Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Seim Under House Arrest – Attorney Calls Out Justice System!

Comply or Die!

Douglas County Superior court under Judge John Hotchkiss blocked my appeal from happening. I am now under house arrest for the next 14 days and on probation for 12 months; I comply at the point of a gun! We could keep fighting in the court, but in truth we cannot afford it and that money better spent elsewhere. The courts are lost, the justice system gone! We win only when we stand on principle. When we appeal to heaven and when you humble our hearts in defiance of tyranny. —  If you cannot win on the enemy’s battlefield, then choose your own!

gavin-house-arrestWatch my original arrest and the whole story HERE!


If Jesus was alive today… He would be fined for hosting events without a permit, arrested for eluding police, found in contempt of court for not answering questions, charged with terrorism for throwing out the money changers and crucified by an angry mob for speaking the truth about sin.

Meanwhile the church would be shaking their head in disgust saying “he just should have obeyed the law”. — That’s a man I want to emulate. What a beautiful thing we be able to suffer abuse for the sake of Christ and liberty.

Had I been one of them they would love me. Had I scratched the back of Sheriff Gjesdal and persecutor Edgar. Had I been like the Wenatchee World, meeting secretly with the judge, then filming while others were arrested for doing the same. Had I done those things my family and I would not have been abused. But I would not have been a man of principle.

Today they are accountable, they have been exposed and are now on notice. The officials of Douglas County and those who support them are complicit in criminal activity. I bear no shame. I am proud of every abuse I endure for liberty. But I am not broken today, I am humble before God and defiant before tyrants.

I’m under house arrest for 14 days. I can go to work and while the anklet is not so bad, what it symbolizes is very bad. But I am blessed, many friends like Shaffer CoxJeff Weinhaus and James Faire are sitting in a cages for nothing. How it makes me burn. Seek God, liberty will win and justice will come.

So what did it cost? This has taken up a year of our lives. My whole family and some of you pitched in. Defense for me and my dad, legal costs and fines to our side amounted to around $16,000. That does not count the hundreds of man hours lost, the stress endured or the many hours donated by our attorney. How much did Douglas County waste persecuting this? A lot!

Still we stand. I want to thank my Dad who was also arrested, my family and all the patriots that stood with us. I especially want to thank my wife and my attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who fought hard and gave much of his time.  Most of all I want to thank Jesus for always standing by his people. The fight for liberty is only begun; I stand on principle and I appeal to heaven. — Gav

Video of the original incident from Jan 2015 and our arrest. Read the full story here..

Douglas County Tries to CANCEL Appeal.

Douglas County Tries to CANCEL Appeal.

Liberty is laid waste and the courts are lost to us.

I was convicted. But the message goes on despite that and with each step standing for liberty we expose the corrupt and educate the uniformed.

Meanwhile sleeping Americans wave flags and have barbecues; pretending their communities are God’s gift to freedom. Your courts are white washed tombs filled with rot and corruption!! If you think your town is safe, go listen to what’s happening in it’s halls of justice!

East Wenatcheee, Douglas County and the surrounding areas are a great example of this rot that’s infecting America. Smiling politicians and good church going Republicans wave American flags, as liberty and righteousness is burned to the ground. It’s a case is cowardice and apathy. A mindset that makes everyone a slave and no one willing to stand up for their neighbor.

Through coercion, deception, lies and loopholes, justice no longer exists in our courtroom and liberty is no longer protected by the public servants who vowed to do just that. I could go on, but lets examine a perfect example of this in today’s video.

— Gav

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

Gavin Unloads on Judge Hotchkiss & Court Corruption!

So Corrupt they don’t even bother to hide it.

I mourn the liberty we have lost because it was easier to ignore the suffering of our neighbor than to stand at his side.

We’ve learned that Douglas County Washington stands with the most corrupt of counties and our attorney knows it too. The apple capital does not bother to sugar coat the crony politics among lawyers, judges and politicians in these courts. They all support each other; the news media supports them and the people are too lazy to care.

John Hotchkiss is a local attorney appointed as Douglas County’s first superior court judge by Governor Gary Locke in 1998, he thinks he’s pretty special and he fits right into the corruption. Chelan and Douglas Counties did after all head up the Wenatchee Witch Hunts of the 90’s. The largest of their kind in US history where 43 adults were falsely arrested on 29,726 fabricated charges of child sex abuse involving 60 children. They were guilty because the system said so. Simple as that!

All those cases were later overturned after it came out that the charges were made up by CPS and backed by other local agencies and false testimony. Of course peoples lives and families were still destroyed, but the real criminals got off scot-free. In fact the judge who tried my case was a lawyer one who defended Douglas County when the lawsuits came in from those Which Hunts.

So how does that matter. It illustrates the great corruption that has thrives in these communities for decades. And the silence of the people who live there who do their best to pretend the worst abuses never happened. The people of Douglas and Chelan County have refused to face the rot under the surface of their pretty waterfront towns. Because they do not stand up for justice and hold people accountable, their system is breaking down.

Shasteen was charged for simply asking an officer a question (you can see the video here). At his trial the patriots stood up and said enough when the judge ran a kangaroo court. It’s been a long ride since then; the corruption and tyranny keeps showing itself deeper and deeper. Every judge who has presided over this should be disbarred and removed from the bench. And that may happen, but it’s going to take time.

I could say these things before the judge. But I can only go to jail so often and rest assured he will hear my words.

It’s not only here. The corruption in Americas courts is sickening. yes, your County too! The people being abused are everywhere. As this point it’s you must assume that most sitting in jail should not be there, did not get a fair trial and did not harm anyone.

Think about the ramifications of all these falsely imprisoned people; the families broken, lives destroyed and productivity lost. That’s what these “justice” system have perpetrated. Prisons are overflowing as America is buckling under immoral justice and immoral people!

What’s next. We are examining the costs of continuing to higher courts and the best way to stand. My own appeal for last weeks trial will be in this came court likely a few months from now. I think we can expect the same.

Buckle up. Accountability is coming and you want to make sure you’re not on the side of the wicked.

Keep standing, no matter what! — Gav



Constitutional Attorney Destroys Prosecution at Seim Trial!

Constitutional Attorney Destroys Prosecution at Seim Trial!

Stephen Pidgeon nails it. Prosecution rebuts; “HE WAS NOT NICE”!

A closing defense does not get much better than this. If this man was on the Supreme court we would have a different America. But in today’s corrupt courts you only convicted, unless one of the jurors has the courage to stand up and say no more. In fact about 92% of jury trials convict in America.

For the result you can watch the update on my conviction. This was streamed in the unprecedented live stream of my trial. Our attorney Stephen Pidgeon takes on the closing argument, walking the line with the judge and destroying every element of the State’s case, just like in my Dad’s trial. He did an amazing job, but the system is rigged for conviction.

If this iconic argument will not open the eyes of jurors, what chance do you have in a court like Douglas County. It’s worth it for the education alone. It also illustrates that no matter how good your argument or how much your experience, you will likely lose in our corrupt courts. You get a jury of slaves, NOT your peers.

Folks are always telling me I should use this or that technique to make the courts run away. It usually comes from those that beat a traffic ticket at best. What they don’t understand is that these tyrants don’t care about the facts, the law or what you think. If they really want you, they could care less what approach you take.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll walk into court and win with legal name arguments, jurisdiction, opt outs or anything else. As we saw in the pro-se Shatseen trial, you will not even be allowed the latitude Stephen was. Even Stephen could not speak openly. He was not allowed the self defense argument in instructions, he cannot talk about nullification (though here he proved the law was not broken anyways) and he must follow court protocol.

If you refuse to show up they arrive at your door with guns. If you refuse to cooperate they lock you in a cell. If you are silent, they simply convict you. The only way to restore justice is to restore liberty.

Everyone involved in judging is paid by the State. The jurors are made to take an oath to obey the goverment and apply the law as they are told. Despite the fact that that instruction is unconstitutional and that a jurors actual duty is to conscience alone as I explained in THIS VIDEO.

I’ll add a copy of the jurors oath below so you can see just how bad it is. Is it any wounder why jurors do exactly what the State tells them. They are intimidated into doing just that and we have built a nation of spineless people who would rather go home and watch sports than stand for what is right.

I could not be more proud to stand up to the thugs in Douglas County. I could not be more proud of my family who has also been abused by them. I could not have held my head nigher in that courtroom. We did the right thing in standing and it’s time to start standing all over America. This nation is about to come apart.

Yes we will appeal to the next court, yes we try to make an example of them. But the most important thing is to keep standing for what is right.

Be bold, be principled appeal to heaven and stand, come what may.

— Gav

Note: I will try to upload the prosecution first closing argument so you can compare, but it’s mainly a long and boring version of his second close. The prosecution always gets the last word.


Jurors Oath:

“You, as jurors, are the judges of the facts. But in determining what actually happened–that is, in reaching your decision as to the facts–it is your sworn duty to follow all of the rules of law as I explain them to you.

You have no right to disregard or give special attention to any one instruction, or to question the wisdom or correctness of any rule I may state to you. You must not substitute or follow your own notion or opinion as to what the law is or ought to be. It is your duty to apply the law as I explain it to you, regardless of the consequences. However, you should not read into these instructions, or anything else I may have said or done, any suggestion as to what your verdict should be. That is entirely up to you.

It is also your duty to base your verdict solely upon the evidence, without prejudice or sympathy. That was the promise you made and the oath you took.

Justice Gone Insane. I Will NOT Bow to this Court!

Justice Gone Insane. I Will NOT Bow to this Court!

I will NOT bow to this court!

Tomorrow is my trail and much as my Dad’s trial, it will be a filled with corruption, whitewashed with the appearance of justice. Many across America are being abused by a petty vindictive goverment who’s focus has become not justice, but contoll and coercion. Most Americans going before a court this week have committed no crime.

Government especially hates those who will not bow. People who take the principled high ground, stand up and speak the truth. They will try to crush me because truth is treason in their empire of lies.

  • I will not bow to these tyrants; I will stand and appeal to heaven.
  • I will not bow to evil; silence in the face of evil is consent.
  • I will not bow to this court; I kneel before only one.

I stand without shame, holding my head high. These officials will be held to account. We have stood for justice and the in defense of liberty. If that is a crime, if you will not rise for that. America is indeed lost.

We Stand!

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Watch the video that started all this.