, allowing they can do whatever they want. The bill (HR195) was passed out of committee last week by the Public Safety Committee. It now goes to the House general assembly. As it stands the bill strip away ALL restrictions for police regarding unmarked cars for patrol. It actually makes the entire law not even apply to them. — Let’s call this what it is. The Pro Rape Bill!


Take action NOW unless you want police to have 100% unlimited use of totally unmarked and unidentifiable patrol vehicles.

If you live in WA, CALL State legislators in your district. You can look them up here.Demand that they do not support the HR1951 as written and demand that they work to get all unmarked patrol cars totally off the street.

Call Rep. Liz Pike and ask why she is proposing this bill that supports putting our families at higher risk of rape, assault and murder.

Phone: (360) 786-7812


Pro Rape? Some may accuse me of being insensitive or using a straw man here. The opposite is true. Those promoting unmarked cars could not be any less sensitive to people who have been attacked by police impersonators. It’s a very real crime and Pro-Rape is a perfect description of a bill that, if it passes, will open up a can of worms that allows police impersonation to be easier and less risky than ever before.

Did you know serial killer Ted Bundy impersonated officers right here in Washington . Did you know there was recently a rape here in WA involving a man impersonating an officer? There was another incident just last year and many more around the country. The list goes on and it’s growing.

Of course police will say you can just dial 911 or drive to a safe area to stop. Those are reasonable things to try, but one must ask the police. Why would you endanger me in the first place? — See even though you have a right not to stop if you fear a fraud, the truth is that it could get you arrested and charged with eluding. How about police show some respect for peoples safety and we won’t have a problem.

Here’s the simple facts. Your daughters, wives and families are taught to stop for police. Now police are demanding that they be able to use cars that are in no way indefinable as police vehicles. No markings, no special plates. Even hidden equipment and antennas are being used. Unless you ID an officer you have NO CONFIRMATION whether they are real. Unless you believe that because they have flashing lights and a uniform you are safe. It’s worth noting that flashing police lights cost under $30. A uniform is easy to fake. Though perhaps not needed since before most people realize it they have been stopped by a fraud, they are already in the lions den. Anther good reason to carry a gun.

What are officials supporting unmarked patrol cars are really saying? We WANT unmarked cars so we can write more tickets. We don’t care how it effects your safety and we don’t care how many people get hurt. —  That’s the reality. There is ZERO reason for patrol officers to be using unmarked vehicles EXCEPT for revenue generation. It’s literally the only purpose and it’s shameful that officers are putting lives of motorists at risk so they can write more tickets.

Reality! Your family will stop for anyone with flashing blue lights. Anywhere. Anytime. Chances are they will do exactly what they are told once stopped! That has to change and the the kep to it is making sure that people are not conditioned to stop for unmarked cars.

Take action. No matter where you live, dial 911 if you see an unmarked vehicle with someone stopped. Contact your legislator and demand they fix this and have police treat people with respect and safety. The big picture here is not simply unmarked cars. They are a very real issue, but this is also about accountability and liberty. It’s about police demanding that they be able to act with impunity, put the lives of others at risk and violate the law with no consequences. It must stop and we must stop it.

Take back your country America.

— Gav

State Rep Wants MORE Unmarked Cars on Roads?

State Rep Wants MORE Unmarked Cars on Roads?

In a blatant act of non-accountability, WA police move to have a law changed, since they’ve been breaking it for decades.

We’ve shaken things up and the giant conversation we started on unmarked patrol cars is getting under the skin of police that want to sneak around and stop folks. According to their own reports, citizens keep calling them out and they are getting tired of it. The Grant County Sheriff even admitted on air that they were in violation. The excuses they bring up in this video are rather comical, as they try to explain that the law does not really apply to them and should be changed just to make sure.

You know the message is working when police start testifying in front of the State House. Under the guise of “clarification”, State Rep Liz Pike is working with police to REMOVE vehicle marking restrictions that currently apply to police under RCW 46.08.065. See proposed text here. She presented the bill this week to the WA Public Safety Committee, who will decide if it goes forward. Take action below!

In 2015 HB 1951, Rep. Pike is trying to alter the law to read — “This section shall not apply to vehicles of a sheriff’s office, or police department.” — Essentially making the entire law pointless, since it will not apply to the very agencies it was primarily written to restrict. We’re not sure if she is confused about the law and why it’s important; or if she is intentionally defying the will of the people and working to make our roads less safe. Either way we ask that she reconsider.

“That really creates an unsafe situation where you have the public trying to enforce a law on the police” – Camas Police Chief, Mitch Lackey

Dear Mitch. The police are OUR lackey’s. Not the other way around. The safest situation is when WE THE PEOPLE start enforcing the law on government. — Gav

During the testimony, Camas Police Chief Mitch Lackey support the change. He essentially explains that they have been ignoring unmarked car law for decades; so it would be better to simply have it changed in their favor! The testimony ignore the fact that all motorists, especially woman and young drivers, are put at server risk when unmarked cars prowl the streets stopping them for revenue.

The committee chair does not seem convinced as police and their representatives make analogies try to convince them that “OR” means something other that what it mean and that they are simply “clearing up” the confusion and that the law does not even apply to them. Everyone knows better. The rule of this law goes back to the 1930’s and was reaffirmed in the 70’s to apply to all police agencies. You can read the legal brief here that addressed all police objections.

Kevin Schmadeka, along time spokesman against dangerous unmarked patrol vehicles testified on behalf of the people, letting the committee know that the law fully restricts marked patrol cars, despite frequent denial from police. Kevin spoke to the serious issue of unmarked cars and how anyone can imitate police with simple police lights purchased online. — People have been assaulted, raped and murdered due to stopping for fake police vehicles.

If you see someone stopped by an unmarked vehicle, dial 911: Regardless of you think it might be, it’s dangerous and it’s irresponsible. Demand a marked sheriff come check it out.

Call to Action!

Contact WA Rep. Liz Pike and nicely let her know why we need more police accountability. Tell her we need to know that our families are being stopped by REAL officers. Ask her to work to make our roads safer for families, not more dangerous. Tell her we DO NOT want unmarked patrol cars!

Phone: (360) 786-7812

ALSO Email the entire Public Safety Committee at the addresses below. Tell them we want ALL unmarked patrol cars OFF our roads.,,,,,,,,

This is not just about road safety. It’s about liberty and demanding that government respect the people and the law. Here’s the video that started this conversation last fall. You can read about the stop here.

Citizen Takes on Trooper for Breaking the Law!

Citizen Takes on Trooper for Breaking the Law!

Illegal police equal danger for our families!

Last Fall I pulled over a sheriff deputy for driving an unmarked illegal car. Since then lots of cars have been getting marked across Washington, showing real results from big conversations and making our roads safer. That video was seen over 4 million times. Why? because people are tired of lawless government. We know we need to start watching out for out neighbors and standing up against tyranny because THERE IS NO SMALL ABUSE OF POWER!

I posed the question in a recent article. Are Most Cops Really Good? It bears considering as we see increased government abuse across America.

There’s lots of lawbreaking officers causing danger to our families on the road. While more and more stories hit the news about people being stopped by police impersonators, many agencies continue to openly defy the law and public safety on the road. Why? For revenue! Remember this is the same agency who’s officers were caught speeding so much last year, that they canceled a bunch of tickets, for us regular folks.


Washington State Patrol. The agency who’s motto is “Service With Humility”, would perhaps be better described by the words “Taxation With Impunity” if we’re looking at the way they patrol our highways. I’ve dealt with many stops since that one as people around the globe have become more aware of the safety issues and the bigger conversation of accountability and justice in government. If I see an official break the law, I try and do something.

Let me be clear. This is not about picking on police or the WSP. There are lots of folks in those roles that want justice. Yet to those let me say. You have to start making the tough choices. Are you going to honor your oath and stand up to the corruption and tyranny. Or are you going to become the tyrants?

I’m tired tyranny and disrespect  from every level of government!

You can CALL the WSP and demand they mark their cars: (360) 596-4000. Don”t let them give you excuses! You can also fill out a complaint form here.

This is not simply a conversation about marked cars. Whether it’s gun rights, speech, due process, police behavior or mega tyranny; it’s all about liberty. Liberty is being lost, what are you going to do to stop it? I for one am going to stand up. Even when it gets me arrested. Even when it costs me. Because that’s everyone’s duty to their neighbor and their children.

— Gav


Legal Stuff: I see every excuse in the book. Suffice to say we have studied this law in depth and talked to lawyers about it. It’s as clear as day. Anyone saying patrol vehicles are exempt is ignorant or willfully ignoring law!

Some suggest that WSP can exempt their cars because there is a line in section (3) of 46.08.065 that states “Traffic control vehicles of the Washington state patrol may be exempted by the Chief”. In fact this does not exempt them at all. If you read 46.08.065, you’ll see that section (3) used the same restrictions basic as other sections, stating that the exception is only for special undercover purposes. Clearly this applies to WSP cars for if all cars could be exempted, there would be no point in writing the law towards them.

Traffic Control Vehicles are not and have NEVER been patrol/enforcement cars. They are the vehicles that do things like guide you through a Construction Zone or pick up cones (yes the State has lots of those). The WSP simply picked up on this lines as a way to break the law confuse people into thinking they were not. Unmarked cars being used for patrol are ILLEGAL; no matter what agency is driving them.

Other States: This is a WA State law but many States have similar laws. Check the state level legislation about marked government vehicles. if it does not exist call your legislator and explain the safety issue of unmarked vehicles.

See a more complete legal brief here:

Christians & Patriots. STOP Hiding from Sin!

Christians & Patriots. STOP Hiding from Sin!


The rainbow. A symbol of God’s promise (Genesis 9:13).

You Cannot Separate Your Faith from Your Liberty!

I am a patriot, an activist and a Christian. And you know what? The three go perfectly together! The question is do you have the courage to share that with the world? Do you have enough love to speak truth?

I’ve seen a lot of front line issues and I’ve been in the middle of quite a few. My entire foundation is the truth. As a Christian, God’s word comes first for me. I don’t believe in twisting it anymore than I believe in twisting the Constitution. I believe the Constitution is law and that standing for liberty is a moral duty. I believe Jesus is my savor that and liberty comes from God!

If that bothers you, I don’t really care!

People know me for saying it like it is and taking on government. But as much as we take on lies within government, we must also take them on within our own ranks. So take the time to read and ponder this.

There’s a wise quote from Rep. Shea.  “Leadership is not the ability to compromise. It’s the ability not to!” — That stuck with me and I’ve learned that leadership is not hiding from an issue or playing safe politics. It’s taking issues head on with truth and love. Americans, patriots and Christians are constantly hiding. Patriots hide from their faith using the Constitution. Fundamentalists hide from the Constitution using Romans 13. — We have raised a nation of cowards in perverted government schools and lukewarm churches. I will not teach my children cowardice and lies. What about you?

You can stand up for liberty without faith in Christ; but you cannot stand for Christ without supporting liberty! He is the fountain. If you disagree with that, I still support your liberty. But if you believe in him, it’s time you started standing for both. If we do not get back to principle, America is lost.

I’m a sinner! Christ gave his blood for me. Yet I’m not covered unless I repent and follow him. “If you love me, keep my commandments (John 14:15)”. Whether or not you think my faith is crazy is irrelevant. I can stand boldly BECAUSE of that faith. I stand for everyone, including those that think my faith is crazy because I believe we are created equal. That does NOT mean I treat all actions as equal, or that I will not speak against something when it is wrong.

So we come to sin. If I stand with sin I am not standing with God. People ask me how I take on the battles. “I start with prayer” I respond. — The truth is I cannot and WILL NOT take on these battles without God! — Last week I withdrew from an event that was planning to promote a homosexual message. I’m not comfortable with that so I walked away. I bear no hate. Liberty just has nothing to do with requiring I support an off topic message I don’t agree with. I made a statement to that effect and calmly stepped away. Many agreed. Others mocked. Within hours my words were dissected and twisted. I was called a bigot, a coward and mocked by folks who days before had sung my praises. It’s a reminder that pats on the back don’t mean much. “By their fruits you shall know them (Mat 7:20)”.

Of course my actual statements are opposite of what I was accused of! I stood for what any Christian should. I recused myself from something with a message that conflicted with God. “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (Eph 5:11)”. By separating myself I supported their right to do it. I simply disagreed. I don’t have hate, I stand for everyone’s liberty. Folks have a right to promote what they want in public, I simply have no obligation to endorse it at a private event that I am hosting. I affirm that homosexuality is sin because God says so and I am loving enough to say it.

Honestly I find it ridiculous that people would parade sexuality everywhere they go. Sure, they have that right. Just as I have the right to say I don’t support it, or that I don’t want my children seeing it paraded. Why don’t I want that? For the same reason I don’t send them to public schools that teach them the opposite of liberty!

We live in an era where it’s trendy to deride and abuse those that stand for Godly principle. — Someone that demands you change your values to approve of theirs, is not promoting liberty, they are promoting tyranny.

The nature of liberty is that man and their property are sacred. I have small respect for those that demand liberty, but define it as forcing others to promote bad behavor. Friends that has nothing to do with liberty. — Patriots and Christians are constantly cowering from calling out sin. They have been bullied into silence. My love is not defined by your lust. It’s not defined by the whims of politics. Ask yourself, what values do you want your children to hold?

Love is patent, love is kind, love is also TRUTH (1 Cor 13:4-8). I don’t love someone by hiding truth from them. Love is not accepting what is wrong. I show love by telling someone the truth and helping them correct the wrong. I love by standing up for what’s right. If the tree is dehydrated, water it. If the soul is dry, give it truth.

Are we crucified because we dare say something is sin? If those who revile us are so confident, why are they offended? —  Do I force my belief on others? No, I stand by my principle and I will say it aloud. Those that dare say they support liberty, yet berate others for refusing to support sin, are in opposition to liberty. “Be not deceived, evil commutation corrupts good manners (1 Cor 15:33)”. Silence in the face of sin is not love. Love is bold, love is kind, love is honest! To restore liberty, we need to repent.

I’m here to encourage believers. STOP letting yourself be silenced by those who DEMAND you support sin! I would die for a homosexual’s liberty. But I won’t do it carrying their rainbow banner. And speaking of rainbows. Since when did my God’s bow get co-opted to promote something he calls sin. I not only want our liberty back. I want our RAINBOW back!

“GAVIN, you support liberty ONLY for people you agree with”

Liberals love to lay this on me. It’s rubbish just like every argument of these statist bullies. I support everyone’s liberty equally and I PROVE it with my actions. What have you done for liberty today?

“BUT GAVIN, what about gay marriage?”

Gay marriage! What is that exactly? Marriage is a religious institution from the bible. Frankly I think government should be OUT of marriage all together! But you that say there they should support homosexual marriage? Let me clarify. Are YOU saying you want the government to forcefully redefine was is a purely religious institution? Marriage is not a federal or a State issue. It’s a faith issue.

Here come the insults! Right now people are twisting my words, screaming I’m a bigot, or that I hate homosexuals, that I’m intolerant, or that I’m not loving. Some are quoting segments of this article out of context as they mock people of faith and crazy bible thumpers. Right now people are lying and accusing me of the exact opposite of what I am saying. They have that right. I am not offended by what is not true.

My love is greatest when I speak truth. My voice is not restricted by your liberty. My character is not lesser for having that voice. Is this abrasive and offensive? I don’t care because IT’S THE TRUTH and that’s the most loving gift I can offer you. If God is for us, who can be against us.

Christians, YOU ARE IN SIN When you fail to stand for justice! YOU ARE IN SIN when you vote for wicked leaders! YOU ARE IN SIN when you are silent in the face of evil!

Christians! STOP whining. STOP cowering in corners. STOP hiding your liberty AND your values. Do you not realize that we are becoming slaves? Stop behaving like the politicians you disdain. America has forsaken it’s principles, cowering behind threats of bigotry and racism and intimidation that have nothing to do with liberty.

Liberty is not a magical unicorn that demands everyone pat you on the back while ringing a pink bell. Liberty is freedom balanced with principle and justice. We don’t have to agree on every precept of that for society to work. But we must have courage and character to step up and use a constant standard. If you disagree with me, that’s your right. But don’t try and force your wrong on me.

I will stand on moral principle. I will not force others to do the same; but I will loudly proclaim that truth. That is liberty!

Lets be frank. In the name of liberty the homosexual movement violates the liberty of others by bullying and forcing them to accept and promote their sexuality. That’s not liberty, it’s tyranny. My opposition to a practice does not mean I’m trying to legislate it. It means I have the stones to stand up for my values. Just like everyone that claims to believe the Constitution should have the stones to stop negotiating for our rights.

If you want to see liberty abused look no further than the homosexual lobby, ruining the lives of people for refusing to be a part of what they find sinful. How dare you demand the government force people to violate their morals. People like the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Arlene’s Flowers, Elane Photography and many others. Where are the patriots defending them? I’m not saying all homosexuals support this abuse. I’m saying that when YOU rail on people who stand on their values, YOU are part of this ABUSE!

I stand for YOUR liberty, even WHEN I disagree with you. I put my life on the line for your right to make bad choices. But I must still proclaim they are wrong. I will not play games with fake love, fake Jesus and fake truth. Jesus was loving and merciful. He said, “go and sin no more (John 8:11)” and then he died for the sins of all that would repent. He never patted sin on the back. We need to get to the foundation; stop sucking milk from the tit and start acting like people of character. Stop hiding and start shouting truth from the rooftops.

You see I’m not paranoid, homophobic or hateful. I’m a Christian and as such I don’t support sin; I encourage us to be free from it.

To the non believers. You have the right to choose what you do. I stand up for that each day. But STOP being defensive. Stop trying to shove your non-belief down my throat. Maybe we’ll sit down and talk about faith over coffee sometime. But until then, stop getting angry when Christian patriots lay it all on the line and trust their savior as they defend your liberty.

This is not about an event, or even about homosexuality! It’s about LIBERTY. It’s about being loving by standing for what is right. It’s about having the character to get up and restore our nation with truth in love. If the truth makes you angry, perhaps it is you who are holding hate. I support your liberty to make bad choices. That does not means I applaud your choices.

It’s time to start acting in real love. Love defined by God. Loving in mercy, loving with patience, loving by boldly speaking truth, loving by opposing sin, loving by keeping our children from being lied to. — We stand on the precipice of the bold. We are about to have to choose which side we will stand with. Because there are only two.

— Gav

The Day I Was Kidnapped from A Courtroom!

The Day I Was Kidnapped from A Courtroom!


Douglas county Sheriffs deputy’s use Nathan Seim (center) as a human battering ram, to move people questioning why he is being removed from the courtroom for no reason.

Who Stands With Me?

Written by Nathan Seim:

It’s January 15th, 2015.  I am sitting at the defendant’s table in Douglas County District Court. I am there to stand with Tell Shasteen, almost a 7th brother, against a bogus charge of failure to comply. All for asking a police officer why he was being stopped. We patriots came to record and make sure due process was given.

Gavin Seim is at the table with us, the rest of the family and several supporters are also in the room. We are, of course, recording. During a recess before Jury Selection, Gavin and Tell briefly leave the room while I remain at the table.

The judge has not yet entered. The bailiff enters and informs me that they see there is a livestream up online and we have to stop recording. I tell that we informed the judge in writing that we would be recording and according to Washington state court rules the judge has to give a valid reason for me to turn it off.

The bailiff leaves into the judge’s chambers and I motion to mom to get Gavin. She leaves, the bailiff comes back and says, the judge says remove him.

Before I even realize what is happening, I am flanked by two sheriff’s deputies. “Sir, you need to come with us!”

“On what grounds?” I ask.

“Stand up, Sir!”


I see hands (I didn’t see their faces through this whole thing) grab both my arms and I am lifted bodily from my chair.

As they drag me towards the door, I look to where my family and a band of patriots sits, and shout “Who stands with me?”

My dad, a fifty-nine year old pillar of the community, stands, leaning maybe a little on his walking stick, because he has a foot that troubles him. “I do!”

At the same moment, I see three of my brothers, Grant, Blake and Clark rise with him. I know Neil Seim is up as well, but I don’t see him in my glance.

Cory gets up. He’s a patriot, here in show of solidarity. I don’t know him that well, but he is upset. These are the people I saw. I remember mostly their clothing. I know that nearly everyone witnessing the proceedings rises in a wave of solidarity.

They place themselves between me and the door, firmly resolved. The Deputies smash me into them, using my body as a battering ram. I remember being pushed into, hitting my dad, hard. He is pushed out of the way.

Grant the 3rd, my oldest brother, is a tall, strong man in his mid thirties. He is side by side with several others. I know he’s one of them because of shirt color. I don’t recall faces, except dad’s, a little.

It takes a bit of force, but between me and their shoulders, the officers push through. Through all this, no one raises a hand against them. In spite of their violence, my compatriots courageously, non-violently, block their path.

Someone’s elbow catches me in the eye. At that instant Gavin runs up. No more than twenty seconds can have passed since I was lifted from my chair.

I remember Gavin’s face. Shocked, frightened, but fiercely determined.

I am nearly in the doorway now. Gavin wedges his body in it, locking hands and forearms against the door frame. The deputies brace, turn their shoulders to him, and violently hammer both me and their shoulders into Gavin. He folds and is pushed free from the door. I am dragged out out the room and quickly out of the building.

The Deputies detained me for somewhere between ten and twenty minutes without ever giving any reason, while Grant and Clark follow and film them. For all I know, that saved me from a beating.

While I am detained, both dad and Gavin are led out in handcuffs, placed in patrol cars.

This is my part. There is so, so much more. But I am not the most qualified to speak on it and videos are forthcoming.

This stand was one of the proudest moments in my 23 years of life.

Also, you should know that I am immensely proud of and thankful for the stand of all the patriots there that day. More than that, I am thankful that God and His Son were with us and heard our prayers, and that we were able to be used as an example for justice and that while doing he kept us safe.

It’s time to take this on, my friends. You need to start showing up, you need to start standing up. If you already are, do it more. I know I mean to, by the Grace of God, Let’s Take America Back!


The rest of the story:


Numbers you can call:

  • Douglas County Non-Emergency Line: (509) 663-9911
  • Okanogan County Sheriff (holds political prisoners for Douglas): (509) 422-7200
  • Douglas County Sherriff: (509) 884-0941
  • Douglas County prosecutor Steve Clem: (509) 745-8535
  • Douglas County Commissioners – Ken Stanton, Dale Snyder, Steve Jenkins: (509) 745-8537